LAWF# 17 Legendary Giaguaro Panther

LAWF# 17 Legendary Giaguaro Panther
"The Legendary Giaguaro Panther is endemic to the south of Scarlett Meadows, in Lemoyne. This panther is easily recognized by its short maroon hair with black markings, and the numerous scars on its body. As a carnivore, it preys on deer, goats and wild boars. Long range weapons like a rifle, or a Bow with Poison Arrows, are considered to be best to take down this temperamental animal. Killing this animal will give you the opportunity to craft a rare trinket."
Location: Southeast of Bolger Blade, Southern side of Lemoyne
Please note that the Legendary Giaguaro Panther will not be available for hunt until Master Hunter Challenges have been completed.
Hiding behind the bushes, the Legendary Giaguaro panther is extremely hard to predict. Once you've cleared out all the clues, try not to move too much from where you are. When you're treading around, your footsteps will make unnecessary noises, blocking your ears from hearing the panther moving, and possibly, it may allow the beast to sneak up behind you and stab you in the back. Open up all your senses so as to find its whereabouts. As it moves towards you, you'll notice the barely audible sound of its footsteps, hurrying to prey on you. If you're quick enough, you might get a chance to use Dead Eye to end the fight quite easily. If not, I pray you have well enough health to survive its first attack. You won't get as many chances as you did with many other legendary animals, for this one's fast as lightning and strong as a bear. Good hunting!
Loot: Legendary Panther Eye, Legendary Panther Pelt, Big Game Meat
Legendary Animal Outfits:
Legendary Panther Cloak, $45
1x Legendary Panther Pelt
Legendary Panther Range Gloves, $30
1x Legendary Panther Pelt
1x Perfect Gila Monster Skin
Also, at the Fence,
Panther’s Eye Trinket - Decrease Dead Eye drain speed by 10 percent
1x Legendary Panther’s Eye
Congratulations! You have now officially conquered all of legendary animals in Red Dead Redemption 2!
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LAWF# 1 Legendary Animals and Where to Find Them

Welcome to the first post of Legendary Animals and Where to Find Them. I will be posting consecutive guides on the whereabouts of each legendary animal and how to hunt them down one by one. Before we head on to the list, I'd like to go through certain things players should take notice of.
Why we need to hunt
Hunting, as an act of killing animals, is probably one of the most versatile ways to enjoy RDR 2. It gives enough challenges for players who seek achievements and items that can be sold for cash. Also, consumables can be farmed to feed Arthur. Animal products such as pelts and meat are sellable, donatable, and most importantly, you can take them to the Trapper to craft unique equipment. With that being said, hunting down animals and saving rare loot especially the ones that you can farm from hunting legendary animals are what you should keep an eye on and not be lazy about.
Things that you should be aware of
When it comes to hunting animals, because the details in the game are somewhat 'too' realistic, using firearms against them will damage the quality of items you can loot, forcing you to use a bow and arrow. Therefore, killing wildlife with only a single shot is ideal in order for you to loot better quality of pelts. For that reason, most of the times, you'll want to aim for their head to get a one-shot kill.
Hunting legendary animals, however, is a bit different. As far as I know, the quality of their loot doesn't deteriorate. They are much harder to kill, and it's better to utilize effective weapons specified in the Compendium. Also because some legendary animals such as Bharati Grizzly Bear and Giaguaro Panther are not available unless you clear out certain missions and challenges, do keep in mind that there are things needed to be done before heading out to hunt either one of them.
Lastly, be sure to wear and take proper hunting gears with you. Binoculars help tremendously when you want to spot your target from a distance, and wearing appropriate clothes should also be considered when you're looking to hunt animals that inhabit in different types of environments. Wearing the Cover Scent Lotion to mask your presence is also helpful.
Where to find them
As you progress through the game, you will come across a map called 'Legendary Animal Map' which indicates the location of each legendary animal. As you can see in the picture above, legendary animals reside in certain parts of the map, but it's not easy to know where exactly they are since the locations shown here are hard to pinpoint. Also, unlike the information shown in the map, there are two more animals to hunt, making it a total of 16 legendary animals. The list is as follows:
Legendary Beaver
Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear
Legendary Bighorn Ram
Legendary Boar
Legendary Buck
Legendary Bullgator
Legendary Cougar
Legendary Coyote
Legendary Elk
Legendary Fox
Legendary Giaguaro Panther
Legendary Moose
Legendary Pronghorn
Legendary Tatanka Bison
Legendary White Bison
Legendary Wolf
As mentioned above, the whereabouts of legendary animals and how to hunt them down will be the main focus of the following posts. Feel free to suggest for more guides in the comment section down below. Thank you!
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POPULAR Everything you need to know about horses in RDR2!

