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Dec 20, 2018, 12:28 PM 2,824 read

🎅Santa Too OP Pls Nerf😡 RDO with Santa Claus #3

Hohoho, mootie moot mootboys and mootgirls😎 Having a fantastic holiday season so far? Santa's coming to town, and this time I'm back again with another episode in Red Dead Online😉 As promised, Rudolph and I are hopping on a train to take down some of y'all in the Showdown Series.  

Mmm Baby... Look how handsome and charming I look😘 I must say, when Mrs. Claus and I married, she didn't do it for the money OR my job. She knew exactly what she wanted, my irresistible handsome face.  

  Speak of the devil, I see a lady over there coming to get my head. Hey there, young lady, want to go have a drink when this is all over? I know a great place near North Pole, and it's not an everyday offer😉  

Hey! That's not very nice. Have you no respect for the elderly? I may look young and handsome, but I'm sure as hell not young as you think😆 If you want my number, you can just ask. You don't need to be so embarrassed.😘   Don't tell Mrs. Claus I said that, mooties🤫  

Argh... Almost got that little son of a 🤬 How could he have hit me so accurately with a throwing knife? I GET IT NOW. He must have been a hacker. There's no way a guy can take me down, Santa Claus, the greatest Red Dead player in all of North Pole. Yep, it's the only explanation😤  

What the 🤬 This load of ball-sack head just stabbed me to death and threw me to the ground. Is this how you treat Santa Claus who's been giving you gifts ever since you were a kid? You ungrateful 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬    

Now you guys are in for a treat😡  

HOHO MOTHERXXXXXX HO! I'M ON A ROLL NOW!   Ruldoph! What does the scouter say about my number of kills?  

  Will Rudolph get any more lines in the next episode? Will Rockstar finally be able to nerf Santa Claus and bring peace and balance to Red Dead Online?   FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON Red Dead Santa Z!  

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