POPULAR Bard's Crossing: Treasure Map Guide and Treasure Location - Online Mode

Obtaining the Treasure Map:
You have to reach Rank 10 so you can obtain the Treasure Map for Bard's Crossing. You can either get from the post office or at your camp's collection box. Let the treasure hunt begin!
"Lockboxes can spawn for you at more than one of these locations (we found two at once), only one lockbox will contain the treasure. Be sure to check each location to ensure you obtain the gold nuggets and cash you've worked so hard to find!"
Finding the Bard's Crossing Treasure:
Location 1
Location 2
Location 3
Location 4

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POPULAR 3 Things I hate about Red Dead Redemption 2

So after about more than 70 hours of Rootin´ Tootin´ Cowboy Shootin´ 2 that little pop-up window on the top left side of my TV told me I completed the game a hundret percent and thought to myself "Well finally!" because there are so many things that went on my nerves for all that time.
But seriously RDR2 isn´t a bad game. At least that´s what those guys on the internet keep telling me....
But for real it is an awesome game! The map´s awesome, the story is awesome (at least if you forget that Chapter 1-3 has ever existed) and all the stuff you can do in the open world is awesome too!
That said may the Rockstar fanboys please take a seat and cease shouting "Boooo!", cause here are 3 things I simply, and there´s no way around it, HATE about RDR2!
So your sitting in a pile of shit behind a tree stump and about 50 enemies shooting at you.
Your health core´s aproaching the end, your completely covered with your own blood and bullets are stuck in all parts of your body....
Time to enjoy some of that canned food you bought with you, right?
And suddenly I had Skyrim flashbacks....thanks Rockstar!
But seriously... didn´t the devs think of dressing material or were they just to lazy to add it?
Next thing I hate about eating is that I have to do it all the time!
It was literally the No.1 thing I did during my gameplay (No.2 is stumbling over rocks with my horses).
So I eat and eat and eat ... but then I check my player stats in the menu to find out that I´m underweight? The next few ingame days I ran around skinny like that Seth-guy from the first game and had to spend about 300$ on food in the salloon because that´s the only way to gain weight. THANKS FOR THAT!
It took me very long to decide wether I love or hate the realism in RDR2. Basically realism is a good thing. It adds that extra layer of tension to your gameplay, but you can also "over-egg the pudding".
Basically your gonna love RDR2´s realism.... until the point ingame where you fall off Mount Hagen with your horse because your horse got scared by a bear and then you have to spend the next few ingame days to find your way back to civilisation.
RDR2´s realism does so much harm that one might wonder if it´s there to help the players hate the game. Basically after the 4th time my elite arabian horse died becuase I rode it against a stone I decided I would hate RDR2`s realism.
During story missions you do all kinds of cool stuff. You blow up trains and bridges and forts and kill every inhabitant of a town BUT don`t you dare bumping into an NPC in Saint Denis during free roam. Like literally! I dismounted my horse and a NPC that happened to pass me stumbled backwards and the next thing I know is that uncountable police officers start shooting at me.
So that´s basically all the stuff I hate, yo.
Have fun stumbling with your horses over rocks and eating food midfight.

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POPULAR where to find the pirate sword and tricorn hat

Broken Pirate Sword
Tricorn Hat

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POPULAR Battle Royale in Red Dead Online? No Worries RDO Guide - 1 -

