Parsa Parsa LV.27 Mod
Feb 25, 2019, 06:29 AM 620 read


Howdy Mooters. Today I am announcing that I will be holding a competition for the RDR2 lounge. To enter into this competition, you must post something in the Red Dead lounge, whether that be a meme, artwork, a funny video clip, or anything else like that. In a couple days time, I will be reviewing everybody’s submissions, and I will be picking a couple to take up to the featured board for everyone else to see. HERE ARE THE RULES: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 1. If your post contains SPOILERS, make that known in the title of the post. 2. The winners will not necessarily be chosen based off of the amount of likes they receive, so don’t worry too much about that. 3. If you did not make the post (ex. You take a meme of some artwork from the internet) please GIVE CREDIT! I will be checking! 4. Get creative, and have fun! You can have as many submissions as you so desire. *IMPORTANT NOTE* Please use #PFC (Parsa’s Featured Competition) on the post so it can be easier for me to see everybody’s submissions. So what are you waiting for? Get posting! 🤠


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