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Ceres M June 2nd Week Event! (2/2)

★ events

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Event 1. Collect Challenge Event! (Korea, Global server)   ◆ Event period : [UTC Time] After Server check ~ 06/16(Tue) 23:59:59 ◆ Rank reward : [UTC Time] 06/17(Wed) 00:00:00 ~ 06/17(Wed) 23:59:59 ◆ How to participate ① Click the [Event] icon at the top of the main lobby and proceed from the [Collect Challenge Event] menu! ② When you press the [Shortcut] button, you can see the reward and ranking information., Press the [Challenge] button to select the difficulty level of the event stage to be challenged.

Ceres M: ★ events - Ceres M June 2nd Week Event! (2/2)  image 2

* This image is taken from the test server.   ◆ Event heros (Grade(Star), Not need transcendence) - Aida, Ares, Retona, Lina   ◆ Collect Challenge Event Buff - Collect Challenge Event Buffs increase by the number of Event Heroes. Ex) Aida, Ares, Retona, Lina, Bat -> Troop ATT, MAG + 80% Ex) Aida, Pete, Jeina, Kimari, Bat -> Troop ATT, MAG + 20% ※ If at least one Event Hero is not Arrange in a Troop, entry is not possible.

Ceres M: ★ events - Ceres M June 2nd Week Event! (2/2)  image 4

* This image is taken from the test server.   ※ Event stage is no Hero experience and no item drop. ※ Special medal and Account Exp, Gold are obtained.   ◆ Event reward (Can be exchanged during the event) ① Gold Bar x 1: Special Medal x 25 / Exchange once a day ② [4 Star] Core Summon Ticket x 1 : Special Medal x 50 / Exchange once a day ③ [Legend] Craft Stone x11 Chest x1 : Special Medal x 100 / Can exchange possible 5 times in event period. ④ Skill Stone x11 Chest x1 (Random) : Special Medal x 150 / Can exchange possible 3 times in event period ⑤ Mithril x 5: Special Medal x 500 / Can exchange possible 2 times in event period   ◆ Ranking reward (Reward according to the final ranking after the event participation period ends)   ※ The rankings are reflected according to the number of special medals acquired during the event period, and after the event participation period, you can receive the rewards according to the ranking by pressing the [Reward] button.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Event 2. Burning Event (Korea, Global server)   ◆ Event period: [UTC Time] 06/12(Fri) 15:00:00 ~ 06/14(Sun) 14:59:59 ◆ Content : Buff time applied during the event period! 1) Increased item obtain chance 50% 2) Increase hero experience 50% 3) Increase obtain gold 50%

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