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Naughty or Nice? RDO with Santa Claus #1

Hohoho Moot gangs. Santa Claus here, and it's Christmas time again! I'm back with a bunch of presents for you, and this time, I'm in Red Dead Online! That's right, a video game.   Onto the world of RDO, shall we?

Have you seen my friend, Rudolph? He's been a faithful companion over the years, and he came along with me to Red Dead Online for exhilarating adventures! What's that? You're asking where Mrs. Claus, the elves and other deer are? You don't believe that I'm the real Santa Claus, you say? HAVE SOME GODDAMN FAITH, PEOPLE!😤

  Since I'm just as clueless as you are of what we are to do in the Wild West, let's see what Rudolph and I are capable of when we team up together😉

Riding? Check.  

Jumping? Check.  

Flying? I guess not.😲  

Rudolph seems to be having a bit of trouble. Poor thing. He's depressed as ever that he's no longer able to fly like he could up in the North Pole. What did you say? You are worried about his well being after the fall? No worries, folks! Rudolf is doing mighty fine, and I've made sure that he got a nice pat on the back afterwards.   Oh wait, fellas! looks like we have some visitors! Let's go say hi and see if they've been nice enough to get gifts for this Christmas.

Well, hello to you too, CAPTAINEPICXD. Merry Christmas! I'm putting you on the nice list for being so polite to the elderly. Have you finished writing down your Christmas wish list? You want another video game, you say? Fallout 76 it is then!  

You too, ZOMBIEBABYTV. It's always nice to see a well mannered person in the middle of nowhere. What do you want for Christmas, bud? A Darth Vader action figure? I'm sorry to say that it's out of order now. How about I get you a wax figure of Mother Teresa? Have a few drinks, and you'll barely notice the difference.

Hey there, KRUNCHYTHECLOWN. Merry Christmas to you too, buddy. Don't worry, Krunchy. You know I got your back. I'll make sure to get you the sex doll you've always wanted since 8th grade.😉  

Hello there, fellas! Merry Chr...


Well, there you go, Mooties. You now know what'll happen to ya if you behave nasty to Santa with a rifle. Or better yet, never behave nasty to strangers you meet in Red Dead Online. You'll be surprised to know that dead men speak no more😎

Just remember, if you've been naughty this year, Santa IS coming to town to get you. Stay safe, fellas! Don't forget to say hi whenever you see me.😉 Next time, we're going hunting.

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