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LAWF# 7 Legendary Bull Gator

LAWF# 7 Legendary Bull Gator

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Compendium   "The Legendary Bull Gator is native to the swampland near Lagras, Bayou Nwa. The alligator can be easily spotted by its large size and its albino scales. As a carnivorous apex predator, it feeds on fish, birds, amphibians and mammals. A Bow with Improved Arrows, or a long scope rifle, is considered to be the best weapon for hunting this alligator. Killing this animal will give you the opportunity to craft a rare talisman."  

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Location: Swamps of Lemoyne near Lagras Lakay, Northwest of Saint Denis.   Before heading out to hunt the infamous "Bull Gator," be sure to complete a mission called "Country Pursuits" in Chapter 4. Tracking down the gator is quite simple. As always, use your tracking ability to make your way to the beast. Unlike other legendary animals, there's no chance you'll miss its trail since its footprints are basically all over the place around you. With a giant-like body and white skin, you'll know what you're looking for even from a distance. Rest assured, fellow hunters. This isn't your typical wild animal that runs off from you just to disappear into the wild because this time, ironically, you're the one being hunted. As soon as you make eye contact with the ferocious reptile, it will most likely try to eat you up in one bite.   There isn't really a defined strategy when it comes to dealing with an alligator this big. I suggest you bring a high damage rifle with a scope on or a repeater good enough to take it down at one go using Dead Eye. The trick is to kill it before it lands an attack. As simple as it sounds, it may be the hardest part for hunters with less experience. Godspeed, everyone.   Loot: Legendary Alligator Skin, Legendary Alligator Tooth, Big Game Meat   Legendary Animal Outfits:

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Legendary Alligator Gambler’s Hat, $22 1x Legendary Alligator Skin, 2x Perfect Snake Skin   Legendary Alligator Vest, $35 1x Legendary Alligator Skin   Legendary Alligator Fowlers, $35 1x Legendary Alligator Skin   Also, at the Fence,   Alligator Tooth Talisman - Decreases Dead Eye Core drain speed by 10 percent 1x Vintage Civil War Handcuffs 1x Legendary Alligator Tooth 1x Gold Jointed Bracelet.   #LAWF #tip #rdr2  

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