POPULARRudolph You're out! RDO with Santa Claus

Hohoho, citizens of Moot! How is Christmas season treating y'all? As many of you can already tell, my name's Santa Claus, and I'm a magical old fella who brings jollyful gifts at this time of year! And I'm back for more adventures here in Red Dead Online! Do I not look fancy today? Well, you see, I received some cash and gold bars as a gift from Rockstar the other day, and I thought to myself, why don't I spend this for myself instead of buying gifts for others for once? After all, Santa wants gifts as much as others do, you know😄 So I got myself a fancy hat and a jacket! Why am I not at work, you say? Christmas is less than two weeks away, and Santa's gotta rest easy before the real job begins. As I've told you before, we're going out for some hunting with Rudolph today! Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Without further ado, let the hunt begin!
Hohoho! Hey there, Rudolph! You seem awfully energetic today.
Argh... Would you mind slowing down a little bit, old friend? You see, I'm getting on in years these days, and the pain from Lumbago is literally killing me if you know what I mean😉
Rudolph, STHAP!!!
WTF, Rudolph? That does it! I've had it with you and your goddamn attitude. The hunting's over, and I'm gonna look for a new partner for this Christmas! You're fired, Rudolph. Don't ever let me see you in North Pole again.
....But you gotta stay here until I find a new partner because that's what the contract says. If you don't want a million dollar lawsuit, you better freaking listen to what I say fella.
Hey, I see an elk up ahead. Maybe I can tame it and teach it to be the new Rudolph. A Rocky Mountain Cow Elk, huh? I'll call him Rocky Balboa😂
Come to Papa! Rocky!
Huh? I can't break and tame an elk? Welp, I guess I've got no choice but to end this poor fella's life🙁 What's that? You're asking me why I didn't just release it? Well, Santa's gotta eat too, you know. Food just doesn't make itself out of thin air, you dummies🤣
Umm... Roasted elk meat...Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Wanna have a bite, Rudolph? Huh? You don't like eating meat? You're a herbivore? What the hell's a herbivore? You clearly don't know what you're missing.😕
Now that I've taken care of that, let's look for more potential candidates!
Steady... Steady...
And now's the CHANCE!!!
What the!? I can't tame a deer either? Then what exactly the hell can I do in this game?🤣 I guess this is going to be my snack for this winter. You can't go wrong with some perfectly cooked venison jerky after all😉
Oh hey! A bunch of wolves up ahead. Maybe I can ask them to be my partner. I can form a team of wolves with an awesome looking sled. How cool would that be?
Hey fellas! Care to join me to the North Pole? We've got elves, gifts, polar bears and everything! I'm sure you guys will like it! It'll be like Tahiti island, except that it's going to be hella COLD!
HEY! That's not very nice. If you don't like the cold weather, just say so. Let's just talk.
Do you really have to do this?
This is not going to end well for y'all🤠
Ballocks! I've killed them all! Now what do I do...
Well, I'm out of ideas. Wanna partner up and ride with me again, boah? You know what they say, "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't." Kinda ironic that it's coming out of Santa's mouth, isn't it?😈
That's it for today, folks! Just remember, do not try to have a word with wolves. They can be bitchy sometimes, and they taste nowhere as good as beef. Umm... Beef... I'd kill for some grilled t-bone steak. Next time, we're setting off to have some fun at the Showdown Series😉


POPULARNaughty or Nice? RDO with Santa Claus

Hohoho Moot gangs. Santa Claus here, and it's Christmas time again! I'm back with a bunch of presents for you, and this time, I'm in Red Dead Online! That's right, a video game.
Onto the world of RDO, shall we?
Have you seen my friend, Rudolph? He's been a faithful companion over the years, and he came along with me to Red Dead Online for exhilarating adventures! What's that? You're asking where Mrs. Claus, the elves and other deer are? You don't believe that I'm the real Santa Claus, you say? HAVE SOME GODDAMN FAITH, PEOPLE!😤
Since I'm just as clueless as you are of what we are to do in the Wild West, let's see what Rudolph and I are capable of when we team up together😉
Riding? Check.
Jumping? Check.
Flying? I guess not.😲
Rudolph seems to be having a bit of trouble. Poor thing. He's depressed as ever that he's no longer able to fly like he could up in the North Pole. What did you say? You are worried about his well being after the fall? No worries, folks! Rudolf is doing mighty fine, and I've made sure that he got a nice pat on the back afterwards.
Oh wait, fellas! looks like we have some visitors! Let's go say hi and see if they've been nice enough to get gifts for this Christmas.
Well, hello to you too, CAPTAINEPICXD. Merry Christmas! I'm putting you on the nice list for being so polite to the elderly. Have you finished writing down your Christmas wish list? You want another video game, you say? Fallout 76 it is then!
You too, ZOMBIEBABYTV. It's always nice to see a well mannered person in the middle of nowhere. What do you want for Christmas, bud? A Darth Vader action figure? I'm sorry to say that it's out of order now. How about I get you a wax figure of Mother Teresa? Have a few drinks, and you'll barely notice the difference.
Hey there, KRUNCHYTHECLOWN. Merry Christmas to you too, buddy. Don't worry, Krunchy. You know I got your back. I'll make sure to get you the sex doll you've always wanted since 8th grade.😉
Hello there, fellas! Merry Chr...
Well, there you go, Mooties. You now know what'll happen to ya if you behave nasty to Santa with a rifle. Or better yet, never behave nasty to strangers you meet in Red Dead Online. You'll be surprised to know that dead men speak no more😎
Just remember, if you've been naughty this year, Santa IS coming to town to get you. Stay safe, fellas! Don't forget to say hi whenever you see me.😉 Next time, we're going hunting.


