Which is best?

I wanna buy an assassins creed game that is gonna take me back to those old days of just getting lost in the game. Which is better odyssey or origins?

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You CANNOT play Any Assassins Creed Without Listening to "BORN INTO REVOLUTION" By JT Machinima..

trust me
l thank me later

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Check out my new video about AC: Odyssey- Walkthrough Gameplay Part 9

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Assassins Creed Unity

who tryn to play (ps4)

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Looking for some players to play assassins creed unity (Xbox one)

Anyone can join gamer tag is MvP IVY

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Is it just me or should we get a meme secition on this page?

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Anyone down to play some unity on Xbox at 9 to 10 eastern

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Making a team

Hello everyone! Me and some others are making a team! Lmk if you want to join either directly or through this post. Don't matter what games you play we are working on servers for them. Everyone is welcome as long as you're chill and a good person

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From in game Assassins Creed Odyssey

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Whoa...stay away from me!! 😂😂😱😱

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Unity? Ps4

I need some more money and would like to play with someone.

P.S any tips for earning money

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Co-op grinding looking for people for women’s march and heists PS4

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AC Logic:

Jumping from the air 125 feet and landing on a hay stack
If you run too fast

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Which Assassins Creed Should I Cop?

i have origins right now and i love it, i’ve been grinding for a long time. i have a ps4 and i’m wonder what your recommendations are for other assassins creeds. i’ve heard good things about odyssey and black flag

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Syndicate Tips?

Newbie player here for the Assassin’s Creed franchise, however I’ve 100% been thrilled with this game. Set in my favorite time era and everything. Anyone have any tips for switching between Jacob and Evie and leveling them up faster? I’ve gotten Evie up to like level 5, but I think Jacob’s still chilling at 3. I’ve already cleared all of Whitechapel and all of the Thames. I did the Thames almost entirely as Evie just because I couldn’t figure out how to switch over to Jacob. Though to be honest, Evie was easier to manage through all that.

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Anyone out there still play AC 3?

Honestly, I love Assassin's Creed. I think Black Flag and Rouge are my favorites. I love pirates. Though AC 3, which I've only started playing recently, sadly, is a close second to those.

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Anyone down for unity in like 1 to 1.5 hours on Xbox?

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I'm going to get assassin's Creed Odyssey and origins any tips

Hey I just wanna know I have a lot of assassin's Creed games and I just getting the new one's so I wanna have some tips

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My entry for moot vg photo contest

This is a pick from ac Odyssey for the contest I saw it's taking place in the lounge #vgphotocontest

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Favorite npc character

My favorite npc was definitely Brasidas he felt like a true friend and great Ally even if you only had few encounters

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This video was pre recorded for 7/30/19.

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Moot VG Photo Contest #1

Hello and welcome to the first instalment of the Moot video game photo contest! As you may have seen, last week I started an irl photo contest; which ran pretty successfully.
As promised (although late), here is the video game edition. All you have to do is take an in game photo within the weekly game; no matter what the content!
My top 5 will be shown off in next week's edition!
This week, Assassin's Creed. Any game in the franchise will be accepted.
Good luck!

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Ay let’s play

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Looking for 3 to grind it belongs in a museum (unity)

Ps4- That_Lit_Banana message me

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Assassins creed unity Ps4

Looking for people to grind out the multiplayer missions for skill points and gear

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Anyone want to play Unity??? 💀PS4💀

Add me TrikShotzGamjng and Msg me

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AC Unity

Anyone still plays the online of AC Unity? *On Xbox*

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I am shareplaying Assassins creed so ps4 players only

Just HMU your PS4 name no requirements at all

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