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LAWF# 9 Legendary Elk

LAWF# 9 Legendary Elk

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Compendium   "The Legendary Elk is endemic to Cumberland Forest, New Hanover. The distinguishable white hair and shaggy mane make this elk different to other elks in the region. Its herbivore diet includes grasses, leaves, bark and plants. Elk are easily startled so it is advised to keep as much distance as possible whilst hunting. Long range weapons like a Bow with Improved Arrows, or a long scope rifle, are considered to be the best for hunting. Killing this animal will give you the opportunity to craft a rare trinket."  

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Location: East of Bacchus Station near Grizzlies East, Ambarino   Starting with Elk dung, you should be able to find your way to the target without a problem. The path is pretty much straight forwarded, and the elk is large enough to be spotted easily.   Aim for the head for best results. Unlike the Legendary Coyote, the hitbox for the elk is quite large, making it easy for you to nail a precise hit, but if you're planning to hunt it down with a bow and arrow, do make sure you have your equipment upgraded before the hunting. A long scope rifle is also a fine choice as mentioned in the Compendium.   Loot: Legendary Elk Antler, Legendary Elk Pelt, Mature Venison Meat   Legendary Animal Outfits:

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  Legendary Elk Half Chaps, $16 1x Legendary Elk Pelt 1x Perfect Sheep Hide   Legendary Elk Moccasins, $30 1x Legendary Elk Pelt 1x Perfect Goat Hide   Legendary Elk Range Gloves, $13 1x Legendary Elk Pelt   Also, at the Fence,   Elk Antler Trinket - Increase your looting gains by 10 percent. 1x Legendary Elk Antler   #LAWF #tip #rdr2

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