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Mar 14, 2019, 02:42 PM 897 read

Digital vs Traditional Drawing

While I do prefer to draw with a pen and on paper, I can't but miss the way digital art is a lot less messy. I also try to avoid color while drawing on paper because I hate that I can't always control the pressure I put on the pen and end up with patches of darker and lighter colors (which is ok with a pencil since it's a lot easier to correct or just erase) Now, I'm still trying to really figure out how to draw faces and such, and I find myself having to switch between Digital and Traditional because I just can't get some face right with one or the other. I do have a sketchbook for small sketches or just to doodle, so I thought I'd just share this poor attempt of a sketch of Arthur 😅 I think it looks "ok", but I always find stuff I could have done better in every drawing I own, so that's nothing new lol

Red Dead Redemption: General - Digital vs Traditional Drawing image 2

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