Headshots help pvp

Need tips to get a better kill ratio

LV.2 Lurker 1mo

anyone know any cool secrets/quests to go on look for?

LV.4 Breacher 1mo

What do I kill each animal with without damaging pelts

I’m kinda new to online and I want to know if anyone can give me a list of what the best weapons are to kill each animal with without damaging pelts. Thanks in advance! Xbox- Brain Damaged17

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Stuff that red dead doesn’t tell you

This is just random stuff that the game doesn’t tell u
1. If you double tap instead of tap to put a gun up u put it up in style 💯

(Little less extra then that tho😂)

2. If you tap up on the d-pad then you put your gun in the air to intimidate or threaten people3
. If you hold down on the menu button you can see your map quicker

4.if you hold down x while looting it will automatically loot the next thing if it is near can change you controls depending on how you want to run in settings

6.always bee sneaky so put on your bandanna or mask to have who you are hidden and they won’t know you robbed that store you wanted to rob

7. And if it wasn’t obvious enough aim for the head it’s a one tap 🙄

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How do you unequip dual wield guns in story mode

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Need Tips

I just got the game and it would be helpful to have some beginner tips thanks 👌

LV.2 Lurker 3mo

Hard choices

I have 4 gold bars I can sell them all for $2000 l don't know what to do. U guys tell me

LV.3 Lurker 3mo

A horse

I need a horse so i wanna know where to find good ones

LV.11 Chief 3mo

White Arabian Horse

You can find a white Arabian horse to the northwest side of lake Isabella in Grizzlies West. Great horse, I used it throughout my entire playthrough
Just be careful because it can be hard to take and will run away if you don't take it initially. And you won't be able to find it again

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Found a new way onto the train on red dead redemption 2 today

Lol sorry no pic

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Guide for posting in the correct board (RDR2 Lounge) 🤠

Howdy Mooters! This is a quick guide you can follow for posting things in the right board in the RDR2 lounge.

First off, let’s look at what boards there are to choose from when deciding to make a post:

Now, let’s go through them all one by one and see what posts belong where.
There are many different kinds of posts that can go in the general lounge. Some examples of this are, artwork/in game screenshots, general game discussions, and funny videos. If there is a discussion about Red Dead Online, preferably this should be in the ONLINE lounge.

This board is where Mooters can create a “Looking for Group” post (LFG). When creating your LFG, you can put everything from the console you play on, how many players you’re looking for, and what you wish to do with your group. You can also go as in depth to choose the posse type you wish to join (temporary or persistent). Here is what the LOOKING FOR POSSE screen looks like exactly:

*Note* if you’re having trouble setting up your LFG, feel free to message any of the mods or admins as we are happy to help. You can also set up your LFG in your profile screen.

Now here’s an important one that a lot of people get mixed up with. The ONLY things that should be posted to this board are things to do with online. Whether that be online discussions (like said before), RDO Memes, and any RDO news or updates that may be important. PLEASE DO NOT make posts regarding looking for people to play with, as that is what the LOOKING FOR POSSE board is for. Plus, making an LFG is a lot more useful for finding people to play with, as you don’t get many interactions when you post it in this board.

This is a simple one. Whatever guide or advice you find regarding the game, whether that be online or story, will go in this board. For example, a fishing location guide to make you money in online. Or a certain story mission guide. Anything to do with helping others in a tutorial type way, most often including a video link.

Another board that should be quite self explanatory, and that is the memes board. Any sort of funny post or video that you would like to share with others, post this in the memes board.

Lastly, the promotions board. This board is for any self promotional content, such as plugging your YouTube, Twitch, etc. PLEASE only post promotional content regarding RDR2. For example, don’t just link your Twitter or Instagram, or even YouTube if it has nothing to do with the game. These kinds of posts can be posted to OFF TOPIC under promotions.

So to conclude, these are the basic guidelines to where certain posts should go. If you are still unsure about where your post should go, FEEL FREE to DM me, or any other one of the other wonderful mods or admins here on Moot. And don’t forget to review our content policy regarding how you should behave on Moot.

