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New content - Babel Tower

★ Patch Note

① How to use the Babel Tower - Bable Tower can be entered from Battle Menu of the main Lobby. - Babel Tower can be entered after clear 7-10 stage of Adventure [1 World] [1 Chapter].   ② Babel Tower Basic Screen

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1) The Tower of Babel can be challenged from the 1st floor to the 100th floor, and you can check the information on each floor by pressing the up and down buttons. 2) Each floor has specific conditions. 3) You can check the enemy information on each floor. 4) Floor Number of Babel, remaining time of Current season, current season information, your tier and ranking is displayed. 5) Go to lastest floor : Go to the floor to challenge. 6) Ranking: You can check the ranking of each tier of Tower of Babel in the current season. 7) Rewards that can be obtained in the current floor, your current Troop information is displayed. 8) Reward Guide: Pop-ups that show the rank rewards by tier will be displayed. 9) Receive Reward : You can get the season reward of the final ranking after the Tower of Babel season. 10) Challenge : You can challenge Tower of Babel by use quartz.   ③ Challenge the Tower of Babel

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1) Formation Selection: You can choose one of four formations: Basic, Balanced, Advance, and Guard. 2) Auto Climb : Auto Climbing is available until all the daily discounts (5 times). 3) Challenge: You can only challenge 5 times a day with 1 quartz. After challenging five times a day, you can continue to challenge yourself with 300 Quartz.   ④ Babel Tower Basic Rules -Tower of Babel exists from 1st floor to 100th floor and can be challenged sequentially from 1st floor. -If you have already cleared the floor can not be challenged again. -The Tower of Babel is a four-week (monthly) season, and the season is reset at (UTC Time) 00:00 on the 1st of every month. -The higher the number of floors, the higher the difficulty of the battle. -You can use advanced strategy at the battle of Babel Tower. -When you challenge the Tower of Babel, you consume quartz, and if you fail the battle or go out of battle, the consumed quartz are not returned. -Each floor has different penalty conditions. Ex) Cannot Heal, Cannot Revive, Receive more DMG...

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