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Jan 1, 2019, 04:36 AM 351 read

Alexios' gameplay is super awkward and overhyped..

(This will probably get so many downvotes but I really don't care.) A tale as old as time: Kassandra was supposed to be the only playable character in AC Odyssey. Which makes sense, from a marketing point of view, that Alexios was added as an option. Considering a good majority of the video game industry is male, I completely understood the reasoning behind wanting to appeal to everyone in the audience. But.... was it really worth it? I found myself choosing Alexios first, as I had been playing a bunch of female-led games beforehand (Tomb Raider, The Lost Legacy, B2S, FO4, etc.) and wanted a change up for some reason. And let me tell you, I barely got past the introduction. Oddly enough, I found his voice acting to be insanely.. Off-putting, like it didnt sit right. It didn't match to the actual character model (in my opinion), and did not flow well in dialogue with others in-game. It didn't seem natural, in a sense. Honestly, it kinda made me cringe. I ended up switching to Kassandra before it was too late and was pleasantly surprised because I thought she would be in the same situation, but she wasn't. Playing as her felt smooth- acting wise. Nearly everyone I asked, or the reviews I read, said Alexios was the better and more realistic option. Hearing the arguments of women not fighting in this time period was a huge eye-roll for me. It's a video game, not everything is going to be 100% accurate, same with every other Assassins Creed game. I feel like people just wanted a reason to not play Kassandra, and it was annoying, because coming from an artist and film background and having reliability on aestheticism, playing as Alexios sucked. Maybe I'm one of the few people who care about these things, maybe not. But playing as someone with a nice voice makes gameplay more pleasing, like Fallout 4 for example: both models had great actors, and playing as both male and female was a good experience overall. In the end, the gameplay is the EXACT same no matter who you chose, but if you haven't played yet, I'd honestly recommend Kassandra, just to save your ears from some trouble.

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