POPULAR 10 Unsolved Mysteries in Red Dead Redemption 2

1. Legendary Channel Catfish
Although it's listed as catchable, no one has seen or caught this fish yet.
2. Emerald Ranch
There's a girl that never leaves her house in Emerald Ranch. The house is locked and full of bullet holes, guarded by multiple hostiles.
3. MISSING: Princess Isabeau Katharina Zinsmeister of Luxembourg
Posters looking for Princess of Luxembourg is scattered everywhere, but her whereabouts are unknown.
4. Blackwater Aztec Writing
The writing can be found after clearing a stranger mission in Blackwater. These symbols are written all over town, but they cannot be translated.
5. Strawberry Mayor's Secrets
The mayor of Straw berry, Nicholas Timmins give out speeches that tell us he's up to no good, but there's no means to find out if rumors about his misdeeds are true.
6. Giant Behind the Boulder
If you have studied over 30 animals, you'll be able to find and talk to this giant behind a boulder.
7. Who is Gavin?
An Englishman named Nigel in Rhodes is looking for his missing friend Gavin, you can't really find him anywhere in the game.
8. The Strange Man
The Strange Man from Red Dead Redemption 1 returns in Red Dead Redemption 2 who still remains a mystery in the prequel.
9. Armadillo's Population
Only Herbert Moon remains in Armadillo while others are either dead from a plague or moved away. Herbert Moon once again appears in Red Dead Redemption 1 but with no plague in town.
10. The Saint Denis Vampire
By finding five pieces of clues, you can confront the bloodsucker. The reason for its existence remains a mystery to this day.

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POPULAR When Anti-griefing Measures?


LV.23 Mootiversary!

POPULAR This is how horses would feel when we keep calling them

Just stop calling me Arghhhhhh


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POPULAR What would you rather have, DLC for singleplayer or online?

Rockstar hasn't been releasing story DLC for their games for long years. I remember how I really enjoyed playing Undead Nightmare for RDR 1 and both two DLCs for GTA IV back before GTA V came out, but now I don't see that happening anymore as they seem to find investing in content for online games much more profitable. The same goes for Red Dead series, and DLC for the singleplayer experience in Red Dead Redemption 2 is unlikely. However, because RDO isn't living up to people's expectations for now, I don't think the chance for us to see a singleplayer expansion DLC in the future is not really close to zero. I would take years maybe, but at least, that's what I'd like to think so. That being so, if you just had to choose one, which would you like to see happening?

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The Grey Redemption - RDO with Gandalf #1

I am Gandalf the Grey. I'm in constant pain and on the verge of breaking myself to death. Why am I not in Valinor with Frodo and Bilbo, you say? Well, to put it shortly, once known as Gandalf the White, I was deprived of my status and demoted back to my former self. I was sent back to Middle-Earth, ordered never to come back until I resolve the current situation.
It all happened when Saruman the White filed a lawsuit against me in Valinor.
As many of you know, Saruman the White, who once was a friend and a mentor was defeated by the fellowship. His immortality, however, did not let him perish in vain. He has come back and somehow regained trust enough to enter Valinor. He now wants me to pay for the staff I broke which by his arguments, was brand new and costs fifty thousand dollars🙄 By the rules of Valinor, I'm obliged to be evicted until I pay for the damaged equipment. And so began my journey to pay off the debt...
Middleman: Well, well, well... Look who decided to show up.
A wizard is never late, nor is he early.
He arrives precisely when he means to.
I hear you're looking for a job that comes with easy money.
Saruman told me all about it.
Well... I do have something today that pays you handsomely. It's a four men job that requires you to infiltrate a group of robbers. Interested?
Gandalf: I'm afraid... I have no choice but to accept it...
The Grey Redemption returns every Friday!





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Hostile Territory - Red Dead Online Guide - 4 -