The long waited Red Dead Online is now here, and it comes with five different competitive modes to enjoy along with its own original storyline and stranger missions. I've put a link below to help you understand the general concept of each mode.
One thing to note out of said five modes is that there is a Battle Royale mode called, "Make It Count." Many of us here on moot have expressed their worries in the lounge, saying how adding a br mode in the game would feel redundant and no longer creative while others have welcomed it happily. Fret not, however, for it isn't a typical br game you've been playing all along. Make it Count mode offers features that are quite distinctive, and you need a new strategy to claim the win accordingly. I've taken the liberty of playing a few matches ahead of you, and here's what I've found out.
*Please note that the online is still in the early stage of beta, and changes will be made once it officially releases.
1. The duration of a match
Currently, Make it Count mode has a time limit of ten minutes which we don't usually see from other br games. In addition, the total number of players allowed in a single match can only go up to 32 which makes each match very short compared to other games where you have to survive against a hundred players with longer time limits. You can either join a match with a maximum of 16 players or 32 players, and there's also a four man squad match with 16 people.
2. One Hit, One Kill
The most distinguishable feature the mode has to offer is that it's designed to kill an opponent with a single shot which explains a lot about the name of the mode. Missing a shot can be fatal as your opponent can kill you just as easily. Although, it doesn't slow time anymore, using the Dead Eye ability certainly helps when you want to nail a precise kill. Just be sure to remember that in one on one situation, don't use the ability as it's faster to just aim and shoot. I recommend using it only when your opponents are facing the opposite direction from you or when you have the high ground.
One other thing you should be aware of is that as opposed to how a multiplayer shooter goes, players will aim to survive in a given map but with a forced weapon. Not only are you allowed to use a bow and knives, you'll start with only one of them according to what suits you the best. To put it simply, if you're good at handling bows, go for a bow and arrows and vice versa.
3. No Shooting, No Looting?
For the moment, the mode only allows you to use either throwing knives or a bow and arrows. While it is true that the mode does not require you to loot serious weapons and attachments to obliterate your opponents like you do in Fortnite, PUBG, and et cetera, you still do have to loot your opponent's body for more arrows and knives as your enemies will be quick to evade your attacks. At the beginning of each match, you'll be given only six ammos, and additional supplies will be lootable from killing. We are unsure whether there will be options that would let players use firearms in the future. However, additional content seems evident as we've experienced such updates from Grand Theft Auto Online multiple times.
4. Stealth is the key
As mentioned above, players allowed in a match are fewer than other games in the genre, and the map itself isn't really big. Plus, considering that a single blow from your opponent is lethal enough to kill you, the more enemies you face, the less your chance to survive becomes. With all that in mind, it's only reasonable to stay behind the bushes until the chance is right. Of course, you can always choose to go all out in the beginning, but the chance of winning will get a lot slimmer as enemy players will concentrate their fire solely on you. As previously stated, using the Dead Eye ability will come in handy when you want a clean stealth kill.




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POPULAR Everyone Knows that a Rock is More Intelligent

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POPULAR Red Dead Online Really is the Wild West

The beta for Red Dead Online is finally underway and fans are wasting no time exploring the online world and completing its new story mode. Red Dead Online looks promising but it’s only in the beginning stages of beta and the lack of refinement shows. There were problems with the rollout, the game is far from optimized, and the features are desperately lacking. For example, your character isn’t voice acted and they didn’t include the ability to play poker with your friends. Of course, the beta stages have just begun so I’m willing to cut Rockstar some slack, but it’s important that they start addressing the community’s concerns as quickly as possible.
As an online game, interacting with other players is a huge part of the gameplay and your experience with other players can dictate how much you love or hate Red Dead Online. You’ll meet people that want to team up with you and help you out, which is awesome. But you’ll also run into people who are out to murder you at first sight and take everything you’ve got. And trust me, there’s a lot more of the 2nd type. There’s currently no “passive mode” or friendly servers which prohibit player killing, meaning that you’re going to be dying a lot. It’s not very much fun and Rockstar is going to have to do something about it ASAP because people are already getting fed up.
Microtransactions were a major feature of GTAV Online and they’re back with a vengeance in RDR2 Online. Players will be able to buy in-game gold with real-life money. Players can then use this gold buy items or gain early access to content. One concern is that Rockstar may be forcing players to purchase gold with real money if they want to be competitive. Players will need gold to access the best content, and money will be much harder to come by in the Online version. Rockstar has already begun changing the value of items between the online and single-player versions. For example, a gold watch sells for only $2 in Online versus $10 in single-player. We don’t know Rockstar’s final vision for microtransactions in Red Dead Online, but the fact that they’re featuring them from the very start of the beta is a worrying sign. Hopefully they won’t lock all the best content behind a paywall.
Red Dead Online has the foundations of something great, but its implementation of pay-to-win microtransactions and lack of crucial features have made its initial launch anything but smooth. If Rockstar is able to iron out the creases and address the community’s complaints before it’s too late, then Red Dead Online could go down as an all-time legendary game. If they fail, it will forever be remembered as the great that could have been. It’s up to Rockstar now. What will be their legacy?

