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Passive Abilities - Red Dead Online Guide - 2 -

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Howdy, Mootin' Tootin' Cowboys. Red Dead Online's been out for 3 weeks now, and I thought it's about time we go back to the basic and learn about what passive abilities are and their effects to make your cowboy life a whole lot easier. In Red Dead Online, there are a total of 24 abilities to begin with. Out of 24, only 6 of them are Dead Eye abilities which leaves 18 passive abilities. Today, I will be going through passive abilities only. If you want to know about the rest, please look forward to future posts😉   1. When can I start using passive abilties?   As players reach level 10, they're given a slot to assign the first passive ability along with two available abilities which are 'Horseman' and 'Come Back Stronger.' The second slot becomes available at level 20, and the last one opens at 40. As assigning cards is by no means permanent, feel free to swap abilities whenever you want. Also, each passive ability can provide you with improved effects when higher tiers are purchased.   2. How do I know if my passive abilities are active?   By opening up the weapon wheel, you can quickly check what passive abilities you're currently equipped with.

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Also, when your passive abilities are active, you'll be able to see which one's doing the work from checking the top-right corner of the screen. It's right above your current ammo.

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  3. What passive abilities are there?   18 passive ability cards are divided into three categories which are 'Combat,' 'Recovery,' and 'Defense.' I've made up the list in an image for your better understanding. The numbers on the left indicate on what level you have to reach to unlock a certain ability.

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Let's go over them one by one and see which one fits you the best.   ----------   Combat   Horseman ★You deal more damage while riding on a horse     Necessity Breeds ★You deal more damage when you're close to death     Landon's Patience ★if you choose to delay 15 seconds between each shooting, you'll deal more damage     The Short Game ★The closer your target is, the more damage you deal and vice versa     Hangman ★Lassoing enemies make them take damage for every second     Winning Streak ★Every consecutive shot you nail on the same target inflicts more damage   ----------   Recovery   Come Back Stronger ★You regenerate sooner when you take damage.     Peak Condition ★When your stamina's 75% or higher, you deal more damage     Eye for an Eye ★Each headshot restores a certain amount of Dead Eye meter.     The Gift of Focus ★The Dead Eye meter restoration from items and abilities is increased. You deal less damage as a drawback.     Strange Medicine ★Every time you deal damage to your opponent, you recover health. Health recovery speed gets halved as a drawback.     Cold Blooded ★Health regenerates for 5 seconds after you kill an enemy.   ----------   Defense     Hunker Down ★You take less damage while in cover     To Fight Another Day ★You take less damage while sprinting     The Unblinking Eye ★Dead Eye and Eagle Eye drain slower; therefore, they last longer     Take the Pain Away ★Reviving a teammate makes you and the revived take less damage for 8 seconds     Of Single Purpose ★You take less damage from bullets when you're unarmed or using a melee weapon     Never Without One ★Your hat prevents you from getting a one-shot kill from a headshot. If you don't wear a hat, you receive more damage as a drawback.   ----------   4. What options are there to win the Showdown series?   As a die hard PVP user, I recommend utilizing passive abilities that help improve the usage of Dead Eye abilities. As mentioned above, I will go over Dead Eye abilities in the future, but for the moment, I highly recommend 'Slow and Steady' which makes you receive less damage from enemy players and prevents you dying from a headshot. Combined with 'The Unblinking Eye' and 'Eye For An Eye,' it makes your character incredibly tanky. I recommend purchasing upgrades for all the abilities I mentioned; however, thanks to the video RestInPeaceHalfLife3 brought a few days ago, we could see that there isn't much difference between level 2 and 3 for The Unblinking Eye. Therefore, you might want to hold your decision to purchase level 3 for said ability.


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