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The Grey Redemption - RDO with Gandalf #1

I am Gandalf the Grey. I'm in constant pain and on the verge of breaking myself to death. Why am I not in Valinor with Frodo and Bilbo, you say? Well, to put it shortly, once known as Gandalf the White, I was deprived of my status and demoted back to my former self. I was sent back to Middle-Earth, ordered never to come back until I resolve the current situation.   It all happened when Saruman the White filed a lawsuit against me in Valinor.

As many of you know, Saruman the White, who once was a friend and a mentor was defeated by the fellowship. His immortality, however, did not let him perish in vain. He has come back and somehow regained trust enough to enter Valinor. He now wants me to pay for the staff I broke which by his arguments, was brand new and costs fifty thousand dollars🙄 By the rules of Valinor, I'm obliged to be evicted until I pay for the damaged equipment. And so began my journey to pay off the debt...  


Middleman: Well, well, well... Look who decided to show up.  

Gandalf: A wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.  

Middleman: I hear you're looking for a job that comes with easy money. Saruman told me all about it.  

Gandalf: ......   Middleman: Well... I do have something today that pays you handsomely. It's a four men job that requires you to infiltrate a group of robbers. Interested?  

Gandalf: I'm afraid... I have no choice but to accept it...   ---------------   The Grey Redemption returns every Friday!

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