1. Hostile Territory
Happy New Year, outlaws in moot! Welcome to the fourth installment of Red Dead Online Guide. Returning from special abilities, I've come back with another guide on one of the modes from the Showdown Series playlist, Hostile Territory. I'm sure a lot of you have already played this probably more times than I did, but for people who have just begun playing it and are clueless, I've come up with a short and comprehensive guide on what the mode is about and how to play it.
★Please note that the guide is written based on 'Hostile Territory(Large)'
2. What to expect
"Work in teams to control the land. Capture a territory to start racking up points: the team with most points wins - or you can win outright by capturing every territory."
Unlike any other modes in the Showdown Series, Hostile territory focuses solely on team matches rather than a competition among individual players. Players that participate in a match will be divided either into four teams each with eight players inside or eight teams with four players each.
As stated above, the objective is to capture as many territories as possible to earn points which is quite similar to what you'd see in a typical online shooting game. The trick is simple. Just stay inside a designated building you wish to occupy, and it'll automatically be captured after a few moments if only you or your teammates are inside the area. If enemy players invade the same territory, you will be forced to have a fight unless you want to desert the territory you just captured or wish to capture.
3. How should you play it?
1) Don't rush, Think first and run
As how a typical zone capture game goes, you and your teammates are psychologically compelled to occupy the nearest territory possible which is only a reasonable act; however, because teams are randomly assigned to four or eight fixed locations in a given map, a team may capture a territory or two without breaking a sweat and take an early lead, while others may have to fight just to siege a single area. It takes luck to be in such a team with geographical advantages, and it takes skills to overcome disadvantages if you find yourself in unfavorable situations. Bearing that fact in mind, it may be an option to leave the closest territory and fight for the most strategic territory.
2) Attack or Defend?
With one or more territories already captured, it's important to strategize whether to move out and attack or stay and defend. For sure, capturing a territory to earn points is important, but should you let other teams take advantage of your offensive strategy and take over your palace while no one's defending it? In most cases, the answer is, no. The important thing is to not get greedy. As defending your territory is almost as important as capturing one, try not to rush to the next one. Fully utilize vantage points near captured territories for the best defense which is why you should capture offensively to take more than one territory in the first few minutes and focus on defending them for the rest. Surely, capturing all territories is a tempting option, but the chance is slim especially when there are 8 teams in a match. Defensively, long range weapons really do come in handy. As enemies respawn, they'll most likely rush to you to take what once was theirs. You can easily shoot them down if you find the right spot in the map.
Lastly, cooperating is the key to an easy victory. When facing multiple enemies at once, it's best to stick together, and when the stakes are low, your team can divide into two or more groups, one for defending and the rest for capturing.
4. Map analysis
There are a total of five maps, and I've only managed to review only three of them which are 'Blackwater,' Hearland Oil Fields,' and 'Rhodes.' The rest of said maps are 'Tumbleweed' and 'Bolger Glade' which I did not go over as I lack enough experience to do so.
● Each team is represented with a different color
● ✔️ indicates territories you need to capture
1) Blackwater
Blackwater is infamous for being an unbalanced map. The orange team can take an advantage of having two territories in one go, while other teams are struggling for one. Also because there are many objects to cover yourself near the ticket office in the right corner, other players will have a hard time penetrating the defense. In Hostile Territory, usually the team with two or more territories takes the victory which means a match may lean towards the yellow team's favor right from the start.
2) Heartland Oil Fields
Heartland Oil Fields is as unbalanced as the Blackwater map. The yellow team is awfully close to both territories in the railway and a building near it. The orange and blue team will capture one of each near them and likely to fight to each other which only leaves the purple team. The purple team is the most far away from all territories and will try to occupy the one in the center which I assume they do so; however it's easy for the yellow team to sabotage them and capture as it's the next closest territory to their first two territories. All in all, the yellow team has the most advantages.
3) Rhodes
Unlike other maps, 8 teams compete in Rhodes map with only five territories. Because there are so many teams in a single map, we can't really tell which team has more advantages than another. It can easily become a total mayhem. The brown team seems likely to capture one without a fight. However, because the territory closest to them is exactly in the center, it can make them an easy target. Depending on how a match plays out, the green team may have the best chance to take an early lead as they can capture the one closest to the railway without facing a threat.
As these map analysis are mostly based on my own experience in Red Dead Online, you may find the information subjective and misguided. That being so, it's important for you to find the best strategy by trying it out for yourself for many hours.
RDO Guide comes back on every Wednesday! Stay tuned for more, mooties!




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POPULAR NPCs with anger issues when I'm looting

Does anyone else feel that way?😂


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POPULAR My online experience

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POPULAR 😥Time to Say Goodbye👋 RDO with Santa Claus #4