POPULARHow to rank up fast on rdo

Ranking up in rdo takes a long time so much so I need to tell you guys about the best way to get xp.
Fastest way to get xp is playing showdown or race series playlist. This is the best and easiest way if you are really good at pvp. Getting more kills makes a difference too and how good your team score is at the end gives you more xp. You can expect to get on average 500xp or more from showdown and around 200xp or more from racing.
Another thing to add is while doing showdown is to always go for headshots if you can reliably get the kill. Headshots give more xp! For the xp hunter go for bow and arrow headshot kills cause arrow kills give more xp too.
Not good at pvp and want to get consistent xp? Story missions is the way to go. Every mission takes about 5 to 10 minutes with a full party. Completing gets you around 100 to 300xp so it's not good compared to showdown. Don't have to deal with the randomness of fighting other players and bad teammates so that's one good thing.
When you get into the zone and best if playing with friends vs pubs then all you need to worry about is how fast you can finish and not die too much.
Doing honorable side missions can be good too giving you 100 to 200xp extra. It can pay to be good even if you want to murder the dude on screen. Adding this with the regular mission, 400 to 500xp is what you can expect to get. Not bad!
Bonus side option is to kill animals if you see them. If you see lots of birds flying around I say shoot them out of the sky for 10xp each kill. Other animals give different xp count like squirrels and deer 5xp. Bigger animals give more exp like alligators with 15xp each.
Higher rank means more stuff to unlock and buy. This is how I have been doing it and if anyone knows better ways then comment.


POPULAR3 Things I hate about Red Dead Redemption 2

So after about more than 70 hours of Rootin´ Tootin´ Cowboy Shootin´ 2 that little pop-up window on the top left side of my TV told me I completed the game a hundret percent and thought to myself "Well finally!" because there are so many things that went on my nerves for all that time.
But seriously RDR2 isn´t a bad game. At least that´s what those guys on the internet keep telling me....
But for real it is an awesome game! The map´s awesome, the story is awesome (at least if you forget that Chapter 1-3 has ever existed) and all the stuff you can do in the open world is awesome too!
That said may the Rockstar fanboys please take a seat and cease shouting "Boooo!", cause here are 3 things I simply, and there´s no way around it, HATE about RDR2!
So your sitting in a pile of shit behind a tree stump and about 50 enemies shooting at you.
Your health core´s aproaching the end, your completely covered with your own blood and bullets are stuck in all parts of your body....
Time to enjoy some of that canned food you bought with you, right?
And suddenly I had Skyrim flashbacks....thanks Rockstar!
But seriously... didn´t the devs think of dressing material or were they just to lazy to add it?
Next thing I hate about eating is that I have to do it all the time!
It was literally the No.1 thing I did during my gameplay (No.2 is stumbling over rocks with my horses).
So I eat and eat and eat ... but then I check my player stats in the menu to find out that I´m underweight? The next few ingame days I ran around skinny like that Seth-guy from the first game and had to spend about 300$ on food in the salloon because that´s the only way to gain weight. THANKS FOR THAT!
It took me very long to decide wether I love or hate the realism in RDR2. Basically realism is a good thing. It adds that extra layer of tension to your gameplay, but you can also "over-egg the pudding".
Basically your gonna love RDR2´s realism.... until the point ingame where you fall off Mount Hagen with your horse because your horse got scared by a bear and then you have to spend the next few ingame days to find your way back to civilisation.
RDR2´s realism does so much harm that one might wonder if it´s there to help the players hate the game. Basically after the 4th time my elite arabian horse died becuase I rode it against a stone I decided I would hate RDR2`s realism.
During story missions you do all kinds of cool stuff. You blow up trains and bridges and forts and kill every inhabitant of a town BUT don`t you dare bumping into an NPC in Saint Denis during free roam. Like literally! I dismounted my horse and a NPC that happened to pass me stumbled backwards and the next thing I know is that uncountable police officers start shooting at me.
So that´s basically all the stuff I hate, yo.
Have fun stumbling with your horses over rocks and eating food midfight.