So get posting people! Stay active, and just overall have a good time! Try not to stir up any unneeded hate, and always be respectful to others. Let’s make the RDR2 lounge the best it ever was!

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POPULAR Extremely helpful XP farming guide

So I stumbled on this video recently, where you basically go to this specific spot in Blackwater, and you can farm a TON of XP. I did it for like an hour or two and I levelled up 3 times. This is 100% the easiest and quickest way to earn a lot of XP, so I would highly recommend everyone to watch the video and try it out for themselves.

#Tips #XpFarming

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Best guns for PvP

PvP is pretty tough in Red Dead Online so to avoid putting yourself at a handicap, you're gonna want the best guns for each situation. This guide is aimed at those just starting out with PvP and so I'll mostly be covering weapons that are available at lower levels. Of course, you'll still have to level up at least somewhat in order to unlock access to different guns.
1. Varmint Rifle (Unlocked at Level 8)
Even though it's one of the first guns you unlock, the Varmint Rifle is one of the best guns in the game. It has great accuracy at all ranges and will be your go-to for any medium to long range fight. It's more important to hit headshots with the Varmint Rifle than any other gun, as the Varmint does very little damage to the body.
2. Sawed-Off Shotgun (Unlocked at Level 19)
The dual wield sawed-off shotguns are probably the best close range weapon in the game. The main-hand shotguns aren't strong enough to justify using them even though they have better accuracy. An accurate shotgun that can't one-shot is pretty much useless, so I recommend using the dual sawed-offs.
3. Whatever pistol you like
You're probably not going to be using your pistol very often, so I recommend just using whatever you like to fill up the slot. You unlock the Lancaster Repeater at Level 12 and it's just as good as any other pistol so I recommend using that and saving your money for other things.
Good luck out there in the Wild West!

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How to go to Mexico

So I just found out that once you finish the main storyline, you can glitch your way to Mexico. This is ONLY available after you finish the main story, but I imagine most of you have by now.
Go to the westernmost point in New Austin, swim across the river, and climb up the wall with your horse. There's not much to do once you're there, but maybe this could be an area used for a future dlc?
You can watch this video to see exactly how it's done:

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Spoilers don’t look if you haven’t finished the game here is Arthur’s grave when you finish the game

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Did you know you earn more money in a posse when you have more than 1 member?

It’s really small boost but it stacks up for each member you have. For example if you have 6 posse members and choose a mission, depending what it is, it will give you more to do but more money comes out of it, earned about 20$ from breaking 4 prisoners out and taking them to the point of drop off. So go on and join posses because in the end it will help you out with money problems!

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Combat Guide for Dummies - Red Dead Online Guide - 6 -

