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Jul 7, 2020, 05:55 AM 37 read

[PS4]Join the ROA !!

Tired of waiting for new content ? Join us for an amazing role playing experience ! We offer different role playing flavors - like the department of war and the bureau of investigation. You can choose your path and work toward leading your own squad/platoon. Our custom bot can generate a variety of missions with a narrative that works well with elements from online gameplay for maximum immersion. Apart from regularly scheduled bounty/trader or moonshiner missions, we also have fun community events with poker tournaments and fight clubs. If you can’t make it to a schedule event, it’s all good if you just inform your squad. If this caught your eye, then head on to www.roa-community.com and join us ! Feel free to DM me for further details.

Red Dead Redemption: General - [PS4]Join the ROA !!  image 4

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