Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Thoughts on playing this in 2019???

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I feel like people hate on syndicate and unity too much when origins and odyssey are (in my opinion)

Are the worst they are nothing like the og gsmes

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Next Assassin's Creed Could Be About Vikings (RUMOR)

(This is all a big rumor and nothing is set in stone, so take this all with a grain of salt)

It’s time to get excited for a new Assassin’s Creed game. 2017’s Assassin’s Creed Origins breathed new life into Ubisoft’s played-out stealthy murder simulator by turning it into a full-blown RPG as epic as its ancient Egyptian open-world setting. And it pulled off this radical shift by taking an extra year of development. Assassin’s Odyssey followed the next year and while it carried over these cool innovations while adding more horniness, it was more evolution than revolution.

However, the next Assassin’s Creed is getting the same extra year in development Origins got, so expectations are high for this game, and that’s before taking into account it’ll probably launch on next-gen platforms. Now new rumors and suggesting what form this next leap in the series will take: Vikings.

As discovered by YouTube user JorRaptor, the recent Ubisoft loot shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 features a poster for a show called “Valhalla” showing a vaguely Assassin’s Creed-looking guy holding a vaguely Assassin’s Creed-looking magic apple. By referencing Norse Heaven, players connected the dots and guessed this was an Easter Egg for the next Assassin’s Creed game starring Vikings.

And now insiders are saying these guesses are correct. 2020’s Assassin’s Creed game “Kingdom” will indeed center around Vikings. Presumably the naval warfare of recent games will play and even bigger role. Plus the aggro pre-firearms warrior combat of Spartans can totally working with Vikings. Just import some of those For Honor assets. Also this continues the fun trend of Assassin’s Creed staying just one step behind God of War in terms of ancient mythological locations. Can’t wait to stab Thor in the throat.

This Assassin’s Creed news also reminded everyone that, yes, Watch Dogs 3 will be set in London. Maybe Ubisoft will work in a plot about Prince Harry wanting to ban Fortnite. Or perhaps this is in response to other recent games trying to capture what’s cool about pre-Brexit England like Forza Horizon 4 and Pokemon Sword and Shield. (Credit goes to Jorraptor on YouTube for the video) (Credit goes to the Geek Website for the news article)

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Assassin's Creed Origins The Curse of the Pharaohs Walkthrough Gameplay Part 5 Something Rotten

Watch "Assassin's Creed Origins The Curse of the Pharaohs Walkthrough Gameplay Part 5 Something Rotten" on YouTube

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Proving that Assasin's Creed is Illuminati Confirmed (Just a joke, dont take it srsly)

I died for no reason in AC (assasin's creed) which is kinda weird...
GUYS! i just realized that...hoodies are triangle-like shapes
a triangle has 3 sides and 3 corners
so does the great pyramid of giza
the illuminati is a triangle with an eye
add an eye to the great pyramid of giza


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Conan exiles rp

Survival rp need people to join message me to join

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Tiny Sphinx replica from assassins creed origins

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I’m looking for someone to play unity with

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Looking to play around in unity with someone do some missions.

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What is your favorite Assassin’s Creed game mine is origins


Touched up the picture hope you all like this version


It looks like Vikings for the win

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Assassin's Creed Origins on sale to support charity!

Assassin's Creed Origins is the featured game of this month's Humble Bundle. For $12 you get AC Origins and about 10 other games. The money goes to charity so it's a great reason to get a bunch of great new games!

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Who wants to ball out

Assassins Creed Unity looking for someone who’s decent and can make it more enjoyable to play so I’m not always playing by myself or randoms who let you do 99% of the work

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So I decided to draw AC3 Conner hope you all like. Subscribe to my YouTube channel link in bio.



I download ac unity again I lose all my progress I have the achievements but my outfits gone progress gone how does that make sense

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Any people playing unity?

Looking for a team

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Where are all my odyssey players? I'm on xbox GT: DMurkiin hoping someone can party up and help me understand the leveling and gear system better!

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i play

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Assassins creed odyssey live Please support my channel by subscribing. Thank you

Watch "Assassins Creed Odyssey Live gameplay" on YouTube

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How’s assassins creed 3 remastered?

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Assassin’s Creed is the best game

Just saying

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AC 3 Remastered is now out!

If you want to download it and it’s still not on the Xbox one store for you, just change your consoles location to Australia and you’ll have it a little earlier!

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What’s Everyone’s Thoughts Bout Odyssey Online?🤔

Idk about anybody else but I wouldn’t mind being able to play with my friends online

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What about an Abstergo badge? Or an assassin badge?

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Anyone else excited for this next month?!!

I am super excited to be able to explore Atlantis and learn more about the Isu! I hope there’s a hidden armour or weapon or something.

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All I wanna say is.... FUCKING GATORS!

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AC Origins The Curse of Pharaohs Walkthrough Gameplay Part 3 No Honor Amongst Thebes

Watch "AC Origins The Curse of the Pharaohs Walkthrough Gameplay Part 3 No Honor Amongst Thebes" on YouTube

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When u hit it the wrong way

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