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LAWF# 1 Legendary Animals and Where to Find Them

Welcome to the first post of Legendary Animals and Where to Find Them. I will be posting consecutive guides on the whereabouts of each legendary animal and how to hunt them down one by one. Before we head on to the list, I'd like to go through certain things players should take notice of.  

Why we need to hunt   Hunting, as an act of killing animals, is probably one of the most versatile ways to enjoy RDR 2. It gives enough challenges for players who seek achievements and items that can be sold for cash. Also, consumables can be farmed to feed Arthur. Animal products such as pelts and meat are sellable, donatable, and most importantly, you can take them to the Trapper to craft unique equipment. With that being said, hunting down animals and saving rare loot especially the ones that you can farm from hunting legendary animals are what you should keep an eye on and not be lazy about.  

Things that you should be aware of   When it comes to hunting animals, because the details in the game are somewhat 'too' realistic, using firearms against them will damage the quality of items you can loot, forcing you to use a bow and arrow. Therefore, killing wildlife with only a single shot is ideal in order for you to loot better quality of pelts. For that reason, most of the times, you'll want to aim for their head to get a one-shot kill.   Hunting legendary animals, however, is a bit different. As far as I know, the quality of their loot doesn't deteriorate. They are much harder to kill, and it's better to utilize effective weapons specified in the Compendium. Also because some legendary animals such as Bharati Grizzly Bear and Giaguaro Panther are not available unless you clear out certain missions and challenges, do keep in mind that there are things needed to be done before heading out to hunt either one of them.   Lastly, be sure to wear and take proper hunting gears with you. Binoculars help tremendously when you want to spot your target from a distance, and wearing appropriate clothes should also be considered when you're looking to hunt animals that inhabit in different types of environments. Wearing the Cover Scent Lotion to mask your presence is also helpful.  

Where to find them   As you progress through the game, you will come across a map called 'Legendary Animal Map' which indicates the location of each legendary animal. As you can see in the picture above, legendary animals reside in certain parts of the map, but it's not easy to know where exactly they are since the locations shown here are hard to pinpoint. Also, unlike the information shown in the map, there are two more animals to hunt, making it a total of 16 legendary animals. The list is as follows:  

Legendary Beaver      

Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear      

Legendary Bighorn Ram      

Legendary Boar      

Legendary Buck      

Legendary Bullgator      

Legendary Cougar      

Legendary Coyote      

Legendary Elk      

Legendary Fox      

Legendary Giaguaro Panther      

Legendary Moose      

Legendary Pronghorn      

Legendary Tatanka Bison      

Legendary White Bison      

Legendary Wolf     As mentioned above, the whereabouts of legendary animals and how to hunt them down will be the main focus of the following posts. Feel free to suggest for more guides in the comment section down below. Thank you!   #LAWF #tip #rdr2       Other LAWF guides:

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