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Ceres M Autumn Special Event!

★ events

Event 1. Autumn Special Push Event!

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※ Special Push Rewards can be picked up at the mailbox if you access the game within 24 hours.   Event 2. Coin dozer Event! (Korea, Global Server) ◆ Event period: [UTC Time] After Server Check ~ 10/07(Wed) 23:59:59 ◆ Content : Get coins and turn slot machines to Get items! ◆ How to participate - Tap the [Event] icon on the top right corner of the game and   select the [Coin Dozer] event to join.   ※ If you press the exit Coin dozer button, all rewards and coins in the dozer will be reset.

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1) The first 100 coin will be given. (Not charged every day.) 2) One tap of the touch area generates one '$ coin'. - When '$ coin' down and then the star coin drops. 3) When the star coin drops, you can get the nubmer of times of Slot. - You can use the slot machine on the left side of the screen.

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1) The bottom left Star count is the number of slot machine use get with 'Star Coin'. 2) When the same three icons are displayed by rotating the slot machine, the reward of the icon is obtained. 3) The top of the screen shows the amount of reward you have earned. However, you cannot get more than the maximum number of acquisitions. 4) If you touch the lower left button, the Coin dozer screen will be moved. Items of the acquired will drop on the dozer. 5) If you drop the items, the rewards for those items will be send in the mail.   ◆ How to charge dice (Max 100 Count) - Clear 3 adventur Stage to gain an added coin.   ◆ Reward - Gold Bar icon : Glod Bar x 1 - Ruby icon : Ruby x 100 - Box icon : [3 Star] Baby Ravi(70%), [4 Star] Baby Ravi(20%), [3 Star] Core(10%)   Thank you.

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