Sup, Arthur MOOTgans 😎 It's Wednesday again, and it's time for another Red Dead Online Guide👏👏👏 For today's RDO guide, I've written a comprehensive guide on how to survive and kill as many as possible in Red Dead Online. This is a series of techniques in the game regarding the basic combat tips for survival, and the information I bring you today may not be suitable for already successful players.
1. Use Your Dead Eye and Passive Abilities
Unlike any other shooters, Red Dead series has its own unique combat system which involves utilizing Dead Eye and Passive abilities. Players over 50 rank are allowed to assign one Dead Eye ability and three passive abilities to your ability slots with given ability cards. You're to make a combination from a list of abilities that best fits your playstyle. For more details, check out the guides on abilities in Red Dead Online I've posted before.
One thing you should take note of is that when you're using Dead Eye, it skips the time between each shot fired which can take up to about a second depending on the weapon of your choice. This is actually the reason why most prefer using Varmint rifle because it has decent rate of fire for a rifle with less recoil. That being so, in critical life or death situations, it's best for you to fully understand what abilities you're using to save yourself and compete with other players.
2. Utilize Your Minimap
Keep your eyes peeled for enemies that may appear in the minimap but not in your eyes. Often times when your enemies are taking cover or sneak up behind you, they may surprise you with a lethal blow to your head. Before they're about to attack, you'll easily spot them in the minimap at the bottom left of your screen.
3. Duck, Dive and Kill
One of the most valuable surviving techniques in Red Dead Online is to dodge bullets by pressing aim L2 +🔲 (LT + X for Xbox players). These buttons trigger you to dive to whatever direction you're facing. By diving, you can dodge a bullet to your head, avoiding yourself from dying instantly while making it possible to shoot enemies as you get up from the floor.
When you're the most vulnerable, in my opinion, is the exact moment when you successfully kill a player. Because it's easy to let your guard down when you've killed, you're likely to miss another enemy near you which makes you a tempting target for other players. Of course, it's obviously a simple beginner's mistake to let that happen; however, it doesn't hurt to try diving as soon as you nail a kill.
4. Hide Yourself and Take Cover
When you imagine a typical shooter, one of the first things that comes to mind is running around the map, looking for players to kill. However, offensive strategies don't always work in Red Dead Redemption. You still have to look for other players, but because each map in rdo is very much wide open and quite large, it's important for you to also hide yourself from enemies, approaching stealthily. Hiding in bushes help tremendously because it disturbs your opponent's aim although it may not mitigate the damage done to you by 100 percent.
However, please note that when you're hiding in bushes, it may block your sight, making it harder for you to see nearby enemies, so be cautious of where you're hiding.
Lastly, as obvious as it may sound, taking cover lowers the chance of getting shot at by minimizing your exposure to enemies. However, as mentioned above, because maps in Red Dead Online are mostly wide open, you're going to be an easy target if you let yourself behind the same cover for too long. I suggest you move fast to change your location whether you're trying to ambush or hide yourself from bullets.
5. Which guns should you play?
Although the best way to find the perfect gun for you involves trying a few matches for yourself with every gun available, I've brought a list of weapons that I would like to recommend each for long range and short range combats.
Long Range
1) Lancaster Repeater
Out of them all, I think Lancaster Repeater is the best suitable for most situations. It has a decent range of fire with moderate aim speed while also offering an option to use express ammo which I highly recommend. Even if your opponents are using 'Slow and Steady' to mitigate the damage, you can kill them within 3 to 4 shots.
2) Varmint Rifle
Varmint Rifle offers the best aim speed with high accuracy and low recoil. It really comes in handy when you're facing a player who's equipped with 'Never Without One.' Within just two shots in a row to the head, you can quickly blow your opponents hat off as well as his or her life. The downside is, because it has extremely low damage, when you're facing players with 'Slow and Steady,' it might take more than a dozen shot to kill enemies which is absurdly low for a rifle and makes it very much less feasible in high stake combats. It's the best weapon to kill low rank noobs, but the worst weapon to face high rank players.
Close Range
1) Pump-Action Shotgun
While most shotguns are known for their powerful damage when facing enemies up close, Pump-Action shotgun is best known for its long range. Perfectly suitable for short to mid range combats, Pump-Action Shotgun offers high damage while making enemies flinch when they're shot at.
2) Semi-Auto Shotgun
I highly recommend using Semi-Auto shotgun with Slug shotgun shells as it makes it possible for you to kill players even from a mid to long distance. Pump-Action shotgun's more known for its long range; however, I feel like Semi-Auto outguns in mid range combats according to my own experience. It has a high rate of fire compared to other shotguns in the catalogue, but I'd choose Pump-Action, Sawed-Off or Double-Barreled when it comes to closer range combats because they offer higher damage.




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***Guide for best payout stranger missions!***

Once again S/O #Outlawgarry (Angus payout the best)

LV.19 Outlaw 5mo

Gang hideout locations S/O to #Outlawgarry for this one

LV.19 Outlaw 5mo

**Tips for showdown series**

When getting ready to play showdown series regular or large it’s always good to have your weapons and ammo in order BEFORE joining a game. These tips are best for when playing “Most Wanted”, “Hostile Territory”, and “Team showdown”

•Have your weapon wheel to the weapons you work best with selected.

•Make sure that those weapons you have chosen are 100% clean in condition. This way your weapons are putting out the most damage, range, etc. that they can possibly do. The condition doesn’t get worse while you’re using it either! So you don’t have to keep cleaning it during the games.

