※ (Notice) Server Check for January 1st Week

◈ Check Schedule: (UTC Time) January 02 (Sat) 16:00 ~ 21:00 (5 hours)
1. Version 1.1.56 -> 1.1.57
2. This version is including all resources.
-When downloading from the store, it downloads about 1 GB.
You can start the game without downloading any additional bundles.
(4GB of storage space required.)
3. Successor
- Pluton(Successor) open.
4. Dual mode improvement
1) Fixed an issue where victory or loss was not determined because the summon monster health was not applied.
2) Fixed an infinite waiting problem if the opponent's connection was terminated during loading​.
- Dual mode will be held as tournaments (Currently in development.).
5. Added immortal item (Tier 2)
6. Changed set item buff activation
Example) Steady Axe(set), Steady Armor (set), Steady Guard (set), Steady Boots(set), Steady Ring (set), Steady Amulet (set)
Before change - buff activation
HP +1500
DEF +100
RES + 80
TUF +16%
On 6 attacks, Barrier with 10% of MAX HP (Max 1000) for 3 Sec
After change - buff activation
When you equip the equipment with the set sealing removed, the set effect will be activated with the installed number regardless of the specific equipment.
HP +450 x 6 = +2700
DEF +30 x 6 = +180
RES +24 x 6 = +144
TUF+ 5% x 6 = +30%
On 6 attacks, Barrier with 10% of MAX HP (Max 1000) for 3 Sec - Weapon
On 6 attacks, Barrier with 10% of MAX HP (Max 1000) for 3 Sec - Armor
Two of the same buff skills are activated.
※ The buff skill is applied only to weapons and armor.
※ In order to have different skill effects for weapons and armor, it is advantageous to wear Mugawa armor with different set effects.
※ The buff of the existing set item has been changed due to the change of Seth buff activation.
※ IOS is undergoing review.
IOS can be connected to the previous version.
However, older versions cannot use dual mode game.
Will be open when the review is completed.
Thank you.
Thank you.

※ (Notice) Server Check for January 1st Week +15
※ (Notice) Server Check for January 1st Week

※ (Notice) Server Check for November 2nd Week

◈ Check Schedule: (UTC Time) November 12 (Thu) 01:00 ~ 06:00 (5 hours)
1. Event check.
2. Server check.
Thank you.

※ (Notice) Server Check for November 2nd Week

Adventure 3 World Area

-Carib(3 World) area can be entered by clearing the Tillien(2 World) Chapter 3 7-9 stage.
-The Carib(3 World) area consists of 1 chapter, 2 chapters, and 3 chapters, and the difficulty increases from chapter 1 to chapter 3.
-Each chapter consists of Port of the Death and Entrance to the New World.
Port of the Death(10 Stage)
10 Stage Boss Kraken
Entrance to the New World(11 Stage)
11 Stage Boss Alfred

Adventure 3 World Area +4
Adventure 3 World Area

New Content - Mercenary

Mercenary can be hired from friends and summon for a short period of time during battle.
■ Hire
Hire mercenary from friends with Gold.
Hired mercenary can be summoned at Adventure and Raid for 10 seconds.
■ Register
Register one of the owning Hero.
Hire Cost can be set for the mercenary. (Max 5,000 Gold)
Registered Hero can be used at other contents.
■ Ranking / Balance
① Total Hired Count : Total hired count by others of the registered mercenary.
② Hired Count : Hired count by others of the registered mercenary after the last balance.
③ Total Profit : Amount of gold gathered by others hiring registered Hero.
- 80% of profit will be received..
■ Enhance
Increase the spawn time of the mercenary by upgrade.
200 Rubies are needed each level and max level is 10.
Spawn time increases 1 second every level. (Max 20 Sec)