POPULARBattle Royale in Red Dead Online? No Worries

The long waited Red Dead Online is now here, and it comes with five different competitive modes to enjoy along with its own original storyline and stranger missions. I've put a link below to help you understand the general concept of each mode.
One thing to note out of said five modes is that there is a Battle Royale mode called, "Make It Count." Many of us here on moot have expressed their worries in the lounge, saying how adding a br mode in the game would feel redundant and no longer creative while others have welcomed it happily. Fret not, however, for it isn't a typical br game you've been playing all along. Make it Count mode offers features that are quite distinctive, and you need a new strategy to claim the win accordingly. I've taken the liberty of playing a few matches ahead of you, and here's what I've found out.
*Please note that the online is still in the early stage of beta, and changes will be made once it officially releases.
1. The duration of a match
Currently, Make it Count mode has a time limit of ten minutes which we don't usually see from other br games. In addition, the total number of players allowed in a single match can only go up to 32 which makes each match very short compared to other games where you have to survive against a hundred players with longer time limits. You can either join a match with a maximum of 16 players or 32 players, and there's also a four man squad match with 16 people.
2. One Hit, One Kill
The most distinguishable feature the mode has to offer is that it's designed to kill an opponent with a single shot which explains a lot about the name of the mode. Missing a shot can be fatal as your opponent can kill you just as easily. Although, it doesn't slow time anymore, using the Dead Eye ability certainly helps when you want to nail a precise kill. Just be sure to remember that in one on one situation, don't use the ability as it's faster to just aim and shoot. I recommend using it only when your opponents are facing the opposite direction from you or when you have the high ground.
One other thing you should be aware of is that as opposed to how a multiplayer shooter goes, players will aim to survive in a given map but with a forced weapon. Not only are you allowed to use a bow and knives, you'll start with only one of them according to what suits you the best. To put it simply, if you're good at handling bows, go for a bow and arrows and vice versa.
3. No Shooting, No Looting?
For the moment, the mode only allows you to use either throwing knives or a bow and arrows. While it is true that the mode does not require you to loot serious weapons and attachments to obliterate your opponents like you do in Fortnite, PUBG, and et cetera, you still do have to loot your opponent's body for more arrows and knives as your enemies will be quick to evade your attacks. At the beginning of each match, you'll be given only six ammos, and additional supplies will be lootable from killing. We are unsure whether there will be options that would let players use firearms in the future. However, additional content seems evident as we've experienced such updates from Grand Theft Auto Online multiple times.
4. Stealth is the key
As mentioned above, players allowed in a match are fewer than other games in the genre, and the map itself isn't really big. Plus, considering that a single blow from your opponent is lethal enough to kill you, the more enemies you face, the less your chance to survive becomes. With all that in mind, it's only reasonable to stay behind the bushes until the chance is right. Of course, you can always choose to go all out in the beginning, but the chance of winning will get a lot slimmer as enemy players will concentrate their fire solely on you. As previously stated, using the Dead Eye ability will come in handy when you want a clean stealth kill.


POPULARRed Dead Online Really is the Wild West

The beta for Red Dead Online is finally underway and fans are wasting no time exploring the online world and completing its new story mode. Red Dead Online looks promising but it’s only in the beginning stages of beta and the lack of refinement shows. There were problems with the rollout, the game is far from optimized, and the features are desperately lacking. For example, your character isn’t voice acted and they didn’t include the ability to play poker with your friends. Of course, the beta stages have just begun so I’m willing to cut Rockstar some slack, but it’s important that they start addressing the community’s concerns as quickly as possible.
As an online game, interacting with other players is a huge part of the gameplay and your experience with other players can dictate how much you love or hate Red Dead Online. You’ll meet people that want to team up with you and help you out, which is awesome. But you’ll also run into people who are out to murder you at first sight and take everything you’ve got. And trust me, there’s a lot more of the 2nd type. There’s currently no “passive mode” or friendly servers which prohibit player killing, meaning that you’re going to be dying a lot. It’s not very much fun and Rockstar is going to have to do something about it ASAP because people are already getting fed up.
Microtransactions were a major feature of GTAV Online and they’re back with a vengeance in RDR2 Online. Players will be able to buy in-game gold with real-life money. Players can then use this gold buy items or gain early access to content. One concern is that Rockstar may be forcing players to purchase gold with real money if they want to be competitive. Players will need gold to access the best content, and money will be much harder to come by in the Online version. Rockstar has already begun changing the value of items between the online and single-player versions. For example, a gold watch sells for only $2 in Online versus $10 in single-player. We don’t know Rockstar’s final vision for microtransactions in Red Dead Online, but the fact that they’re featuring them from the very start of the beta is a worrying sign. Hopefully they won’t lock all the best content behind a paywall.
Red Dead Online has the foundations of something great, but its implementation of pay-to-win microtransactions and lack of crucial features have made its initial launch anything but smooth. If Rockstar is able to iron out the creases and address the community’s complaints before it’s too late, then Red Dead Online could go down as an all-time legendary game. If they fail, it will forever be remembered as the great that could have been. It’s up to Rockstar now. What will be their legacy?


POPULARWho else is hunting?