•There are various types of ammo for red dead online. Regular, High Velocity, Express, etc. Depending what works best for you is the kind of ammo you wants to have already stocked.

•Load whichever ammo you prefer into the weapon that you’re going to be using it with. Because if jump into game without having the ammo you wanna use put in the gun before joining you’ll have to change it during the game and that’s gonna be a drag to have to continuously keep swapping out the ammo. It also takes a bit of time if you have to keep doing this. So just have the special ammo loaded before starting 👌🏼

This tip doesn’t exactly relate to the guns and ammo but I’ll put it on here anyways.

•If you’re using a repeater or rifle. Something you want to do is hold still when you’re aiming if you wanna get that perfect headshot on your opponents. And even throw on the dead eye for that guarantee of a kill or best damage.

•Lastly when using a weapon always make sure that it is cocked and ready to fire. There have been many missed opportunities for me to kill someone just because my weapon wasn’t cocked and ready. Bolt actions are huge when it comes to this. The time they take to cock back is mmm about a second but that 1 second could cost you the kill or even your life. Repeaters, rifles, and pump shotguns all pertain this.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and hopefully it helps 🤠 #Outlawsforlife

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Can someone tell me how you find and catch a shark in Red Dead?

LV.24 Mod 5mo

Best fishing spot to get 8 $$$ for an amur pike

Today I found a special spot to make some extra money. I don't know if there is anybody who did it before but I wanted to share this location with the community. Mostly there a no griefers in this area and you can do fishing without a heatshot from a cocksucker...
I hope you like it :)

P.S.: My horse is actually a Mustang... but I called it "Camaro". Thug life 😎😂

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Easy Money Farming - Red Dead Online Guide - 5 -

Howdy there, outlaws in moot. It's Wednesday, and you know what time it is. It's time for another Red Dead Online Guide! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Today, I've brought three easy ways to grind money in Red Dead Online 1.05 which will help make your gaming experience much easier😎
*Please note that some methods use glitches and may not work for further updated versions of the game.
1. Steelhead Trouts near Tumbleweed
One of the easiest way to earn money in Red Dead Online right now is to collect and sell glitched Steelhead Trouts near Tumbleweed which are free for the taking.
To put it shortly, all you need to do is join a New Austin session and travel to south of Tumbleweed. You'll find a small house with a fence and be able to help yourself with some three star Steelhead Trouts lying on the ground near it. It gives you about three to four trouts at a time and two or less if you're unlucky. When you're done collecting, you can just press 'Free Roam' from the menu and join another session which will respawn you to a place near where you left off but with new trouts. Unlike selling animal carcasses, it's a much safer way to earn a good amount of money as you don't lose your loot from hostile players and server disconnection.
The reason why there are trouts on the ground is unknown. It obviously seems to be a glitch as I was able to see trouts swimming underground near the looting spot at one point which makes it abnormal not to think so. I'm pretty sure Rockstar will come up with a patch very soon. Please do hurry if you want to try this.
If you take the shortest route from Tumbleweed to the destination, it takes less than one and a half minute. Considering that it takes about three minutes to go back and forth and five to six minutes to collect 10 trouts, which is the maximum number of trouts you can carry at a time, it takes less than 10 minutes to collect $25.00 per run. Mind you, because there will be other players who are looking to grab some cash, selling trouts, you might have to keep respawning yourself until you find a session without players nearby which could make it longer than you'd expect.
2. Fishing using an animal carcass
Fishing probably is one of the most staple means to farm cash in Red Dead Online along with hunting. It gives you both XP and cash, and for some people who have passion for fishing in real life would actually enjoy farming. However, the method I'm about to introduce today is unorthodox, and some might think they'd be better off without this because it's purely for farming and may destroy the fun out of the game.
This is one of many popular ways to farm money in RDO. It's simple enough but comes with a high return if you do it right. Basically, what you need to do is to throw a carcass of any animal near a fishing spot. The trick is to put the carcass close enough to water so it can attract fish but far enough to make them crawl out of water. The carcass works as a bait for fish, and as a bunch of fish move towards it, they immediately goes dead as they reach the ground.
I find the best place to do this is Owanjila lake which is near the Big Valley of West Elizabeth. Besides the location I've posted above, there are multiple fishing spots near the lake where you can use this. Also, there's a butcher nearby in Strawberry which makes it a highly viable option.
The method was also popular in RDR 2 as well, and although it looks close to a glitch, I don't think Rockstar's planning to patch this anytime soon as we were able to use this for as long as I can remember since RDR 2 launched.
3. Farming Cougars
Farming Cougars in Red Dead Online is one of the best ways to get your hands on good cash as well as some XP. As you can sell cougar products for considerably high price, it can be the most profitable way if everything work out in your favor.
All you need to do is to hunt a cougar from a specific location and sell the loot to a butcher in Tumbleweed. It takes about a minute from the hunting spot to the butcher. However, cougars do not regen every second. From my experience, it takes approximately four minutes for another one to show up which makes it plenty enough time to go back and forth, but it means it might not reappear if you're moving too fast. If that ever happens, it's better for you to cool off someplace else until a cougar regens or join another session. Headshots are recommended as perfect cougars are more profitable than the good and bad.
However, just remember that hunting cougars comes with a risk. Cougars are a vicious beast that can land powerful attacks lethal enough to kill you. Although you can easily hunt a cougar with a shot to the head, remember that you can also be killed just as easily. Another thing is that as same as how you had to fight for Steelhead trouts, other players might also be grinding money by hunting cougars which often can lead to a turf war. The last thing you need is another player irritating you while you're seriously grinding. Last but not least, server disconnections are your real enemy. Countless times I hunted a cougar but ended up empty handed because there were constant issues with servers. It's no fun when you're heading to Tumbleweed to sell your loot but end up doing it all over again because of server failure.
Remember, the locations where cougars spawn may change in the next update as it has happened before. Blackwater used to be a great spot for hunting cougars but is now nerfed after Rockstar decided to patch it. Also, the selling price for cougar products may decrease in the future if Rockstar thinks it harms the balance of the game.




