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New Content - Mercenary

★ Patch Note
Ceres M: ★ Patch Note - New Content - Mercenary image 1

  Mercenary can be hired from friends and summon for a short period of time during battle.   ■ Hire Hire mercenary from friends with Gold. Hired mercenary can be summoned at Adventure and Raid for 10 seconds.   ■ Register Register one of the owning Hero. Hire Cost can be set for the mercenary. (Max 5,000 Gold) Registered Hero can be used at other contents.   ■ Ranking / Balance ① Total Hired Count : Total hired count by others of the registered mercenary. ② Hired Count : Hired count by others of the registered mercenary after the last balance. ③ Total Profit : Amount of gold gathered by others hiring registered Hero. - 80% of profit will be received..   ■ Enhance Increase the spawn time of the mercenary by upgrade. 200 Rubies are needed each level and max level is 10. Spawn time increases 1 second every level. (Max 20 Sec)

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