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NOTE: The following text is extracted from the linked article and entirely credited to BRIAN CRECENTE of Variety:
"The beta for the online portion of “Red Dead Redemption 2” goes live in waves this week with those who purchased the Ultimate version of the game gaining access Tuesday, anyone who played on Nov. 26 gains access on Wednesday, anyone who played between Oct. 26 and Oct. 29 gets in on Thursday and everyone else by Friday.
The beta, which is free for those who own the game, first goes live at 8:30 a.m. ET and is designed to be the beginning of “Red Dead Online,” meaning that it won’t run for a limited time and that developers hope to allow players to keep their progress in the game as they continue to improve and iterate on it. No word on when it will shift from an open beta to the final version."

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POPULAR Interactive Map

Someone already put one of these together.

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POPULAR Please TAG your content when it contains SPOILERS!

Howdy fellers,

It‘s been almost a month since Rockstar‘s release of Red Dead Redemption 2, so it‘s almost certain to believe that most of you have already played through the Main Story!

First things first: Of course you‘re allowed to talk about the story!
We‘d love to hear your opinions about Arthur Morgan‘s journey through New Hannover, West Elizabeth and Lemoyne.

But PLEASE if you do want to talk about certain story missions be sure to TAG your post with a [SPOILERS!] tag in the CAPTION!

If you are not quite sure if your post contains any spoilers be sure to still warn other users of that there MIGHT BE spoilers!

In the light of current events I’d like to put up the following guidelines:

1. Please don‘t post spoilers in the caption!

2. Please don‘t post any memes that contain spoilers!

3. Please tag your post with [SPOILERS!] when it contains spoilers, you know.

4. Most importantly please do not comment any spoilers!
If need be: VISIBLY ANNOUNCE that your comment contains spoilers!

Every post is appreciated and no post will be removed simply because it contains spoilers but still I implore you to abide by these guidelines to ensure a friendly and cordial environment in this lounge!

We can‘t fight nature, we can‘t fight gravity ...but we can fight SPOILERS!


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POPULAR Dutch with his plans



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POPULAR Who else is hunting?

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POPULAR What do you want to see in Red Dead Redemption 3?

Red Dead Redemption 2 came out to be a prequel to Red Dead Redemption 1, and it seems Arthur and John's story have really come to an end. It gets me wondering, however, if Rockstar is considering a new game for the series, what do you want to see from it? Another prequel or sequel? Personally, I would like to see more from the Dutch's gang. It's not that I'm unsatisfied with how the story ended but it's just that I've fallen in love with so many characters in the game, and I simply just don't want their stories to end.

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POPULAR When you run into trees and rocks with your horse and die.

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What is this

anyone know anything about some weird trees

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Infinite Loading Screen GLITCH and HOW TO FIX IT

Howdy partners,

Unfortnuately glitches and bugs happen to every game and this one is especially annoying.
Basically when you want to start the game it just gets stuck during the loading screen!

This glitch happens when you have a save file close to 50% story progression!

Thankfully for us the internet saved our lives once again, be sure to follow the steps in the video down below and you will overwrite the damaged data and load the last auto-save!



Don‘t ban Kieran!

- MrWallManMain

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This dude went out in style to pick up RDR2

This guy decided to pick up Red Dead Redemption 2 in style and dress up like a cowboy. How cool is that? That's dedication if I've ever seen it!

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Vote below your favorite character in RDR2q

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Red dead Xbox club

Hey everyone if you have an Xbox one and you love Red Dead Redemption 2 join my club. It’s just a club where you can play Red Dead 2 and have fun.

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Did you know that you can catch fish with a dead animal?

I've heard this tip from some other website, and it surprisingly works! Just drop a dead animal near the lake's shallowest point possible. Fish will come for the bait but soon will drop dead once it moves beyond the limit it can go.
The credit goes to this video's uploader!

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Is Arabian Black Horse worth buying?

My main horse is currently a White Arabian caught near the lake up in the north. I've never had any problems with it but noticed a purchasable Arabian horse from a stable in Saint Denis. Do you think it's worth ditching the horse I've been riding? The stat seems to say it's a better horse, but I don't really want my bonding level to go back to zero.

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POPULAR Never mess with the butcher😂

Don’t mess with him, he’s not afraid to get bloody 😂

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What do you guys think about the slow response time of character movement?

Clearly, there's more delay to Arthur's response to your input compared to other protagonists you get to move in different games. I've read through some of the comments on Youtube, and some liked it, while others did not. I'd like to think this was Rockstar's intention to make Arthur walk instead of run to make him move more human-like, but along the way, it naturally made him react slowly to our input. What do you guys think? Do you think Rockstar should consider fixing this?