Well, hello there, mootizens of Earth! Christmas is over, and we gotta welcome the new year now! Ah... Time really does fly, doesn't it? Did y'all get what you wanted for this Christmas? Don't be sad if you didn't😉 It doesn't necessarily mean you've been naughty this year! It's just that words don't really travel fast up where I live, and I might not have heard what you wished for this Christmas😔 Anyway, Santa's been busy preparing and giving out gifts and didn't even realize that it's almost time for us to part ways😥
Damn, just when I was about to have some fun! I swear I could have rekt all of you if only I had enough time to do so😂 Rudolph agrees too, ya know. Right, buddy?
What's that? You're asking me if I'm crying right now? HELL NO! I'm not crying... It's because the damn ninjas are hiding in the back, cutting onions😥
We had a good run, buddy..., but it pains me to say..., with every beginning, there always has to be an end.
Come on bud, let's walk to the North Pole. How about a Karaoke-off until we get there? Just you and me.
🎵Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special
A face on a lover with a fire in his heart
A man under cover but you tore him apart
Maybe next year I'll give it to someone
I'll give it to someone special🎵
Here we are, Rudolph. We are back at the North Pole's gate. Well, you know what they say, there's no place like home. It's been a hell of a ride this Christmas😉 I can't imagine what would happen next year😲
I really can't express how thankful I am for those who have supported me through comments, likes, and follows! Just remember, mootboys and mootgirls. Santa's not leaving for good. Stay happy and live your life to the fullest! Until next Christmas!🎅
What the..........?
Santa Claus is evolving......!
Congratulations! Santa Claus evolved into Gandalf the Grey!
And so begins the new adventure...




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POPULAR Dead Eye Abilities - Red Dead Online Guide - 3 -

