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Sep 20, 2019, 03:54 PM 4,106 read

New Update

[Death temple open!]

You can check the entry button in the battle menu. As a reward, you can obtain additional Ruby and Charm dust, and spend Death Skull to enter.

Survive in 20 monster waves! Each monster wave will be rewarded and you can confirmed to stop or continue. And you have to choose whether to continue or stop. TIP 1. Mana Regeneration is an advantage in the Temple of Death. TIP 2. Advantage Mana Recovery Skills, or Continuous Healing Support Heroes .   ※ The server check time may change according to the progress, and we will inform you additionally when changes occur.   We will always try to provide a comfortable and smooth game environment for adventurers.   [New Heroes Update!] Confusion Magic Master - Nikita Vampire Suffering From Blood Thirst - Vamp Treasure Hunter from Merchant Guild - Siz Three heroes will be added: Nikita, Vamp, and Siz.

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