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Please TAG your content when it contains SPOILERS!

Red Dead Redemption: General - Please TAG your content when it contains SPOILERS! image 1

Howdy fellers, It‘s been almost a month since Rockstar‘s release of Red Dead Redemption 2, so it‘s almost certain to believe that most of you have already played through the Main Story! First things first: Of course you‘re allowed to talk about the story! We‘d love to hear your opinions about Arthur Morgan‘s journey through New Hannover, West Elizabeth and Lemoyne. But PLEASE if you do want to talk about certain story missions be sure to TAG your post with a [SPOILERS!] tag in the CAPTION! If you are not quite sure if your post contains any spoilers be sure to still warn other users of that there MIGHT BE spoilers! In the light of current events I’d like to put up the following guidelines: 1. Please don‘t post spoilers in the caption! 2. Please don‘t post any memes that contain spoilers! 3. Please tag your post with [SPOILERS!] when it contains spoilers, you know. 4. Most importantly please do not comment any spoilers! If need be: VISIBLY ANNOUNCE that your comment contains spoilers! Every post is appreciated and no post will be removed simply because it contains spoilers but still I implore you to abide by these guidelines to ensure a friendly and cordial environment in this lounge! We can‘t fight nature, we can‘t fight gravity ...but we can fight SPOILERS! -MrWallManMain

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