There are three important things you should consider when it comes to competing against other players. The number one is of course the understanding of what mode and map you're playing in. Each mode requires different strategies, and visualizing the map will help you occupy the high ground, similar to how other online shooting games work. Another thing you should always remind yourself to do is dodging. By pressing the square(X for Xbox) while holding down the aim button, you can dodge enemies attack which could potentially save your life from getting headshots. Last but not least is using Dead Eye and passive abilities. These abilities are the gems of your Red Dead Online experience, and I'm here to guide you through a number of abilities available in the game for your better Red Dead Experience.
As many of you already know, there are a total of 4 card slots for you to assign ability cards. The first slot is for a Dead Eye ability and the others are for passive abilities. If you wish to check on my guide on passive abilities, please click the link down below:
Dead Eye Abilities
1. A Moment To Recuperate
★While Dead Eye is active, you slowly regenerate health. Taking any damage will cancel Dead Eye.
First things first, when you finish the tutorial in Red Dead Online, you're given an opportunity to assign one of three available Dead Eye ability cards which are 'A Moment to Recuperate,' 'Focus Fire,' and 'Paint It Black.' While it's undeniably true that these cards will help you tremendously as you progress, but as you rank up, the first three abilities will feel somewhat mediocre compared to unlockables. At least that's what I think.
'A Moment to Recuperate' is an ability with health regeneration. Since there's a better version of this ability card, 'Quite an Inspiration' which unlocks at rank 44, if you're looking to use a character with high recuperation until then, this is the one for you. Because you're not allowed to use all passive abilities and their slots as they're locked for low-rank players, there are limitations to what you can use during the battle, and there isn't much to consider until you reach rank 50. I recommend using 'Come Back Stronger' and 'The Unblinking Eye.' Soon after, you'll be able to unlock the last slot and all the other abilities needed, and you'll no longer feel the need to use this ability.
2. Focus Fire
★While Dead Eye is active, you and your team members deal a little more damage. If more than one member of your team has this ability active, the effects do not stack.
Unlike 'A Moment to Recuperate,' 'Focus Fire' concentrates on dealing more damage to your enemies. As a sole offensive Dead Eye ability, there are no other substitutions for more DPS. This is the one to go if you want to maximize the damage you deal. My recommendation for passive abilities is 'Peak Condition,' 'Eye for an Eye,' and 'Cold Blooded.' This setup is to deal more damage with the ability to heal yourself in battles. If you choose to play shotguns, 'Landon's Patience' may be a good option to consider as it's the best option for short range combats. The closer your target is, It raises the damage you deal.
Personally, I don't use 'Focus Fire' as it doesn't feel efficient when it comes to dealing players in the Showdown Series. A shot to the head always kills enemies in one go under the premise that they're not using Dead Eye or 'Never Without One.' As enemies will fall under one or two shots to the head, for the moment, survivability seems to be main thing to consider rather than dealing more damage.
3. Paint It Black
★While Dead Eye is active, you can paint targets onto enemies. Fire your weapon to shoot all marked targets. Each shot drains Dead Eye.
'Paint it Black' is a classic Dead Eye ability that lets you target and mark enemies for precise shooting. While it is true that it is easy to use since this is the ability you've been using all along in the singleplayer mode, it may not be appropriate when you're competing in the Showdown Series where fast shooting and dodging are crucial to winning matches. This ability may come in handy when you're using a tomahawk in 'Name Your Weapon' or a bow and arrow or throwing knives in 'Make it Count.' As this ability is by no means tied to any characteristics of passive abilities, feel free to make your own set of cards that fits your taste.
4. Slow and Steady
Unlockable at rank 24
★While Dead Eye is active, you take a little less damage and headshots do not kill you outright. You cannot run or sprint.
As I've told you in the last post about passive abilities, Slow and Steady combined with appropriate abilities will make your character very tanky. Using 'Eye for an Eye' to recover some of the Dead Eye meter and 'The Unblinking Eye' to make it last longer will be helpful to keep the ability going. For the last slot, I recommend choosing either 'Come Back Stronger' or 'Cold Blooded' which would help you get your health back. You can also consider 'Strange Medicine,' but note that its demerit may slow your health recovery. You might think it's a good idea to equip this with 'Never Without One' as your hat gives you a second chance from headshots, but in the Showdown Series, hats never regen once you're killed for the first time. Because you receive more damage afterwards without a hat, I wouldn't consider it a feasible option. I haven't tried it myself, but if you can change your set of abilities during a match, it might be worth a try to switch abilities after you lose your hat. Let me know in the comments if anyone has ever tried so.
5. Quite an Inspiration
Unlockable at rank 44
★While Dead Eye is active you and our allies slowly regenerate health. If more than one member of your team has this ability active, the effects do not stack.
Compared to 'A Moment To Recuperate,' this ability is a much better version which allows both you and your teammates to heal as well as the ability to heal while getting shot at. As much as this sounds suitable for PVPs, I don't recommend using this ability in the Showdown Series, for the fact that it doesn't allow you to avoid getting killed by headshots. Because most players are likely to aim for your head in most situations, it's better to utilize 'Slow and Steady' to mitigate the damage or 'Slippery Bastard' to hinder other players from aiming for your head. It may be an option to use this card with 'Never Without One' to prevent you from getting killed from a headshot, but I'd like to think it's better for you to use other cards than to waste a slot for passive ability and endure its drawback. 'Quite an Inspiration' is therefore more suitable when you're playing against computer A.I. in missions with friends. With this card, I recommend you choose passives with defensive or healing abilities, 'Come Back Stronger,' 'Cold Blooded,' 'The Unblinking Eye,' and 'Take the Pain Away.'
6. Slippery Bastard
Unlockable at rank 50
★While Dead Eye is active enemy players cannot lock onto you, and you cannot lock onto them. Other enemies are a little less accurate when shooting at you. The rate at which your Dead Eye drains is dramatically increased.
Slippery Bastard works better when you're facing inexperienced players. Since most players depend their shooting skills on aim-assist, their reflex forces them to aim and shoot the moment they spot an enemy. Exploiting such a psychological behavior combined with 'Slippery bastard' and dodging, it's easy to trick players to miss shots. Just remember to use it intermittently between dodging and shooting so that you can save some of Dead Eye meter for later. The recommended passive abilities are 'Come Back Stronger' 'To Fight Another Day,' 'The Unblinking Eye.' The reason I put 'Come Back Stronger' is that even though your opponents won't be able to benefit from aim-assist, they will be able to hit you through free-aiming, and it's safe to have at least one recovery ability in case you get severely damaged which is also the reason I put 'To Fight Another Day.' It's to mitigate the damage you're taking while avoiding attacks from enemies. As for other recovery and combat abilities, you'll be less likely to use them as you are going to be deprived of aim-assist as well as enemy players while the ability is in active. Lastly, 'The Unblinking Eye' is for prolonging the duration of the ability.
Please do remember that Red Dead Online is still undergoing its beta. There's no definite meta in RDO as of now other than a few suggestions. To top it off, more content is in development, and surely, this guide will eventually go past its time and will get outdated. Nonetheless, I hope this guide helps you on your journey to find the optimal setup for your character. What matters the most is how you decide to play it rather than following the trails of others. As always, Happy Gaming!




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POPULAR 🎅Santa Too OP Pls Nerf😡 RDO with Santa Claus #3

