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New content - Sacrifice

★ Patch Note

Can be earned Base 5-Star Hero once a day by sacrifice one 5-Star Attribute Core and an unused 4-Star 12 Heros.   ■ How to use Sacrifice

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① Sacrifice Core Selection: Choose one 5-star attribute core and give it to the sacrifice. 10% increase to the same attribute 5-star hero with the sacrifice attribute core. ② Sacrifice Hero Selection: Regardless of birth, all four-star heroes (regardless of transcendence, enhancement, and level) can be sacrificed. ③ list of sacrifice heroes: randomly acquires a 5-star hero. (Including SR + Hero) -You can only sacrifice once a day. (reset time 00:00 UTC) ④ Offerings: Offerings cost 500,000 gold.   ■ Sacrifice Result

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① Hero Acquisition: Randomly acquires one hero from all five-star heroes (including King, Executor, Investigators, Tea Time Wanderers, Kara, and Michael). ② Button Change: If you earn a hero by offering sacrifices, the number of times of the button changes.   ※ When you sacrifice Hero Growth Materials Heroes (Ravi, Rifu, Baby Ravi, Teacher Ravi, Core, Flor), a notification popup will be displayed. ※ 4-Star Heroes set as Leaders will not be displayed on the List. ※ 4-Star Heroes equipped with Equip and Demon Gem will not be listed on the List.

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