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RDO LEGENDARY BOUNTIES (September 17th update)

❗️ATTENTION ALL BOUNTY HUNTERS❗️ WANTED: Barbarella Alcazar The first of 10 new weekly Legendary Bounties in Red Dead Online, the de facto leader of the bloodthirsty Del Lobos gang must be brought to justice. The dangerous widow of infamous killer Ricardo Alcazar is wanted for thievery, extortion and murder. Bring Alcazar in by September 23rd – deliver her alive to command a handsome sum or receive a slightly reduced return if she meets an untimely demise during the pursuit. Visit a nearby Bounty Board to see the new Legendary Bounty wanted poster and take them on solo or with up to three of your most trusted Posse members. Full details on all of this week’s Red Dead Online updates at the Rockstar Newswire (linked below).

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