Hohoho, mootie moot mootboys and mootgirls😎 Having a fantastic holiday season so far? Santa's coming to town, and this time I'm back again with another episode in Red Dead Online😉 As promised, Rudolph and I are hopping on a train to take down some of y'all in the Showdown Series.
Mmm Baby... Look how handsome and charming I look😘 I must say, when Mrs. Claus and I married, she didn't do it for the money OR my job. She knew exactly what she wanted, my irresistible handsome face.
Speak of the devil, I see a lady over there coming to get my head. Hey there, young lady, want to go have a drink when this is all over? I know a great place near North Pole, and it's not an everyday offer😉
Hey! That's not very nice. Have you no respect for the elderly? I may look young and handsome, but I'm sure as hell not young as you think😆 If you want my number, you can just ask. You don't need to be so embarrassed.😘
Don't tell Mrs. Claus I said that, mooties🤫
Argh... Almost got that little son of a 🤬 How could he have hit me so accurately with a throwing knife? I GET IT NOW. He must have been a hacker. There's no way a guy can take me down, Santa Claus, the greatest Red Dead player in all of North Pole. Yep, it's the only explanation😤
What the 🤬 This load of ball-sack head just stabbed me to death and threw me to the ground. Is this how you treat Santa Claus who's been giving you gifts ever since you were a kid? You ungrateful 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Now you guys are in for a treat😡
Ruldoph! What does the scouter say about my number of kills?
Will Rudolph get any more lines in the next episode? Will Rockstar finally be able to nerf Santa Claus and bring peace and balance to Red Dead Online?




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POPULAR Where’s you’re god damn faith aurthur

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POPULAR (GRAPHIC!!!) A Headless Zombie in RDO

Da fuk is happening? lol🤣


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POPULAR Anti-Griefing Measures

Ever since the launch of Red Dead Online, players have voiced together that there needs to be a way to punish gamers that abuse griefing. According to Rockstar Newswire a few days ago, they're currently working to come up with a patch for new anti-griefing measures as well as additional content. We don't know yet when the patches would arrive for the moment.

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POPULAR Classic 🚬👌🏻🌵🐴🤠

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POPULAR Passive Abilities - Red Dead Online Guide - 2 -

Howdy, Mootin' Tootin' Cowboys. Red Dead Online's been out for 3 weeks now, and I thought it's about time we go back to the basic and learn about what passive abilities are and their effects to make your cowboy life a whole lot easier. In Red Dead Online, there are a total of 24 abilities to begin with. Out of 24, only 6 of them are Dead Eye abilities which leaves 18 passive abilities. Today, I will be going through passive abilities only. If you want to know about the rest, please look forward to future posts😉
1. When can I start using passive abilties?
As players reach level 10, they're given a slot to assign the first passive ability along with two available abilities which are 'Horseman' and 'Come Back Stronger.' The second slot becomes available at level 20, and the last one opens at 40. As assigning cards is by no means permanent, feel free to swap abilities whenever you want. Also, each passive ability can provide you with improved effects when higher tiers are purchased.
2. How do I know if my passive abilities are active?
By opening up the weapon wheel, you can quickly check what passive abilities you're currently equipped with.
Also, when your passive abilities are active, you'll be able to see which one's doing the work from checking the top-right corner of the screen. It's right above your current ammo.
3. What passive abilities are there?
18 passive ability cards are divided into three categories which are 'Combat,' 'Recovery,' and 'Defense.' I've made up the list in an image for your better understanding. The numbers on the left indicate on what level you have to reach to unlock a certain ability.
Let's go over them one by one and see which one fits you the best.
★You deal more damage while riding on a horse
Necessity Breeds
★You deal more damage when you're close to death
Landon's Patience
★if you choose to delay 15 seconds between each shooting, you'll deal more damage
The Short Game
★The closer your target is, the more damage you deal and vice versa
★Lassoing enemies make them take damage for every second
Winning Streak
★Every consecutive shot you nail on the same target inflicts more damage
Come Back Stronger
★You regenerate sooner when you take damage.
Peak Condition
★When your stamina's 75% or higher, you deal more damage
Eye for an Eye
★Each headshot restores a certain amount of Dead Eye meter.
The Gift of Focus
★The Dead Eye meter restoration from items and abilities is increased. You deal less damage as a drawback.
Strange Medicine
★Every time you deal damage to your opponent, you recover health. Health recovery speed gets halved as a drawback.
Cold Blooded
★Health regenerates for 5 seconds after you kill an enemy.
Hunker Down
★You take less damage while in cover
To Fight Another Day
★You take less damage while sprinting
The Unblinking Eye
★Dead Eye and Eagle Eye drain slower; therefore, they last longer
Take the Pain Away
★Reviving a teammate makes you and the revived take less damage for 8 seconds
Of Single Purpose
★You take less damage from bullets when you're unarmed or using a melee weapon
Never Without One
★Your hat prevents you from getting a one-shot kill from a headshot. If you don't wear a hat, you receive more damage as a drawback.
4. What options are there to win the Showdown series?
As a die hard PVP user, I recommend utilizing passive abilities that help improve the usage of Dead Eye abilities. As mentioned above, I will go over Dead Eye abilities in the future, but for the moment, I highly recommend 'Slow and Steady' which makes you receive less damage from enemy players and prevents you dying from a headshot. Combined with 'The Unblinking Eye' and 'Eye For An Eye,' it makes your character incredibly tanky. I recommend purchasing upgrades for all the abilities I mentioned; however, thanks to the video RestInPeaceHalfLife3 brought a few days ago, we could see that there isn't much difference between level 2 and 3 for The Unblinking Eye. Therefore, you might want to hold your decision to purchase level 3 for said ability.




