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Aug 21, 2020, 08:11 AM 267 read

Why red dead redemption ll is my favorite game WARNING: SPOLERS AHEAD

Ok for starters I’m more of a country person of myself so already on to a good start. Ok so one of my favorite thing about the game is overall the graphics. I’m mean seriously for A 2018 GAME it’s pretty dang good. JUST TIHINK OF HOW CRAZY RED DEAD REDEMPTION l REMAKE IS GOING TO BE! Any the story. Holy crap the hole story is such a emotional roller coaster it’s has funny, happy, heart warming, angry, unexpected, and last but not least sad moments. I will admit I did cry for at least 2 days when I saw my favorite character seán die, but when Arthur died... man that hit hard. Now for the side quests. Oh my lord there was so many good ones my favorite was the robot one. And the random strangers thing man. My favorite one was the wolf man, and the brother and sister. Now let’s say you complete all of that. witch you most likely haven’t... well what’s a good thing to do well online mode here there’s so much more you can do. Ok and let’s say you have all the guns all the badges and all the money and gold you need. well good old rockstars gots you covered. They constantly are releasing updates that are jame packed full of new stuff. Like right now in the naturalist roll every week your getting a legendary animal to hunt or or study and collect blood from. Now I know recently rockstar messed up and broke red dead for a few days but that’s not there fault they didn’t mean for all of that to happen, they where trying there best to to fix it as fast as they could and I’ve been seeing a lot of hate videos on YouTube saying rockstar didn’t care about it until a YouTuber pointed it out they were working on it before the YouTuber reached out. That’s all for now I really recommend this game to y’all it’s very underrated and not a lot of people play it. So that’s all for now bye

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  • dTe VibeZ LV.8 Nomad Aug 24, 2020, 04:52 AM

    Dude, you don’t have to protect rockstar. Mistakes are common so there’s no need. Good on you though for doing so. But about RDR, I agree, the game is amazing and rockstar is always on top of their storylines. Although, online is great and all but, it is a rough start like gta unless you spend money. I see your point though so well said.