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S/O to OutlawGarry!

Congrats to #OutlawGarry to getting sponsored so quickly on his channel on YouTube. Such a great channel to watch for all Red Dead online tips, tricks, guides, updates, secrets, and more! Posts videos daily and is very helpful. Go check him out 🤠

LV.19 Outlaw 5mo

When to press L3 when you're riding

When you're riding on a horse, every once in a while, you get a chance to recover some of your horse's stamina by pressing L3. However, it doesn't work all the time since you need to take some time off before you can use it again. Then how many seconds should you wait to use it again? It takes about 15 seconds. You can always count to 15 seconds yourself of course, but there is a better way. When you're riding at the maximum speed, it takes about 36 times of your horse's gallop to recharge the ability, meaning that after pressing the sprint button 36 times(with accurate timing), you can use it again for stamina recovery.

LV.20 Boo! 5mo

latest price guide update

I have been working hard on getting the updated prices on goods you can sell throughout Red Dead Online and it seems to be coming together well I will post a link to what I have so far if you have any comments updates or any suggestions please feel free to send me a message
price guide link:

LV.3 Lurker 5mo

I bought the lockpicker from a fence and can't use him ??

LV.2 Lurker 5mo

Cigarette Cards TASK

I am having trouble with this mission. I collected all set BUT saying I have the Flora Of America Set not completed. Can anyone help me?