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What are the benefits of having high honor?

I've just finished playing the story mode and entered online, and I noticed that there's also an honor system in rdo as well. But I just can't find the meaning of it. I know NPCs give out different quests depending on what honor level you're in right now, but once I've gotten that cleared out, why would I need to stay good if there isn't any reward for it? Can anyone let me know?

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How to Gain Weight in Red Dead 2 Online - Get in My Belly

Do you have issues with keeping on weight while always being on the move to avoid the law? Well, you're not the only one who has to keep one's self in good spirits. Keeping up a healthy weight means having a higher health bar. This is going to be somewhat radical in a game that's about moving around a lot and shooting people, but not moving around as much & eating will slow your weight loss just like in real life. Additionally, you're going to have to spend some time fishing and hunting and a whole lot of camping to keep yourself in good spirits (i.e. a higher health bar).

LV.25 Titan

POPULAR Quick and easy money by fishing in Blackwater!

Just bring a lure and cast it on the lake! I guarantee you'll get a sturgeon every single time which you can sell for $7.25 each. There's a butcher close by, and it doesn't take more than half a minute go back and forth. Catch 2 at a time and stash it on the horse, and you'll get $14.50 for less than every 5 minute or so.

LV.20 Boo!

When you've farmed perfect pelts but see hostile players up ahead


LV.23 Mootiversary!

POPULAR Rudolph You're out! RDO with Santa #2

Hohoho, citizens of Moot! How is Christmas season treating y'all? As many of you can already tell, my name's Santa Claus, and I'm a magical old fella who brings jollyful gifts at this time of year! And I'm back for more adventures here in Red Dead Online! Do I not look fancy today? Well, you see, I received some cash and gold bars as a gift from Rockstar the other day, and I thought to myself, why don't I spend this for myself instead of buying gifts for others for once? After all, Santa wants gifts as much as others do, you know😄 So I got myself a fancy hat and a jacket! Why am I not at work, you say? Christmas is less than two weeks away, and Santa's gotta rest easy before the real job begins. As I've told you before, we're going out for some hunting with Rudolph today! Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Without further ado, let the hunt begin!
Hohoho! Hey there, Rudolph! You seem awfully energetic today.
Argh... Would you mind slowing down a little bit, old friend? You see, I'm getting on in years these days, and the pain from Lumbago is literally killing me if you know what I mean😉
Rudolph, STHAP!!!
WTF, Rudolph? That does it! I've had it with you and your goddamn attitude. The hunting's over, and I'm gonna look for a new partner for this Christmas! You're fired, Rudolph. Don't ever let me see you in North Pole again.
....But you gotta stay here until I find a new partner because that's what the contract says. If you don't want a million dollar lawsuit, you better freaking listen to what I say fella.
Hey, I see an elk up ahead. Maybe I can tame it and teach it to be the new Rudolph. A Rocky Mountain Cow Elk, huh? I'll call him Rocky Balboa😂
Come to Papa! Rocky!
Huh? I can't break and tame an elk? Welp, I guess I've got no choice but to end this poor fella's life🙁 What's that? You're asking me why I didn't just release it? Well, Santa's gotta eat too, you know. Food just doesn't make itself out of thin air, you dummies🤣
Umm... Roasted elk meat...Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Wanna have a bite, Rudolph? Huh? You don't like eating meat? You're a herbivore? What the hell's a herbivore? You clearly don't know what you're missing.😕
Now that I've taken care of that, let's look for more potential candidates!
Steady... Steady...
And now's the CHANCE!!!
What the!? I can't tame a deer either? Then what exactly the hell can I do in this game?🤣 I guess this is going to be my snack for this winter. You can't go wrong with some perfectly cooked venison jerky after all😉
Oh hey! A bunch of wolves up ahead. Maybe I can ask them to be my partner. I can form a team of wolves with an awesome looking sled. How cool would that be?
Hey fellas! Care to join me to the North Pole? We've got elves, gifts, polar bears and everything! I'm sure you guys will like it! It'll be like Tahiti island, except that it's going to be hella COLD!
HEY! That's not very nice. If you don't like the cold weather, just say so. Let's just talk.
Do you really have to do this?
This is not going to end well for y'all🤠
Ballocks! I've killed them all! Now what do I do...
Well, I'm out of ideas. Wanna partner up and ride with me again, boah? You know what they say, "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't." Kinda ironic that it's coming out of Santa's mouth, isn't it?😈
That's it for today, folks! Just remember, do not try to have a word with wolves. They can be bitchy sometimes, and they taste nowhere as good as beef. Umm... Beef... I'd kill for some grilled t-bone steak. Next time, we're setting off to have some fun at the Showdown Series😉




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POPULAR This coffee chain has a plan

It's one of the coffee chains here in S.Korea btw🤣

LV.20 Boo!

