TC SirSnackism TC SirSnackism LV.2 Lurker
Nov 20, 2018, 12:26 AM 926 read


Hey there everyone lemme introduce myself to you i am TC SirSnackism(also known as Sirjaxism), i am the clan leader of a small clan called TC(Team Castaway) and at this moment we are looking for some players who would like to join us in becoming the best PS4 brawlhalla clan, if you want to join add me ON PS4 and Title it *New Recruit* my PSN is WackyDB and my Discord is TC SirSnackism#6902 you have to add me on both. P.S i also like to Host some PS4 tournaments so if you join you get to have some fun against good players plus last tourney i had involved a $30 Prize so go ahead and join us we also have some pretty good players. -Platinum Players and Above please, but hey you can still send me an invite if you aren't platinum we have a tryout process to see who we accept in our clan everyone has a chance to join just prove to me that your skilled. If not you have to be platinum or above.

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