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Special Summon Event! (June 1st Week)

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◆ Event period: [UTC Time] After Server Check ~ 06/10(Wed) 23:59:59   ◆ Event content : Meet "Kara, Molly, Aliots" heroes in the summon shop during the event!   ◆ Event Information   - Top of Main lobby in game [Event] → [Special Event]   You can check the details from the menu.   - Main lobby in game [Summon Shop] -> [Special Event]   Event Heros Info : Kara(Hunter), Molly(Warrior), Aliots(Mage)

Ceres M: ★ events - Special Summon Event! (June 1st Week) image 2

※ Special Summon! When summoned 10 times, you can receive a limited hero summon 1 ticket by mailbox. ※ Limited Hero Summon Ticket 3 is a five-star hero summon ticket that includes Kara(SR+), Molly(SR), and Aliots(SR) event heroes. ※ For reference, other 5-star heroes are also summoned.

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