POPULAR Red Dead Online Weapons Price Change

Double Action Revolver
$195 ->$127
Schofield Revolver
$296 ->$192
Volcanic Pistol
Semi-Automatic Pistol
Mauser Pistol
Lancaster Repeater
Litchfield Repeater
Springfield Rifle
Bolt Action Rifle
Rolling Block Rifle
Carcano Rifle
Sawed-Off Shotgun
Double-Barreled Shotgun
Pump Action Shotgun
Semi-Auto Shotgun
Repeating Shotgun
There could be more. but these are the ones I could find as of now.


LV.21 PlayStation

POPULAR Red Dead Online Beta Week 1 Update

Red Dead Online Beta is having an update, and I'd say, it's pretty impressive. There isn't any additional content yet, but I like their idea of increasing the reward for missions. Also, $250 and 15 gold bars for all players? It's not much but will definitely help players who are looking to start a posse of their own. It's kind of a letdown that there still isn't a passive mode though. They need to do something about troll players fast.

LV.21 PlayStation

POPULAR 🎉good news, rockstar IS NOT going to reset player's progress after the online beta ends🎉

So good news, Rockstar has been quoted by express.co.uk stating that:
“For players concerned about the potential for progress and stat resets, we currently do not have any plans to reset them as part of the beta rollout.
“We are currently still working on game stability and economy rebalancing for an update that we hope to release later this week.

LV.20 S

POPULAR Naughty or Nice? RDO with Santa Claus #1

Hohoho Moot gangs. Santa Claus here, and it's Christmas time again! I'm back with a bunch of presents for you, and this time, I'm in Red Dead Online! That's right, a video game.
Onto the world of RDO, shall we?
Have you seen my friend, Rudolph? He's been a faithful companion over the years, and he came along with me to Red Dead Online for exhilarating adventures! What's that? You're asking where Mrs. Claus, the elves and other deer are? You don't believe that I'm the real Santa Claus, you say? HAVE SOME GODDAMN FAITH, PEOPLE!😤
Since I'm just as clueless as you are of what we are to do in the Wild West, let's see what Rudolph and I are capable of when we team up together😉
Riding? Check.
Jumping? Check.
Flying? I guess not.😲
Rudolph seems to be having a bit of trouble. Poor thing. He's depressed as ever that he's no longer able to fly like he could up in the North Pole. What did you say? You are worried about his well being after the fall? No worries, folks! Rudolf is doing mighty fine, and I've made sure that he got a nice pat on the back afterwards.
Oh wait, fellas! looks like we have some visitors! Let's go say hi and see if they've been nice enough to get gifts for this Christmas.
Well, hello to you too, CAPTAINEPICXD. Merry Christmas! I'm putting you on the nice list for being so polite to the elderly. Have you finished writing down your Christmas wish list? You want another video game, you say? Fallout 76 it is then!
You too, ZOMBIEBABYTV. It's always nice to see a well mannered person in the middle of nowhere. What do you want for Christmas, bud? A Darth Vader action figure? I'm sorry to say that it's out of order now. How about I get you a wax figure of Mother Teresa? Have a few drinks, and you'll barely notice the difference.
Hey there, KRUNCHYTHECLOWN. Merry Christmas to you too, buddy. Don't worry, Krunchy. You know I got your back. I'll make sure to get you the sex doll you've always wanted since 8th grade.😉
Hello there, fellas! Merry Chr...
Well, there you go, Mooties. You now know what'll happen to ya if you behave nasty to Santa with a rifle. Or better yet, never behave nasty to strangers you meet in Red Dead Online. You'll be surprised to know that dead men speak no more😎
Just remember, if you've been naughty this year, Santa IS coming to town to get you. Stay safe, fellas! Don't forget to say hi whenever you see me.😉 Next time, we're going hunting.




