★ Patch Note

Guild Update Notice!

1. Guild War(Korea , Global Server)
Select the top guild castle menu, you can see the menu of the guild owned castle.
The guild castle consists of Approach Road, Square, Inner Wall, Outer Wall.
Each gateway requires a hero's for defensive.
When you touch the gate, you can place your defense troops.
The defensive power placement strategy at the barrier must be a guild master or authorized.
General guild members are not authorized to deploy.
1. You can check your guild ranking. Try to be the best guild in the world!
2. You can check the battle contribution of guild members who participated in guild battles. For the guild!
3. You can set up your own guild units to attack your opponent's guild.
Although it varies depending on the situation, it is basically an interpersonal battle, so it is the same unit as the duel.
4. Send troop management is a menu to send troops to defend the guild. (Supplementary explanation below)
Guild battle ranking screen.
This is a screen for checking the contribution of guild members to the guild battle.
2. Send troops(Global, Korea)
Sending troops is a guild member's predecessor action for the guild war.
If no guild member sends troops, you can't make a defensive unit.
Guild battles cannot be won.
Sending troops can be a bit difficult with Ceres's unique system.
You can send 4 heroes to a guild per guild member.
Heroes cannot be used while sending troops. Only defensive units in guild battles can be used.
There are at least 20 heroes because there are 5 defensive units at 4 barriers.
Therefore, guild members should send at least 20 heroes.
Send a powerfully raised hero to lead your guild to victory!
3. Guild warehouse(Global, Korea)
A guild warehouse is a warehouse that can hold guild goods.
You can send the goods to the hero who will provide strategic assistance in the guild.
Guild warehouses can only be used by guild masters or authorized heroes.
(The ability to store in the warehouse is all available.)
Guild warehouse.
This is a screen for selecting guild members that send goods and items in the guild warehouse.
It is a screen to leave items and goods to the guild warehouse.
※ Some content prior to the update is subject to change, and changes and additions will be announced through this public notice.
Please refer to the updated information of Ceres M.
Additional updates will be posted in the relevant notice.
Thank you.

LV.6 GameManager 23d

New Update

[Death temple open!]
You can check the entry button in the battle menu.
As a reward, you can obtain additional Ruby and Charm dust, and spend Death Skull to enter.
Survive in 20 monster waves!
Each monster wave will be rewarded and you can confirmed to stop or continue.
And you have to choose whether to continue or stop.
TIP 1. Mana Regeneration is an advantage in the Temple of Death.
TIP 2. Advantage Mana Recovery Skills, or Continuous Healing Support Heroes .
※ The server check time may change according to the progress, and we will inform you additionally when changes occur.
We will always try to provide a comfortable and smooth game environment for adventurers.
[New Heroes Update!]
Confusion Magic Master - Nikita
Vampire Suffering From Blood Thirst - Vamp
Treasure Hunter from Merchant Guild - Siz
Three heroes will be added: Nikita, Vamp, and Siz.
Thank you.

LV.6 GameManager 1mo

School mission change.

[School] [Expert] Second mission Itemcrafring chang.
Craft Hero Duble Axe -> Craft Hero Dark Armor.

LV.6 GameManager 1mo

Global Server Open

The global server is open.Download Ceres M and play the game ~
Google Play Store
Apple Store
▶ Stunning View in high quality 3D graphic!Experience uncompairable visual of Heroeswith high quality 3D graphic you have never seen before!
▶ Ultimate skill with 3D Cinematic View!Enjoy stylish battleWith ultimate skills in 3D Cinematic View
▶ Strategy Mode to change the game!Enough with the Auto battle! Forget the battle so far!Enjoy real time battles with Strategy Mode!
▶ Lyrical Fantasy Graphic!Adventure the Five Kingdomswith lyrical fantasy graphic!
▶ Magnificent Story of the Five KingdomsFeel the magnificent story of the Heroesfrom the Five Kingdoms!
▶ Irresistible Contents!PVP, Raid, Sky Tower, Dragon Tower, Elemental Dungeon, etc.Enjoy contents with the heroes of the Five Kingdoms!

LV.6 GameManager 1mo