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POPULAR This is what happened to O'Driscoll gang

They disbanded the gang and started a business🤣


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POPULAR Do you think it's better for new players to start RDR 2 first?

Red Dead Redemption 2, although it released 8 years after the first game, is a prequel to Red Dead Redemption 1. The game takes place many years back from RDR 1, but the storyline itself is closely related to one another. Then it got me thinking, would it be better for first timers to try Red Dead Redemption 2 ahead of the first game? Of course, the overall mechanism of the later game is far improved from the first, but in terms of enjoying the story as a whole, I'd like to think it's worth giving a try. What do you think?

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LAWF# 17 Legendary Giaguaro Panther

LAWF# 17 Legendary Giaguaro Panther
"The Legendary Giaguaro Panther is endemic to the south of Scarlett Meadows, in Lemoyne. This panther is easily recognized by its short maroon hair with black markings, and the numerous scars on its body. As a carnivore, it preys on deer, goats and wild boars. Long range weapons like a rifle, or a Bow with Poison Arrows, are considered to be best to take down this temperamental animal. Killing this animal will give you the opportunity to craft a rare trinket."
Location: Southeast of Bolger Blade, Southern side of Lemoyne
Please note that the Legendary Giaguaro Panther will not be available for hunt until Master Hunter Challenges have been completed.
Hiding behind the bushes, the Legendary Giaguaro panther is extremely hard to predict. Once you've cleared out all the clues, try not to move too much from where you are. When you're treading around, your footsteps will make unnecessary noises, blocking your ears from hearing the panther moving, and possibly, it may allow the beast to sneak up behind you and stab you in the back. Open up all your senses so as to find its whereabouts. As it moves towards you, you'll notice the barely audible sound of its footsteps, hurrying to prey on you. If you're quick enough, you might get a chance to use Dead Eye to end the fight quite easily. If not, I pray you have well enough health to survive its first attack. You won't get as many chances as you did with many other legendary animals, for this one's fast as lightning and strong as a bear. Good hunting!
Loot: Legendary Panther Eye, Legendary Panther Pelt, Big Game Meat
Legendary Animal Outfits:
Legendary Panther Cloak, $45
1x Legendary Panther Pelt
Legendary Panther Range Gloves, $30
1x Legendary Panther Pelt
1x Perfect Gila Monster Skin
Also, at the Fence,
Panther’s Eye Trinket - Decrease Dead Eye drain speed by 10 percent
1x Legendary Panther’s Eye
Congratulations! You have now officially conquered all of legendary animals in Red Dead Redemption 2!
#tip #rdr2

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LAWF# 1 Legendary Animals and Where to Find Them

Welcome to the first post of Legendary Animals and Where to Find Them. I will be posting consecutive guides on the whereabouts of each legendary animal and how to hunt them down one by one. Before we head on to the list, I'd like to go through certain things players should take notice of.
Why we need to hunt
Hunting, as an act of killing animals, is probably one of the most versatile ways to enjoy RDR 2. It gives enough challenges for players who seek achievements and items that can be sold for cash. Also, consumables can be farmed to feed Arthur. Animal products such as pelts and meat are sellable, donatable, and most importantly, you can take them to the Trapper to craft unique equipment. With that being said, hunting down animals and saving rare loot especially the ones that you can farm from hunting legendary animals are what you should keep an eye on and not be lazy about.
Things that you should be aware of
When it comes to hunting animals, because the details in the game are somewhat 'too' realistic, using firearms against them will damage the quality of items you can loot, forcing you to use a bow and arrow. Therefore, killing wildlife with only a single shot is ideal in order for you to loot better quality of pelts. For that reason, most of the times, you'll want to aim for their head to get a one-shot kill.
Hunting legendary animals, however, is a bit different. As far as I know, the quality of their loot doesn't deteriorate. They are much harder to kill, and it's better to utilize effective weapons specified in the Compendium. Also because some legendary animals such as Bharati Grizzly Bear and Giaguaro Panther are not available unless you clear out certain missions and challenges, do keep in mind that there are things needed to be done before heading out to hunt either one of them.
Lastly, be sure to wear and take proper hunting gears with you. Binoculars help tremendously when you want to spot your target from a distance, and wearing appropriate clothes should also be considered when you're looking to hunt animals that inhabit in different types of environments. Wearing the Cover Scent Lotion to mask your presence is also helpful.
Where to find them
As you progress through the game, you will come across a map called 'Legendary Animal Map' which indicates the location of each legendary animal. As you can see in the picture above, legendary animals reside in certain parts of the map, but it's not easy to know where exactly they are since the locations shown here are hard to pinpoint. Also, unlike the information shown in the map, there are two more animals to hunt, making it a total of 16 legendary animals. The list is as follows:
Legendary Beaver
Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear
Legendary Bighorn Ram
Legendary Boar
Legendary Buck
Legendary Bullgator
Legendary Cougar
Legendary Coyote
Legendary Elk
Legendary Fox
Legendary Giaguaro Panther
Legendary Moose
Legendary Pronghorn
Legendary Tatanka Bison
Legendary White Bison
Legendary Wolf
As mentioned above, the whereabouts of legendary animals and how to hunt them down will be the main focus of the following posts. Feel free to suggest for more guides in the comment section down below. Thank you!
#tip #rdr2
Other LAWF guides:

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POPULAR Everything you need to know about horses in RDR2!

Everything you need to know about horses.
Hi mooters! Is everyone enjoying the game so far? A horse, our one and only option to freely roam the vast world of Red Dead Redemption 2 besides walking is the most important animal you should know and care about. Basically, they're the gems of your experience in the era of American Frontier, almost as important as having a fancy car in Grand Theft Auto series, if not more. There are so many things to learn about horses in general from the variety of breeds to choose from and even to how to cope with their deaths. I'm here to make general knowledge on horses into a post based on information I found through hours of searching and playing.
1. Need a horse? Have a look and take your pick
Let's start with basic stuffs on what kinds of horses we can choose from. The list down below specifies horse breeds with their known attributes and where to find them. I've also written down a list of comments below, evaluating them one by one.
American Paint - Work horses with standard handling that tend to have higher health and stamina.
American Standardbred - A well rounded horse breed with average attributes.
Andalusian - As a war horse, Andalusians have the best health and good stamina but lack speed and accuracy.
Appaloosa - A work horse breed that has high health and stamina with average speed and accuracy.
Arabian - Arabians have the best attributes overall and are one of the rarest breeds. Arabian White Coat can be caught in the wild in a specific location.
Ardennes - A breed of warhorse that has the best health and moderately good stamina. However, its low speed and accuracy make it a fairly less attractive option compared to top-notch horses
Belgian - A draft horse with heavy handling and low agility.
Dutch Warmblood - Work horses with high stamina and health.
Hungarian Halfbred - a breed of horse that has noticeably high HP.
Kentucky Saddler - As it's fairly apparent from its cheap price, the Kentucky Saddler is a very common horse breed with below average attributes.
Missouri Fox Trotter - A high speed breed of horse with above average attributes.
Morgan - A horse breed with mediocre stats. They're very common in the wild and also purchasable from stables.
Mustang - A moderately good breed which is a cross betweeen a war and work horse. The Tiger Striped Bay, as the best of all three, is also the rarest.
Nokota - Race horses that are capable of high speed running. Nokota Reverse Dapple Roan coat is known to have the fastest speed out of them all.
Shire - A type of draft horse with moderately good health and stamina.
Suffolk Punch - Available in the wild, The Suffolk Punch is a draft horse which is similar to a work horse and has fairly high stamina.
Tennesse Walker - Mostly as riding types, Tennesse Walkers have moderate stats widely available in many locations.
Thoroughbred - Their ridiculously high speed compensates for the lack of good health, stamina and accuracy.
Turkoman - Turkoman, a cross between a race and war horse, as one of the fastest horses in Red Dead Redemption 2 alongside with Arabians has the best health and speed, good stamina and accuracy.
Because not a lot of horses are available in the early game, you'll find it somewhat difficult to actually make a choice. Most of them will be available once you're done with the main story, so it's important for you to stick to one horse to build enough bonding level to carry on throughout the end. I personally recommend getting a White Arabian since it's available in the wild and has superior stats compared to other horses.
2. Horses, saddles, and items
Means to get new horses
Basically, there are three options to get new horses in Red Dead Redemption 2. The first one of course, is to buy them. The second one is to steal, and the last option is to catch one in the wild. Buying and stealing pretty much are what you picture inside your head. Either you purchase a horse from one of the stables or steal one when the chance is right. Breaking and taming a wild horse is a little more complicated. First, you have to equip your lasso and aim for the horse you're looking to catch. Be sure not to startle him or her cause it may run away. As you approach the horse, press X or square to soothe the horse. When you're near it, press Y or triangle button to mount it for a horse taming mini game.
How saddling works
