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What are the main features that made aluminium so popular in the cookware sector?


The answer can be firstly researched in the main characteristics of this material. Aluminum is lightweight and it allows to manufacture a very manageable product. It is also 100% recyclable, hygienic, resistant to impact and corrosion. Aluminum uniformly distribute heat on the entire surface of the pan, therefore improving the cooking of different types of food.   How aluminum circles are made?   After the hot rolling process, a cold rolling phase reduces aluminum to the thickness our customers require. The coil pass then through a press where circles are sheared off in the needed diameter. The circles are finally placed in an oven for the annealing process: this gives the metal the right mechanical properties, making deformation (deep-drawing) feasible in order to obtain the desired pan or pot.   What is the main strength of Laminazione Sottile?   The process created and developed by Laminazione Sottile implies that the circles, rather than being stacked and then annealed in a chamber furnace, are on the contrary subjected to annealing in a conveyor furnace (flash annealing). This makes the aluminum grains finer and with more homogeneous size, thus determining better mechanical properties of the final product. After the annealing, the circles finally pass through a levelling machine to obtain perfect flatness.   What are the advantages ?   The aluminum circles are perfectly flat and separated (not stuck), unlike those cooked in the chamber oven after stacking. The circles are suitable for automated supply systems for the production lines: they do not slow down the line and do not need manual separation. The better mechanical characteristics of our product make the circles’ roughness much uniform after the mechanical sanding process (used by Customers manufacturing pots/pans lacquered with antisticking or protective coatings). The flash annealing gives a better metallurgical structure and mechanical characteristics, allowing the metal higher drawing capabilities.    

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