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Combat Guide for Dummies - Red Dead Online Guide - 6 -

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Sup, Arthur MOOTgans 😎 It's Wednesday again, and it's time for another Red Dead Online Guide👏👏👏 For today's RDO guide, I've written a comprehensive guide on how to survive and kill as many as possible in Red Dead Online. This is a series of techniques in the game regarding the basic combat tips for survival, and the information I bring you today may not be suitable for already successful players.   1. Use Your Dead Eye and Passive Abilities Unlike any other shooters, Red Dead series has its own unique combat system which involves utilizing Dead Eye and Passive abilities. Players over 50 rank are allowed to assign one Dead Eye ability and three passive abilities to your ability slots with given ability cards. You're to make a combination from a list of abilities that best fits your playstyle. For more details, check out the guides on abilities in Red Dead Online I've posted before.

One thing you should take note of is that when you're using Dead Eye, it skips the time between each shot fired which can take up to about a second depending on the weapon of your choice. This is actually the reason why most prefer using Varmint rifle because it has decent rate of fire for a rifle with less recoil. That being so, in critical life or death situations, it's best for you to fully understand what abilities you're using to save yourself and compete with other players.     2. Utilize Your Minimap   Keep your eyes peeled for enemies that may appear in the minimap but not in your eyes. Often times when your enemies are taking cover or sneak up behind you, they may surprise you with a lethal blow to your head. Before they're about to attack, you'll easily spot them in the minimap at the bottom left of your screen.     3. Duck, Dive and Kill   One of the most valuable surviving techniques in Red Dead Online is to dodge bullets by pressing aim L2 +🔲 (LT + X for Xbox players). These buttons trigger you to dive to whatever direction you're facing. By diving, you can dodge a bullet to your head, avoiding yourself from dying instantly while making it possible to shoot enemies as you get up from the floor.   When you're the most vulnerable, in my opinion, is the exact moment when you successfully kill a player. Because it's easy to let your guard down when you've killed, you're likely to miss another enemy near you which makes you a tempting target for other players. Of course, it's obviously a simple beginner's mistake to let that happen; however, it doesn't hurt to try diving as soon as you nail a kill.     4. Hide Yourself and Take Cover   When you imagine a typical shooter, one of the first things that comes to mind is running around the map, looking for players to kill. However, offensive strategies don't always work in Red Dead Redemption. You still have to look for other players, but because each map in rdo is very much wide open and quite large, it's important for you to also hide yourself from enemies, approaching stealthily. Hiding in bushes help tremendously because it disturbs your opponent's aim although it may not mitigate the damage done to you by 100 percent. However, please note that when you're hiding in bushes, it may block your sight, making it harder for you to see nearby enemies, so be cautious of where you're hiding.   Lastly, as obvious as it may sound, taking cover lowers the chance of getting shot at by minimizing your exposure to enemies. However, as mentioned above, because maps in Red Dead Online are mostly wide open, you're going to be an easy target if you let yourself behind the same cover for too long. I suggest you move fast to change your location whether you're trying to ambush or hide yourself from bullets.     5. Which guns should you play?   Although the best way to find the perfect gun for you involves trying a few matches for yourself with every gun available, I've brought a list of weapons that I would like to recommend each for long range and short range combats.   Long Range   1) Lancaster Repeater

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Out of them all, I think Lancaster Repeater is the best suitable for most situations. It has a decent range of fire with moderate aim speed while also offering an option to use express ammo which I highly recommend. Even if your opponents are using 'Slow and Steady' to mitigate the damage, you can kill them within 3 to 4 shots.   2) Varmint Rifle

Red Dead Redemption: General - Combat Guide for Dummies - Red Dead Online Guide - 6 - image 12

Varmint Rifle offers the best aim speed with high accuracy and low recoil. It really comes in handy when you're facing a player who's equipped with 'Never Without One.' Within just two shots in a row to the head, you can quickly blow your opponents hat off as well as his or her life. The downside is, because it has extremely low damage, when you're facing players with 'Slow and Steady,' it might take more than a dozen shot to kill enemies which is absurdly low for a rifle and makes it very much less feasible in high stake combats. It's the best weapon to kill low rank noobs, but the worst weapon to face high rank players.   Close Range   1) Pump-Action Shotgun

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While most shotguns are known for their powerful damage when facing enemies up close, Pump-Action shotgun is best known for its long range. Perfectly suitable for short to mid range combats, Pump-Action Shotgun offers high damage while making enemies flinch when they're shot at.   2) Semi-Auto Shotgun

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I highly recommend using Semi-Auto shotgun with Slug shotgun shells as it makes it possible for you to kill players even from a mid to long distance. Pump-Action shotgun's more known for its long range; however, I feel like Semi-Auto outguns in mid range combats according to my own experience. It has a high rate of fire compared to other shotguns in the catalogue, but I'd choose Pump-Action, Sawed-Off or Double-Barreled when it comes to closer range combats because they offer higher damage.   #RDOGUIDE #FORNOOBS #UGH #WEDNESDAY

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