Saddling a horse means you're choosing it to be the main horse. With simple actions of holding a saddle in front of the designated horse and holding the 'UP' button on the D-pad, you can easily saddle the horse of your own choice. Please do note that there can only be one main horse at a time.
The list down below is the selection of saddles and stirrups to upgrade your horses to receive bonuses:
Also, items that are dedicated to heal and feed your horses are available for purchase.
Horse Reviver / Revives Horse
Classic Oatcakes / Raises Slightly Health, Dead Eye, Horses Health, Horses Stamina
Potent Horse Stimulant / Raises Horse Stamina Moderately
Horse Stimulant / Raises Horse Stamina Slightly
Potent Horse Medicine / Raises Horse Health Moderately
Horse Medicine / Raises Horse Health Slightly
Fresh Peach / Raises Slightly Health, Dead Eye, Horses Health, Horses Stamina
Local Carrot / Raises Slightly Health, Dead Eye, Horses Health, Horses Stamina
Bartlett Pear / Raises Slightly Health, Dead Eye, Horses Health, Horses Stamina
Orchard Apple / Raises Slightly Health, Dead Eye, Horses Health, Horses Stamina
Hand Picked Corn / Raises Slightly Health, Dead Eye, Horses Health, Horses Stamina
3. How to name your horse.
At anytime, you can name and rename your horses at any stable near you, and it's not at all tricky. Once the menu opens in the stable, select "Tack and Services" and then click on the "Services" button. There, you can name and rename your horse to your own liking!
4. Bonding with horses
Bonding with horses is one of the most realistic but tiresome features that is included in the game. While we can be ever so impressed and somewhat amazed how detailed it is for the first few times, it is also true that checking to see if your horse is okay or cleaning your horse once in a while can really feel like unnecessary chores. However, considering that an increase in horse bonding level rewards players with certain benefits, bonding with your horse is a must-do job for you to better enjoy the game.
An increase in bonding level may reward you with:
1. Permanent Heath and Stamina boost
2. Longer distance to call your horses
3. Able to cross hazardous areas
Also, certain abilities are unlocked as the bonding between you and your horse grows deeper. You can check the bonding level on the statistics menu.
Finally, Here is the list of actions to increase bonding levels:
1. Walking/Riding on your horse
2. Feeding your horse
3. Calming your horse
4. Keep your horse clean and groomed
5. The tragic death of your beloved companion
In the case of death of your horse, there's a certain thing you should remember. Horses die permanently. While most of the time when we are playing open world games, we expect our ride to comeback even after it's wrecked almost to the point of no return, but in the harsh world of RDR 2, our horses are treated as real lives, making us fully aware that nature truly speaks for itself even in games. When your horse's health meter reaches zero, prepare to say good bye to your dear friend cause it ain't coming back ever. Also, because the bonding you had with your horse reverts back to zero, it's important to keep your companion alive should you feel the need to benefit from the rewards that come along with increased bonding levels.
Revive your horse
However, when it comes to near death situations for your horses, there is a chance for you to revive your beloved friend using a horse reviver. You should also take note of the fact that the time given to you in such situations is short, and therefore, one should always keep a habit of having at least one in the inventory all the time. The higher the bonding, the more the time you're given.

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POPULAR This Game is the GOAT!

I am calling it right now, this game is absolutely going to win Game of the Year for 2018 and it won't even be close. I am just getting started in this game and am already blown away. What is your favorite aspect of the game? Mine is probably how every single decision in the game has an effect later on in how people perceive you and what kind of missions you will encounter. Everything is dynamic!
Also, us console players are laughing in the faces of those PC master race bozos! Maybe you guys can play RDR2 next year 🤷 #ConsolePlayersUnite
Excited to hear from the PC keyboard warriors in the comments below!

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POPULAR *Moot Exclusive* Pre-Order Today!

Go ahead and pre-order your copy of Red Dead Dylan as soon as possible to receive a pre-order exclusive, Brian bobble-head figure!

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