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What is a quality checklist?


Is one of your goals to improve the performance of the quality department? So we must have reliable data. Only by analyzing them can we find the root causes of the problems and focus on improving them. However, to succeed in this process, we need some tools. Here, you will see the validation table.   This is a simple tool that is essential to any company's quality area and can improve your results. Therefore, in this article, we will help you understand the list, the importance of having it in your daily life, and how to make a list in six steps.

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What is a quality checklist? Quality checklist is a simple but very effective tool that quality industry professionals need to rely on. Basically, it aims to standardize and organize data collection on projects or processes. The set can be in a table or spreadsheet, manually, or electronically.   Using this tool, the personnel responsible for internal inspection will go to the place where each activity occurs to understand their working methods and check whether there are any problems. Its role is to collect data by filling out checklists to determine the root causes of these problems.   This checklist is designed to make it easier for these professionals to maintain daily quality control at specific points.   It is worth noting that because it is used continuously, it usually already has a ready-made format with only the necessary information to save time. The more time you save, the more efficient your scanning will be!   What's the use of checklists? Once you know what it is, how do you understand more about using checklists? It works by providing clear guidance and summarizing all relevant information in tables or spreadsheets, so as to closely monitor and compare information over time. In the process of achieving quality in each evaluation step, it also applies to the situation where the same person or place can repeatedly observe and collect data.   It is also an effective tool for collecting frequency data and identifying: Event mode; Problems and defects; Defect location; Causes of defects.   What is the main purpose of the quality inspection form? Importantly, the quality industry has three main types of checklists. The choice of each depends on the purpose of data collection and will indicate the main types of use.   1. Production process distribution analysis checklist The first type is used when you want to understand and analyze the material distribution related to a specific production process. In the field of quality in the industry, this is an important tool to determine the correct use of raw materials.   But what is your composition and how should you do it? First, in the header of the verification sheet, you must fill in the data and information about the process, such as date, time, stage, product and inspection reason. At the bottom, the columns we use must fill in the specifications of weight, size and its changes.   With these comments, you can know where the problem rate is the highest in the process and whether your output is below or above average. But what is the result of using this checklist? Therefore, we have a quality tool to show distribution trends. After that, we can analyze whether it is larger, smaller or at the ideal level.   2. Check defective items This second type is basically used to understand which types of defects are more frequent and how often the causes occur. We need to do the same thing we talked about in the previous type. It is very necessary to put all the information in the title so that you can control the whole process of checking the project.   The use of this form is essential for the management and development of production. Only she can determine the number of defects and defects, no matter what they are. Therefore, you have the information to build another quality tool Pareto Diagram. Cool, but how does this chart help this process? With it, you can determine where defects are most concentrated in order to correct them. In addition, the results obtained in data collection, such as in the first type of spreadsheet, can generate histograms to better visualize the results.   3. Defect cause identification checklist It is used to link the cause to the result. The arrangement of cause data is easily related to the result. This format makes it easier and clearer to investigate the defects observed in a given process. Maybe you'll find it confusing and think it's the same as the last project. However, the function of this table is to collect the defects identified in the previous table and find the cause of each defect.

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