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Mar 1, 2019, 02:39 AM 1,058 read

Guide for posting in the correct board (RDR2 Lounge) 🤠

Howdy Mooters! This is a quick guide you can follow for posting things in the right board in the RDR2 lounge.

First off, let’s look at what boards there are to choose from when deciding to make a post:

Now, let’s go through them all one by one and see what posts belong where. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 1. GENERAL There are many different kinds of posts that can go in the general lounge. Some examples of this are, artwork/in game screenshots, general game discussions, and funny videos. If there is a discussion about Red Dead Online, preferably this should be in the ONLINE lounge. 2. LOOKING FOR GROUP This board is where Mooters can create a “Looking for Group” post (LFG). When creating your LFG, you can put everything from the console you play on, how many players you’re looking for, and what you wish to do with your group. You can also go as in depth to choose the posse type you wish to join (temporary or persistent). Here is what the LOOKING FOR POSSE screen looks like exactly:

*Note* if you’re having trouble setting up your LFG, feel free to message any of the mods or admins as we are happy to help. You can also set up your LFG in your profile screen. 3. ONLINE DISCUSSION Now here’s an important one that a lot of people get mixed up with. The ONLY things that should be posted to this board are things to do with online. Whether that be online discussions (like said before), RDO Memes, and any RDO news or updates that may be important. PLEASE DO NOT make posts regarding looking for people to play with, as that is what the LOOKING FOR POSSE board is for. Plus, making an LFG is a lot more useful for finding people to play with, as you don’t get many interactions when you post it in this board. 4. GUIDES This is a simple one. Whatever guide or advice you find regarding the game, whether that be online or story, will go in this board. For example, a fishing location guide to make you money in online. Or a certain story mission guide. Anything to do with helping others in a tutorial type way, most often including a video link. 5. MEMES Another board that should be quite self explanatory, and that is the memes board. Any sort of funny post or video that you would like to share with others, post this in the memes board. 6. PROMOTIONS Lastly, the promotions board. This board is for any self promotional content, such as plugging your YouTube, Twitch, etc. PLEASE only post promotional content regarding RDR2. For example, don’t just link your Twitter or Instagram, or even YouTube if it has nothing to do with the game. These kinds of posts can be posted to OFF TOPIC under promotions. So to conclude, these are the basic guidelines to where certain posts should go. If you are still unsure about where your post should go, FEEL FREE to DM me, or any other one of the other wonderful mods or admins here on Moot. And don’t forget to review our content policy regarding how you should behave on Moot.

So get posting people! Stay active, and just overall have a good time! Try not to stir up any unneeded hate, and always be respectful to others. Let’s make the RDR2 lounge the best it ever was! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

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