Parsa Parsa LV.25 Mod
May 17, 2019, 04:59 AM 804 read

What Horse do you have? 🐴🤔

Howdy Mooters 🤠 Just thought I’d make this post to interact with my wonderful followers a little more. So what horse do you currently have in RDR2? This could be either your horse in online, or in story mode. Feel free to comment below the breed, what his/her name is, and even post a picture of your wonderful horse if you so desire! Looking forward to look through everyone’s comments 😁 Also if you guys want to know, I have a Missouri Fox Tortter, his name is Bobby (the pic above isn’t a screenshot that I personally took, but that is the horse that I have.) Happy Mooting all! 🤠💜 #RDR2 #RDO #Parsa

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