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Hostile Territory - Red Dead Online Guide - 4 -

1. Hostile Territory
Happy New Year, outlaws in moot! Welcome to the fourth installment of Red Dead Online Guide. Returning from special abilities, I've come back with another guide on one of the modes from the Showdown Series playlist, Hostile Territory. I'm sure a lot of you have already played this probably more times than I did, but for people who have just begun playing it and are clueless, I've come up with a short and comprehensive guide on what the mode is about and how to play it.
★Please note that the guide is written based on 'Hostile Territory(Large)'
2. What to expect
"Work in teams to control the land. Capture a territory to start racking up points: the team with most points wins - or you can win outright by capturing every territory."
Unlike any other modes in the Showdown Series, Hostile territory focuses solely on team matches rather than a competition among individual players. Players that participate in a match will be divided either into four teams each with eight players inside or eight teams with four players each.
As stated above, the objective is to capture as many territories as possible to earn points which is quite similar to what you'd see in a typical online shooting game. The trick is simple. Just stay inside a designated building you wish to occupy, and it'll automatically be captured after a few moments if only you or your teammates are inside the area. If enemy players invade the same territory, you will be forced to have a fight unless you want to desert the territory you just captured or wish to capture.
3. How should you play it?
1) Don't rush, Think first and run
As how a typical zone capture game goes, you and your teammates are psychologically compelled to occupy the nearest territory possible which is only a reasonable act; however, because teams are randomly assigned to four or eight fixed locations in a given map, a team may capture a territory or two without breaking a sweat and take an early lead, while others may have to fight just to siege a single area. It takes luck to be in such a team with geographical advantages, and it takes skills to overcome disadvantages if you find yourself in unfavorable situations. Bearing that fact in mind, it may be an option to leave the closest territory and fight for the most strategic territory.
2) Attack or Defend?
With one or more territories already captured, it's important to strategize whether to move out and attack or stay and defend. For sure, capturing a territory to earn points is important, but should you let other teams take advantage of your offensive strategy and take over your palace while no one's defending it? In most cases, the answer is, no. The important thing is to not get greedy. As defending your territory is almost as important as capturing one, try not to rush to the next one. Fully utilize vantage points near captured territories for the best defense which is why you should capture offensively to take more than one territory in the first few minutes and focus on defending them for the rest. Surely, capturing all territories is a tempting option, but the chance is slim especially when there are 8 teams in a match. Defensively, long range weapons really do come in handy. As enemies respawn, they'll most likely rush to you to take what once was theirs. You can easily shoot them down if you find the right spot in the map.
Lastly, cooperating is the key to an easy victory. When facing multiple enemies at once, it's best to stick together, and when the stakes are low, your team can divide into two or more groups, one for defending and the rest for capturing.
4. Map analysis
There are a total of five maps, and I've only managed to review only three of them which are 'Blackwater,' Hearland Oil Fields,' and 'Rhodes.' The rest of said maps are 'Tumbleweed' and 'Bolger Glade' which I did not go over as I lack enough experience to do so.
● Each team is represented with a different color
● ✔️ indicates territories you need to capture
1) Blackwater
Blackwater is infamous for being an unbalanced map. The orange team can take an advantage of having two territories in one go, while other teams are struggling for one. Also because there are many objects to cover yourself near the ticket office in the right corner, other players will have a hard time penetrating the defense. In Hostile Territory, usually the team with two or more territories takes the victory which means a match may lean towards the yellow team's favor right from the start.
2) Heartland Oil Fields
Heartland Oil Fields is as unbalanced as the Blackwater map. The yellow team is awfully close to both territories in the railway and a building near it. The orange and blue team will capture one of each near them and likely to fight to each other which only leaves the purple team. The purple team is the most far away from all territories and will try to occupy the one in the center which I assume they do so; however it's easy for the yellow team to sabotage them and capture as it's the next closest territory to their first two territories. All in all, the yellow team has the most advantages.
3) Rhodes
Unlike other maps, 8 teams compete in Rhodes map with only five territories. Because there are so many teams in a single map, we can't really tell which team has more advantages than another. It can easily become a total mayhem. The brown team seems likely to capture one without a fight. However, because the territory closest to them is exactly in the center, it can make them an easy target. Depending on how a match plays out, the green team may have the best chance to take an early lead as they can capture the one closest to the railway without facing a threat.
As these map analysis are mostly based on my own experience in Red Dead Online, you may find the information subjective and misguided. That being so, it's important for you to find the best strategy by trying it out for yourself for many hours.
RDO Guide comes back on every Wednesday! Stay tuned for more, mooties!




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