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LAWF# 10 Legendary Fox

LAWF# 10 Legendary Fox

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Compendium   "The Legendary Fox is endemic to Scarlett Meadows, Lemoyne. The white fox can easily be recognized by the color of its fur. As an omnivore, its diet consists of small mammals like squirrels and rabbits, as well as birds, fruits, berries, and grasses. The best weapon to hunt this fox is either a repeater or a Bow with arrows. Killing this animal will give you the opportunity to craft a rare trinket."  

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Location: Near Mattock Pond, North of Rhodes   Once you reach the designated location pointed on the map, look for clues in the forest in order to enter the Legendary Fox's territory. The first trail is the fox dung. Work your way through the clues from the dung to broken sticks to Fox fur until you reach the pond. The fox will be right next to the pond, unaware of its ill-fated ending.   Since the fox isn't at all tricky to kill, any weapon of your choice would be more than enough. Make sure to end its life quickly. Just like the Legendary Coyote, it can get away pretty easily if you fail to get a clean kill. Also, as much as how cute it is, do not feel bad for killing it. Fox Claw Trinket, which is craftable from the Fence with the Legendary Fox Claw, offers marvelous buff to your Eagle Eye, increasing the duration of the ability by five seconds.   Loot: Legendary Fox Claw, Legendary Fox Pelt, Stringy Meat   Legendary Animal Outfits:

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Legendary Fox Moccasins, $40 1x Legendary Fox Pelt 1x Perfect Elk Pelt   Legendary Buck & Fox Range Gloves, $28 1x Legendary Buck Pelt 1x Legendary Fox Pelt   Also, at the Fence,   Fox Claw Trinket - Increase Eagle Eye duration by five seconds. 1x Legendary Fox Claw   #LAWF #tip #rdr2

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