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LAWF# 12 Legendary Pronghorn

LAWF# 12 Legendary Pronghorn

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Compendium   "The Legendary Pronghorn is endemic to Rio Bravo in New Austin. This pronghorn is easily recognized by the short white hair covering its whole body. As a herbivore, its diet includes sagebrush, green shoots, grasses and forbs. The best weapon to use when hunting this animal is either a rifle or Bow with Poison Arrows. Killing this animal will give you the opportunity to craft a rare trinket."  

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Location: Between Fort Mercer and Rio Del Lobo Rock, Southwest of New Austin (In order to reach the location, you need to complete Chapter 6 to lift the Blackwater bounty)   Tracking down the trail of the Legendary Pronghorn goes pretty much the same as any other legendary animals. As always, utilizing Eagle Eye is a must when it comes to hunting down animals. However, because there is hardly any distinctive feature other than its white colored fur to spot your target, keep your eyes on the every corner of the screen once you've cleared out all the trails.   The Legendary Pronghorn, in my experience, was probably one of the most elusive animals on the list. I had failed to kill it on the first try, but I managed to get it on the second time. Using a Cover Scent Lotion helped me a lot on the second attempt, so I suggest you do the same. I've tried both a bow with poisoned arrows and a rifle, and either of them is a good enough choice.   Loot: Legendary Pronghorn Horn, Legendary Pronghorn Hide, Mature Venison Meat   Legendary Animal Outfit:

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Legendary Pronghorn Coat, $35 x1 Legendary Pronghorn Hide x1 Perfect Moose Pelt   Legendary Pronghorn Range Gloves, $17 1x Legendary Pronghorn Hide 1x Perfect Muskrat Pelt   Also, at the Fence,   Pronghorn Horn Trinket – Prevent horse-transported animal carcasses from decomposing. 1x Legendary Pronghorn Horn   #LAWF #tip #rdr2  

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