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Jan 18, 2019, 04:15 PM 324 read

Goodbye for Now Mooties😘

It's been a hell of a ride for one and a half month, but I think it's time I left Red Dead Online for now and come back when the time is right😅 There are a few things I would like to say before I bid farewell.   First off, I want to thank the moot community for all your attention and time spent reading my posts. I had never thought I'd get so many likes and comments. You guys have been super helpful for my creative sparks.   Secondly, it's a shame that I will be stop making Roleplay Series for a while as I've noticed that I'm one of the few who have been given an honor as a moot's pick. However, I've recently noticed myself playing to squeeze intentional moments out of it which was not my original plan when I had first posted Red Dead Santa. In turn, it made the quality of my posts fall harshly.   Lastly, I want to remind you that I'm not quitting moot nor Red Dead Online for good. My love for the community and the game grows deeper as days go by, and I will return shortly after Rockstar decides to add more content😉   Let's take a trip down memory lane and have a look at the best moments of Red Dead Roleplay, shall we?🤗

  Farewell for now all you lovable people in moot😄 Until we meet again😉   #REDDEADROLEPLAY #RedDeadOnline #RDOwithGandalf #RDOwithSanta      

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