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Nov 5, 2020, 07:52 AM 111 read

Watchdogs Legion: Initial Thoughts

I been playing it these past few days and oh my. I have to say it's tying in nicely with the other games, lot of references and a ton of improvement on game mechanics in previous games. The biggest change obviously is perma-death and the fact that your rooster of operators is interchangeable as ever. I fee like the game kinda of loses points there cause if you know nothing about DedSec and their agenda you are kinda lost in trying to find something to fight for, cause all characters have this feel of computer generated randomness from their looks to their voice acting being interchangeable and cut scenes thus far feeling very awkward because of it. But the story itself is really nice, London an amazing set piece with lots of real life locations to explore, fun activities like Darts and Soccer; and an impressive network of NPC having each their set schedules, all possible Playable characters with their own strengths and weaknesses and events that will impact them indirectly.

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So over all while the loss of personal story is a huge disappointment for me (someone who has come to love the titular characters like Aidan Pearce or Marcus and his crew of misfits in the previous titles) I still think I will enjoy the story mode a great deal, not necessarily because of the thrilling dialogue but because of the wide deplorable world and interesting power triangle between Albion, Clan Kelley and Zero Day.

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