LV.7 Nomad

POPULAR How to rank up fast on rdo

Ranking up in rdo takes a long time so much so I need to tell you guys about the best way to get xp.
Fastest way to get xp is playing showdown or race series playlist. This is the best and easiest way if you are really good at pvp. Getting more kills makes a difference too and how good your team score is at the end gives you more xp. You can expect to get on average 500xp or more from showdown and around 200xp or more from racing.
Another thing to add is while doing showdown is to always go for headshots if you can reliably get the kill. Headshots give more xp! For the xp hunter go for bow and arrow headshot kills cause arrow kills give more xp too.
Not good at pvp and want to get consistent xp? Story missions is the way to go. Every mission takes about 5 to 10 minutes with a full party. Completing gets you around 100 to 300xp so it's not good compared to showdown. Don't have to deal with the randomness of fighting other players and bad teammates so that's one good thing.
When you get into the zone and best if playing with friends vs pubs then all you need to worry about is how fast you can finish and not die too much.
Doing honorable side missions can be good too giving you 100 to 200xp extra. It can pay to be good even if you want to murder the dude on screen. Adding this with the regular mission, 400 to 500xp is what you can expect to get. Not bad!
Bonus side option is to kill animals if you see them. If you see lots of birds flying around I say shoot them out of the sky for 10xp each kill. Other animals give different xp count like squirrels and deer 5xp. Bigger animals give more exp like alligators with 15xp each.
Higher rank means more stuff to unlock and buy. This is how I have been doing it and if anyone knows better ways then comment.

LV.4 Lurker

POPULAR Bard's Crossing: Treasure Map Guide and Treasure Location - Online Mode

Obtaining the Treasure Map:
You have to reach Rank 10 so you can obtain the Treasure Map for Bard's Crossing. You can either get from the post office or at your camp's collection box. Let the treasure hunt begin!
"Lockboxes can spawn for you at more than one of these locations (we found two at once), only one lockbox will contain the treasure. Be sure to check each location to ensure you obtain the gold nuggets and cash you've worked so hard to find!"
Finding the Bard's Crossing Treasure:
Location 1
Location 2
Location 3
Location 4

LV.21 Beast

POPULAR 3 Things I hate about Red Dead Redemption 2

So after about more than 70 hours of Rootin´ Tootin´ Cowboy Shootin´ 2 that little pop-up window on the top left side of my TV told me I completed the game a hundret percent and thought to myself "Well finally!" because there are so many things that went on my nerves for all that time.
But seriously RDR2 isn´t a bad game. At least that´s what those guys on the internet keep telling me....
But for real it is an awesome game! The map´s awesome, the story is awesome (at least if you forget that Chapter 1-3 has ever existed) and all the stuff you can do in the open world is awesome too!
That said may the Rockstar fanboys please take a seat and cease shouting "Boooo!", cause here are 3 things I simply, and there´s no way around it, HATE about RDR2!
So your sitting in a pile of shit behind a tree stump and about 50 enemies shooting at you.
Your health core´s aproaching the end, your completely covered with your own blood and bullets are stuck in all parts of your body....
Time to enjoy some of that canned food you bought with you, right?
And suddenly I had Skyrim flashbacks....thanks Rockstar!
But seriously... didn´t the devs think of dressing material or were they just to lazy to add it?
Next thing I hate about eating is that I have to do it all the time!
It was literally the No.1 thing I did during my gameplay (No.2 is stumbling over rocks with my horses).
So I eat and eat and eat ... but then I check my player stats in the menu to find out that I´m underweight? The next few ingame days I ran around skinny like that Seth-guy from the first game and had to spend about 300$ on food in the salloon because that´s the only way to gain weight. THANKS FOR THAT!
It took me very long to decide wether I love or hate the realism in RDR2. Basically realism is a good thing. It adds that extra layer of tension to your gameplay, but you can also "over-egg the pudding".
Basically your gonna love RDR2´s realism.... until the point ingame where you fall off Mount Hagen with your horse because your horse got scared by a bear and then you have to spend the next few ingame days to find your way back to civilisation.
RDR2´s realism does so much harm that one might wonder if it´s there to help the players hate the game. Basically after the 4th time my elite arabian horse died becuase I rode it against a stone I decided I would hate RDR2`s realism.
During story missions you do all kinds of cool stuff. You blow up trains and bridges and forts and kill every inhabitant of a town BUT don`t you dare bumping into an NPC in Saint Denis during free roam. Like literally! I dismounted my horse and a NPC that happened to pass me stumbled backwards and the next thing I know is that uncountable police officers start shooting at me.
So that´s basically all the stuff I hate, yo.
Have fun stumbling with your horses over rocks and eating food midfight.

LV.6 2019!