Everything you need to know about horses.
Hi mooters! Is everyone enjoying the game so far? A horse, our one and only option to freely roam the vast world of Red Dead Redemption 2 besides walking is the most important animal you should know and care about. Basically, they're the gems of your experience in the era of American Frontier, almost as important as having a fancy car in Grand Theft Auto series, if not more. There are so many things to learn about horses in general from the variety of breeds to choose from and even to how to cope with their deaths. I'm here to make general knowledge on horses into a post based on information I found through hours of searching and playing.
1. Need a horse? Have a look and take your pick
Let's start with basic stuffs on what kinds of horses we can choose from. The list down below specifies horse breeds with their known attributes and where to find them. I've also written down a list of comments below, evaluating them one by one.
American Paint - Work horses with standard handling that tend to have higher health and stamina.
American Standardbred - A well rounded horse breed with average attributes.
Andalusian - As a war horse, Andalusians have the best health and good stamina but lack speed and accuracy.
Appaloosa - A work horse breed that has high health and stamina with average speed and accuracy.
Arabian - Arabians have the best attributes overall and are one of the rarest breeds. Arabian White Coat can be caught in the wild in a specific location.
Ardennes - A breed of warhorse that has the best health and moderately good stamina. However, its low speed and accuracy make it a fairly less attractive option compared to top-notch horses
Belgian - A draft horse with heavy handling and low agility.
Dutch Warmblood - Work horses with high stamina and health.
Hungarian Halfbred - a breed of horse that has noticeably high HP.
Kentucky Saddler - As it's fairly apparent from its cheap price, the Kentucky Saddler is a very common horse breed with below average attributes.
Missouri Fox Trotter - A high speed breed of horse with above average attributes.
Morgan - A horse breed with mediocre stats. They're very common in the wild and also purchasable from stables.
Mustang - A moderately good breed which is a cross betweeen a war and work horse. The Tiger Striped Bay, as the best of all three, is also the rarest.
Nokota - Race horses that are capable of high speed running. Nokota Reverse Dapple Roan coat is known to have the fastest speed out of them all.
Shire - A type of draft horse with moderately good health and stamina.
Suffolk Punch - Available in the wild, The Suffolk Punch is a draft horse which is similar to a work horse and has fairly high stamina.
Tennesse Walker - Mostly as riding types, Tennesse Walkers have moderate stats widely available in many locations.
Thoroughbred - Their ridiculously high speed compensates for the lack of good health, stamina and accuracy.
Turkoman - Turkoman, a cross between a race and war horse, as one of the fastest horses in Red Dead Redemption 2 alongside with Arabians has the best health and speed, good stamina and accuracy.
Because not a lot of horses are available in the early game, you'll find it somewhat difficult to actually make a choice. Most of them will be available once you're done with the main story, so it's important for you to stick to one horse to build enough bonding level to carry on throughout the end. I personally recommend getting a White Arabian since it's available in the wild and has superior stats compared to other horses.
2. Horses, saddles, and items
Means to get new horses
Basically, there are three options to get new horses in Red Dead Redemption 2. The first one of course, is to buy them. The second one is to steal, and the last option is to catch one in the wild. Buying and stealing pretty much are what you picture inside your head. Either you purchase a horse from one of the stables or steal one when the chance is right. Breaking and taming a wild horse is a little more complicated. First, you have to equip your lasso and aim for the horse you're looking to catch. Be sure not to startle him or her cause it may run away. As you approach the horse, press X or square to soothe the horse. When you're near it, press Y or triangle button to mount it for a horse taming mini game.
How saddling works
Saddling a horse means you're choosing it to be the main horse. With simple actions of holding a saddle in front of the designated horse and holding the 'UP' button on the D-pad, you can easily saddle the horse of your own choice. Please do note that there can only be one main horse at a time.
The list down below is the selection of saddles and stirrups to upgrade your horses to receive bonuses:
Also, items that are dedicated to heal and feed your horses are available for purchase.
Horse Reviver / Revives Horse
Classic Oatcakes / Raises Slightly Health, Dead Eye, Horses Health, Horses Stamina
Potent Horse Stimulant / Raises Horse Stamina Moderately
Horse Stimulant / Raises Horse Stamina Slightly
Potent Horse Medicine / Raises Horse Health Moderately
Horse Medicine / Raises Horse Health Slightly
Fresh Peach / Raises Slightly Health, Dead Eye, Horses Health, Horses Stamina
Local Carrot / Raises Slightly Health, Dead Eye, Horses Health, Horses Stamina
Bartlett Pear / Raises Slightly Health, Dead Eye, Horses Health, Horses Stamina
Orchard Apple / Raises Slightly Health, Dead Eye, Horses Health, Horses Stamina
Hand Picked Corn / Raises Slightly Health, Dead Eye, Horses Health, Horses Stamina
3. How to name your horse.
At anytime, you can name and rename your horses at any stable near you, and it's not at all tricky. Once the menu opens in the stable, select "Tack and Services" and then click on the "Services" button. There, you can name and rename your horse to your own liking!
4. Bonding with horses
Bonding with horses is one of the most realistic but tiresome features that is included in the game. While we can be ever so impressed and somewhat amazed how detailed it is for the first few times, it is also true that checking to see if your horse is okay or cleaning your horse once in a while can really feel like unnecessary chores. However, considering that an increase in horse bonding level rewards players with certain benefits, bonding with your horse is a must-do job for you to better enjoy the game.
An increase in bonding level may reward you with:
1. Permanent Heath and Stamina boost
2. Longer distance to call your horses
3. Able to cross hazardous areas
Also, certain abilities are unlocked as the bonding between you and your horse grows deeper. You can check the bonding level on the statistics menu.
Finally, Here is the list of actions to increase bonding levels:
1. Walking/Riding on your horse
2. Feeding your horse
3. Calming your horse
4. Keep your horse clean and groomed
5. The tragic death of your beloved companion
In the case of death of your horse, there's a certain thing you should remember. Horses die permanently. While most of the time when we are playing open world games, we expect our ride to comeback even after it's wrecked almost to the point of no return, but in the harsh world of RDR 2, our horses are treated as real lives, making us fully aware that nature truly speaks for itself even in games. When your horse's health meter reaches zero, prepare to say good bye to your dear friend cause it ain't coming back ever. Also, because the bonding you had with your horse reverts back to zero, it's important to keep your companion alive should you feel the need to benefit from the rewards that come along with increased bonding levels.
Revive your horse
However, when it comes to near death situations for your horses, there is a chance for you to revive your beloved friend using a horse reviver. You should also take note of the fact that the time given to you in such situations is short, and therefore, one should always keep a habit of having at least one in the inventory all the time. The higher the bonding, the more the time you're given.

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