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3 Things I hate about Red Dead Redemption 2

So after about more than 70 hours of Rootin´ Tootin´ Cowboy Shootin´ 2 that little pop-up window on the top left side of my TV told me I completed the game a hundret percent and thought to myself "Well finally!" because there are so many things that went on my nerves for all that time.   But seriously RDR2 isn´t a bad game. At least that´s what those guys on the internet keep telling me.... But for real it is an awesome game! The map´s awesome, the story is awesome (at least if you forget that Chapter 1-3 has ever existed) and all the stuff you can do in the open world is awesome too! That said may the Rockstar fanboys please take a seat and cease shouting "Boooo!", cause here are 3 things I simply, and there´s no way around it, HATE about RDR2!   EATING   So your sitting in a pile of shit behind a tree stump and about 50 enemies shooting at you. Your health core´s aproaching the end, your completely covered with your own blood and bullets are stuck in all parts of your body.... Time to enjoy some of that canned food you bought with you, right? And suddenly I had Skyrim flashbacks....thanks Rockstar! But seriously... didn´t the devs think of dressing material or were they just to lazy to add it?   Next thing I hate about eating is that I have to do it all the time! It was literally the No.1 thing I did during my gameplay (No.2 is stumbling over rocks with my horses). So I eat and eat and eat ... but then I check my player stats in the menu to find out that I´m underweight? The next few ingame days I ran around skinny like that Seth-guy from the first game and had to spend about 300$ on food in the salloon because that´s the only way to gain weight. THANKS FOR THAT!   REALISM   It took me very long to decide wether I love or hate the realism in RDR2. Basically realism is a good thing. It adds that extra layer of tension to your gameplay, but you can also "over-egg the pudding".   Basically your gonna love RDR2´s realism.... until the point ingame where you fall off Mount Hagen with your horse because your horse got scared by a bear and then you have to spend the next few ingame days to find your way back to civilisation.   RDR2´s realism does so much harm that one might wonder if it´s there to help the players hate the game. Basically after the 4th time my elite arabian horse died becuase I rode it against a stone I decided I would hate RDR2`s realism.   BEING AN "OUTLAW" OUTSIDE OF STORY MISSIONS   During story missions you do all kinds of cool stuff. You blow up trains and bridges and forts and kill every inhabitant of a town BUT don`t you dare bumping into an NPC in Saint Denis during free roam. Like literally! I dismounted my horse and a NPC that happened to pass me stumbled backwards and the next thing I know is that uncountable police officers start shooting at me.     So that´s basically all the stuff I hate, yo. Have fun stumbling with your horses over rocks and eating food midfight.   Peace.              

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    Great point.

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    Some pretty valid points that you mentioned. Very well said!

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    Sounds like Red Dead Theft Fortnite

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    Yes gooo

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    It’s good to see this POV

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    The ending the horse falling ever second it’s funny tho and me the character fall dead

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    Yea the accidental bumps into npcs is a little to much have you in full blown shootouts just cause you tried to walk past 🤣🤣🤣

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    So right

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    Great post I conpletely agree

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    I know right