New Content - Mercenary
New Content - Mercenary

New content - Babel Tower

① How to use the Babel Tower
- Bable Tower can be entered from Battle Menu of the main Lobby.
- Babel Tower can be entered after clear 7-10 stage of Adventure [1 World] [1 Chapter].
② Babel Tower Basic Screen
1) The Tower of Babel can be challenged from the 1st floor to the 100th floor, and you can check the information on each floor by pressing the up and down buttons.
2) Each floor has specific conditions.
3) You can check the enemy information on each floor.
4) Floor Number of Babel, remaining time of Current season, current season information, your tier and ranking is displayed.
5) Go to lastest floor : Go to the floor to challenge.
6) Ranking: You can check the ranking of each tier of Tower of Babel in the current season.
7) Rewards that can be obtained in the current floor, your current Troop information is displayed.
8) Reward Guide: Pop-ups that show the rank rewards by tier will be displayed.
9) Receive Reward : You can get the season reward of the final ranking after the Tower of Babel season.
10) Challenge : You can challenge Tower of Babel by use quartz.
③ Challenge the Tower of Babel
1) Formation Selection: You can choose one of four formations: Basic, Balanced, Advance, and Guard.
2) Auto Climb : Auto Climbing is available until all the daily discounts (5 times).
3) Challenge: You can only challenge 5 times a day with 1 quartz.
After challenging five times a day, you can continue to challenge yourself with 300 Quartz.
④ Babel Tower Basic Rules
-Tower of Babel exists from 1st floor to 100th floor and can be challenged sequentially from 1st floor.
-If you have already cleared the floor can not be challenged again.
-The Tower of Babel is a four-week (monthly) season, and the season is reset at (UTC Time) 00:00 on the 1st of every month.
-The higher the number of floors, the higher the difficulty of the battle.
-You can use advanced strategy at the battle of Babel Tower.
-When you challenge the Tower of Babel, you consume quartz, and if you fail the battle or go out of battle, the consumed quartz are not returned.
-Each floor has different penalty conditions.
Ex) Cannot Heal, Cannot Revive, Receive more DMG...

New content - Babel Tower +1
New content - Babel Tower

New content - Sacrifice

Can be earned Base 5-Star Hero once a day by sacrifice one 5-Star Attribute Core and an unused 4-Star 12 Heros.
■ How to use Sacrifice
① Sacrifice Core Selection: Choose one 5-star attribute core and give it to the sacrifice.
10% increase to the same attribute 5-star hero with the sacrifice attribute core.
② Sacrifice Hero Selection: Regardless of birth, all four-star heroes (regardless of transcendence, enhancement, and level) can be sacrificed.
③ list of sacrifice heroes: randomly acquires a 5-star hero. (Including SR + Hero)
-You can only sacrifice once a day. (reset time 00:00 UTC)
④ Offerings: Offerings cost 500,000 gold.
■ Sacrifice Result
① Hero Acquisition: Randomly acquires one hero from all five-star heroes (including King, Executor, Investigators, Tea Time Wanderers, Kara, and Michael).
② Button Change: If you earn a hero by offering sacrifices, the number of times of the button changes.
※ When you sacrifice Hero Growth Materials Heroes (Ravi, Rifu, Baby Ravi, Teacher Ravi, Core, Flor), a notification popup will be displayed.
※ 4-Star Heroes set as Leaders will not be displayed on the List.
※ 4-Star Heroes equipped with Equip and Demon Gem will not be listed on the List.

New content - Sacrifice +1
New content - Sacrifice

Adventure 2 World Area

-Tillien (2 World) area can be entered by clearing the Starsiz(1 World) Chapter 3 7-9 stage.
-The Tillien (2 World) area consists of 1 chapter, 2 chapters, and 3 chapters, and the difficulty increases from chapter 1 to chapter 3.
-Each chapter consists of Hart of Magma and Hidden temple.
Heart of Magma(8 Stage)
The heart of magma, where the burning lava flows down forever, burns all the souls around.
8 Stage Boss Dante
You must be tested by Dante to enter Hell Gate.
Hidden Temple((9 Stage)
It is said that a man who had ventured to find a temple hidden in the jungle never returned.
9 Stage boss
The golem, born of the sacred power of the temple, makes huge and has powerful power.

Adventure 2 World Area +4
Adventure 2 World Area

Guild Update Notice!

