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Ya know any fast way to lvl up I’m rank 11 I restarted but can’t seems to lvl up faster as I did before hope ya can help me out!!!!😋🧐

LV.3 Lurker 3d

Want to go to VanHorn with me

Let’s have a massive shoot out at van horn trading post. I play on Xbox and my username is Horsemengamer35

LV.3 Lurker 4d

Anyone wana play

My username is honestly_smd-EB on ps4

LV.15 Professional Noob 7d

Who tryna run it up

My user name is my name on xbox

LV.2 Lurker 14d

I can't play shit

I can't play red dead Siege gta or 2k because this kid broke my ps4 and took out the power supply and the connector so he used glue so now he and his family have to buy me a new ps4

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Who here is excited for the new classes they are adding to the online mode?

I for one am super happy about the bounty hunter.

LV.9 Genius 17d

Red Dead Heists?

Is it just me or does anyone else with RDR2 Online added CO-OP heists like in gta online. I feel like the online in RDR2 is slightly dying as there isn't much to do.

LV.4 Genius 20d

POPULAR Which role will you focus on and why

If you guys didn't know there are three roles coming to the online world, giving us different things to do for reasons... There are the bounty hunter, the collector, or the trader... You can use all the roles (from what I hear) but if you could only choose one of them, which one would you be and why:

Bounty hunter-- hunts npc and players down and kill/capture them for money (bonuses are better lasso, eagle eye while sprinting, and spinning gun tricks)

Trader-- sells furs and skins for bigger profits (from opportunities) (bonuses are weapon locker and stew pot for camp, as well as a better satchel and a hunting wagon)

Collector-- searches for rare loot and lost items to make profit... (bonuses include metal detector [yeah], better binoculars and a horse lantern)

LV.19 Assassin 20d

Red dead online

Rdo is pretty dead. What are some things that can bring it back to life?

LV.3 Lurker 20d

Red dead online poker🤐

Hit up me or my friend to play red dead online, either free roam or like missions or something. Poker is more fun with other people and we don’t play with others.

Add me: Shxdoww1 or my friend: GTB_DNICE72

LV.4 Lurker 23d

red dead redemption 2 is dead

they promised summer update yet summer is over still no update it clear that red dead 2 is dead as they care more for gta5 then red dead 2 so sad had such hopes yet was killed by lack of care and being ignored


Red Dead Redemption II - 100% Save, Displaying the World

I've decided to make a video on my YouTube channel about RDR II 100%! Basically the games "end-state", & letting the world be displayed with all of the normal things you wouldn't have seen at the start.
Please Admins, edit this to general, I accidentally posted to the wrong group. :)
Please consider taking a look!

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Out of beta

Predictions for what we’ll get when beta ends? Houses and new horses and styles is my prediction. Ranch type vibes.

LV.3 Lurker 1mo

I hardly play online since I finshed the story but any tips for XP?

Can anyone tell me how to get faster XP so I can reach level 25 Iam hardly 12

LV.16 Bandit 1mo

RP hunting stream

Who wants to RP hunt and stream to night my stream starts at 9 let me know we are going to play RDR2

LV.2 Lurker 1mo

POPULAR 🤠New Items Coming to Red Dead Online!

This week, Rockstar will be adding a variety of new items to the RDO catalogue, including new clothing items and a free horse.


LV.25 Mod 1mo

Need a big strong man.

I need a big strong man to protect me and help me while I play. :D

LV.5 Mootiversary! 1mo

Hewp meh

Is the old town road the theme song for this game im getting really confused

LV.5 Lurker 1mo

Who thinks they should allow us to change our character eg from a boy to girl

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verified 2mo

What's your favourite/most used Perk card set up?

Trying to figure out that perfect combo 👌🏼😋

LV.2 Lurker 2mo

How have you guys think how red dead online has gone so far

LV.2 Lurker 2mo

Need a posse on Xbox. Message me

LV.2 Lurker 2mo


Tryna get some money

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Plz join, I'm a lonely Arthor. PLEASSSEE😢

LV.2 Lurker 2mo

New casino update coming to red dead

LV.21 Professional Noob 2mo


Looking for a group of people to do a roleplay kind of like the originally story with a large group of outlaws getting hunted and having to travel. Rival posse/posses needed to help hunt. The more people the better for both teams

LV.3 Lurker 2mo

Yo just here to talk about rdr2 hit me up im new here

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LV.22 Xbox 3mo

Any ideas?

Anybody know a fast and easy way to get money and rank up fast while doing so?

LV.2 Lurker 3mo