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A Brief Look At Aluminum Tube Products


For most people, the term “tube” brings to mind a long, cylindrical shaped object. And the round tube shape is typically the configuration of tubing. In the aerospace industry, however, metal tubing can also be square or rectangular.   The tube shape, specifications and composition all factor in to how and the tube material, or part, is used.   Tube Construction Basics It’s important to keep in mind that when referring to or ordering tube material that there are a few basic measurements, or specifications that are critical.   O.D. – outside diameter I.D. – inside diameter Wall thickness Because all tubes, regardless of their shape, have two walls these combine with the inner diameter to provide the overall outside diameter measurement.   When ordering aluminum tube parts there are specific nomenclature assigned to part numbers.   Round tube: e.g. 2024-T3 TUBE 2.00 X .125 Square tube: e.g. 7075-T6 TUBE 1SQ X .049 Rectangular tube: 6061-T6 TUBE 4.00 X 8.00 RECT (Note that the wall thickness is not listed.) Metal tubing is available in many other materials in addition to aluminum. These include steel, titanium, brass/copper, stainless steel, as well as various alloys and carbon fiber composite materials.   And, depending on the primary metal, the materials can be produced in various types such as:   Drawn Extruded Welded Seamless Hydraulic Structural pipe   When to Use Aluminum Tubing Aluminum tubing benefits a wide variety of industries. Outdoor recreation manufacturers use tubing to construct materials like tent poles, camp chair frames, and outdoor tables. In the medical industry, aluminum tubing appears in wheelchair frames, collapsible stretchers, bed frames, and crutches. Aerospace, automobile, and rail transporation manufacturers make use of aluminum tubing in fuselage, hydraulic systems, and fuel lines, and its heat-conductive capabilities render it a good alternative to steel or other heavier metals in refrigerators, engines, and HVAC systems. Aluminum tubing can also be found supporting chain-link fences, lining tables, and housing electric equipment such as desktop monitors.     Continental Steel, Aluminum Pipe and Tube Experts Aluminum tubing offers not only flexibility and durability, but it is a lightweight, economic, highly conductive, resistant to corrosion, and environmentally friendly material well suited for many applications.

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