1. Guild War(Korea , Global Server)
Select the top guild castle menu, you can see the menu of the guild owned castle.
The guild castle consists of Approach Road, Square, Inner Wall, Outer Wall.
Each gateway requires a hero's for defensive.
When you touch the gate, you can place your defense troops.
The defensive power placement strategy at the barrier must be a guild master or authorized.
General guild members are not authorized to deploy.
1. You can check your guild ranking. Try to be the best guild in the world!
2. You can check the battle contribution of guild members who participated in guild battles. For the guild!
3. You can set up your own guild units to attack your opponent's guild.
Although it varies depending on the situation, it is basically an interpersonal battle, so it is the same unit as the duel.
4. Send troop management is a menu to send troops to defend the guild. (Supplementary explanation below)
Guild battle ranking screen.
This is a screen for checking the contribution of guild members to the guild battle.
2. Send troops(Global, Korea)
Sending troops is a guild member's predecessor action for the guild war.
If no guild member sends troops, you can't make a defensive unit.
Guild battles cannot be won.
Sending troops can be a bit difficult with Ceres's unique system.
You can send 4 heroes to a guild per guild member.
Heroes cannot be used while sending troops. Only defensive units in guild battles can be used.
There are at least 20 heroes because there are 5 defensive units at 4 barriers.
Therefore, guild members should send at least 20 heroes.
Send a powerfully raised hero to lead your guild to victory!
3. Guild warehouse(Global, Korea)
A guild warehouse is a warehouse that can hold guild goods.
You can send the goods to the hero who will provide strategic assistance in the guild.
Guild warehouses can only be used by guild masters or authorized heroes.
(The ability to store in the warehouse is all available.)
Guild warehouse.
This is a screen for selecting guild members that send goods and items in the guild warehouse.
It is a screen to leave items and goods to the guild warehouse.
※ Some content prior to the update is subject to change, and changes and additions will be announced through this public notice.
Please refer to the updated information of Ceres M.
Additional updates will be posted in the relevant notice.
Thank you.

Guild Update Notice! +9
Guild Update Notice!

New Update

[Death temple open!]
You can check the entry button in the battle menu.
As a reward, you can obtain additional Ruby and Charm dust, and spend Death Skull to enter.
Survive in 20 monster waves!
Each monster wave will be rewarded and you can confirmed to stop or continue.
And you have to choose whether to continue or stop.
TIP 1. Mana Regeneration is an advantage in the Temple of Death.
TIP 2. Advantage Mana Recovery Skills, or Continuous Healing Support Heroes .
※ The server check time may change according to the progress, and we will inform you additionally when changes occur.
We will always try to provide a comfortable and smooth game environment for adventurers.
[New Heroes Update!]
Confusion Magic Master - Nikita
Vampire Suffering From Blood Thirst - Vamp
Treasure Hunter from Merchant Guild - Siz
Three heroes will be added: Nikita, Vamp, and Siz.
Thank you.

New Update +2
New Update

School mission change.

[School] [Expert] Second mission Itemcrafring chang.
Craft Hero Duble Axe -> Craft Hero Dark Armor.

School mission change.
School mission change.

Global Server Open

The global server is open.Download Ceres M and play the game ~
Google Play Store
Apple Store
▶ Stunning View in high quality 3D graphic!Experience uncompairable visual of Heroeswith high quality 3D graphic you have never seen before!
▶ Ultimate skill with 3D Cinematic View!Enjoy stylish battleWith ultimate skills in 3D Cinematic View
▶ Strategy Mode to change the game!Enough with the Auto battle! Forget the battle so far!Enjoy real time battles with Strategy Mode!
▶ Lyrical Fantasy Graphic!Adventure the Five Kingdomswith lyrical fantasy graphic!
▶ Magnificent Story of the Five KingdomsFeel the magnificent story of the Heroesfrom the Five Kingdoms!
▶ Irresistible Contents!PVP, Raid, Sky Tower, Dragon Tower, Elemental Dungeon, etc.Enjoy contents with the heroes of the Five Kingdoms!

Global Server Open