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Sep 18, 2019, 04:46 AM 40 read

Red Dead Gang Recruiting and accepting "Contracts"!!! The Old Guns

If Interested comment down below we do accept "contracts" with the payment form being up to who ever accpets the contracts with Jacks (the leaders) approval we do anything from: PROTECTION ON SALES THE SALES THEMSELVES ASSASSINATIONS AND MUCH MORE

The old guns mercenary crew is officially recruiting for Xbox One to join the old guns all you need to do is simply send us your social club information and what this means is send us your social club name and that is it after which we will talk to you and if we think that you're a good fit for the company we will add you to our Discord server after which you will be considered an associate and Associate is someone who is affiliated with the group but not actually a member of the group this is kind of like the test phase during this phase you only join our in Game posses not the official Rockstar Social Club crew but you will also have to adhere to The Gunners Code which are a list of simple rules to keep the peace amongst each other and keep order amongst after the associate phase you'll become a new gun is basically the new muscle of the group after you put in some time your title be changed to old gun an old gun is somebody who knows the ways of the company and is well-versed in the Gunners code takes great honor in the Gunners code also wants your title is changed to old gun you will then be eligible for one of the following ranks: Lieutenant Enforcer Tracker Book keeper *Requirements* 17+ DISCORD XBOX LOYALTY

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