Sutyl LV.2 Lurker
Oct 10, 2022, 06:05 PM 51 read

Sativa strains

★ Strategies & Tips

What are your thoughts on sativa strains? Is it easy to grow them for a beginner? I need advice on these strains

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  • gamer513768000 LV.6 Nomad Oct 10, 2022, 06:11 PM

    I'd say they're not the worst to choose for a beginner, but are you sure that cannabis plant is not pretentious in general?

  • harla LV.4 Lurker Oct 11, 2022, 10:18 PM

    I'd say that sativa strains are definitely not the worst option, and I'm sure if you decide to start growing them, you won't have any problems. This page can provide you with all the necessary info, and for me, these strains help me cope with pain and inflammation the best.