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Dec 3, 2018, 04:07 PM 3,795 read

How to rank up fast on rdo

Ranking up in rdo takes a long time so much so I need to tell you guys about the best way to get xp.   Fastest way to get xp is playing showdown or race series playlist. This is the best and easiest way if you are really good at pvp. Getting more kills makes a difference too and how good your team score is at the end gives you more xp. You can expect to get on average 500xp or more from showdown and around 200xp or more from racing.

Another thing to add is while doing showdown is to always go for headshots if you can reliably get the kill. Headshots give more xp! For the xp hunter go for bow and arrow headshot kills cause arrow kills give more xp too.

  Not good at pvp and want to get consistent xp? Story missions is the way to go. Every mission takes about 5 to 10 minutes with a full party. Completing gets you around 100 to 300xp so it's not good compared to showdown. Don't have to deal with the randomness of fighting other players and bad teammates so that's one good thing.

When you get into the zone and best if playing with friends vs pubs then all you need to worry about is how fast you can finish and not die too much.   Doing honorable side missions can be good too giving you 100 to 200xp extra. It can pay to be good even if you want to murder the dude on screen. Adding this with the regular mission, 400 to 500xp is what you can expect to get. Not bad!   Bonus side option is to kill animals if you see them. If you see lots of birds flying around I say shoot them out of the sky for 10xp each kill. Other animals give different xp count like squirrels and deer 5xp. Bigger animals give more exp like alligators with 15xp each.   Higher rank means more stuff to unlock and buy. This is how I have been doing it and if anyone knows better ways then comment.

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