Gaming Community?

So I’ve had this idea for awhile and I’ve tried presenting it on other platforms. I want to start a group of fellow gamers with the sole purpose of squad forming. So a diverse group of console and PC players that interact regularly on discord. With the goal of one person becoming interested in a new game and realizing that having a squad is almost necessary or would make for a better experience. That person can than hop on our discord and find other gamers that they already regularly converse with and are comfortable with to join them in whatever new game they are wanting to start. So overall a community of gamers that are friendly and willing to explore new gaming experiences with other like minded gamers. . If anyone is interested feel free to join the discord
or message me directly

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I’m live!

Come watch me play some league!

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SaloNation recruiting!!!!

We are Salo Nation!! This is a place where all games / platforms are accepted. We are not biased towards anyone whatsoever. Salo Nation is a growing gaming community looking for memebrs, gamers or creators to grow with. We're pushing on doing many things with Salo such as ,making esports teams , building a community, and hopefully a org. Our goal is to create a good environment for everyone to enjoy. Salo is still in the early stages so things , since we are fairly new to this. We hope everyone enjoy their time here at SALO NATION!!!

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Who even comes on this page that’s like choosing to watch ads over real videos...

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Is here to change the Gaming industry and sometimes to do that you have to change the Gaming industry that you live in since my first breath I been gaming that’s all I know an hell thats all I want to now. Pro teams Like Faze, Optic etc. out there really overlook at gamers with potential an Skills but does people are never notice there overlooked because there no good I have seen so many underrated players out there making good content either gaming drawing designs video editing hell even Commentators

AllEliteClan is going to change the gaming
economy because you can offer somebody Opportunity and Happy teammates Means Happy Fans and fans Come First meaning on YouTube twitter Instagram We are here to listen to you if there’s a good player out there hell send us a message well bring them in #AEC WELCOMES all Gifted Talents We don’t care about race Gender or sex,religion If you’re Elite gamer we want you! Are doors open to all it’s Important to have Competition in the market we are not just a Clan it’s a Esports Team By the way this team in the future if it does make money my team we’ll donate some money to kids with cancer / Diabetes Well be doing Competitions YouTube Twitch Facebook Gaming Vlogs every works perfect if the team is commit an passionate to gaming an if you put lots of work in effort it’ll all pay off Serious Players with Good attitude Ready To change Gaming industry

Message me For positions opened

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(Not my stream) found this really good streamer
highly recommend checking him out he isn’t bad and gives tips as well

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Esports team

Esports Team Soon an Near Future to donate To kids with cancer/ Diabetes

Brand New Esports Team

Follow us at @AllEliteClan


Stay tune... for updates

Now Recruiting message me for Details / Position openings.

Where Looking for the best of the Best to Join us

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Esports team

Brand New Esports Team

Follow us at @ AllEliteClan


Stay tune... for updates

Now Recruiting message me for Details / Position openings.

Where Looking for the best of the Best to Join us

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Brand New Esports/ Clan Coming Males & Females

Been in a clan for years? An haven’t Moved up?? Or you tired of clans telling you that your not good enough, that your K/D should be higher than 1.00 to even be looked at? Well here are a Team We strive to give everyone a Opportunity!! You think you're not good or you think you got what it takes then Apply we will train and test you on your skills! make full effort in attending your squads practices and team Tryouts This weekend starting Saturday Need a competitive Team Must be Able To Travel to with the team to tournaments Collaborate with other Teammates promote the team as well as yourself make suggestions to better the Team as well as yourself You must Invest your time in the clan if you just on the game or just ignoring everyone not giving ideas how you expect the clan to get bigger becomes important when you understand harsh reality and individual differences of those you play with, We want this clan chat to create long lasting friendships between everyone. In order to achieve this, we must all ban together and put forth our best effort to making the clan's environment fun and enjoyable for all.
We expect anyone who joins our clan to be mature, social and actively participate in our community. In order to make this clan successful, it is our belief that everyone needs to develop relationships, not with just the founders, but everyone in the clan. In addition to our clan rules, treat everyone with respect and dignity. Clan events are not mandatory, but we're sure everyone would love to see you there! It is our goal to be more than just strict as founders and staff of this clan. We can promise you that as staff, we will always remain dedicated, faithful, and honest to the clan, our members, and the entire community as a whole. We fully acknowledge that this community would not exist without you, our glorious members, therefore we value and respect every single individual who decides to become a part of our community. You have our vow to always remain committed to this

sent 3 of your best Clips Ps4 / Xbox 1 /Pc atleaat Must be HD 720p or 1080p Try Out Today! New Opportunitys you tired that you can't achieve Greatness i am your solution,
(((Clips must be Game your trying out for )))

Call of duty
Apex legends
Fortnite Battle Royale
Rainbow 6
Counter strike Global
PlayersUnknown’s BattleGrounds
League of legends
Gears of war
The division
Rocket league
WWE 2k19

Message me for position openings available spots

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Esports team

You serious about being of a Esports Team an want to help out as much as possible

Brand New Esports Team Coming please contact me for positions opened XGK represents past Present future competitive enough? No one wants to give you a try have ya ever wanted to be in a big famous clan like nip faze optic gaming etc? Well why not join us where starting brand new let’s prove them all wrong

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I’m just a Mexican with depression making league and other game videos (link is one of my favorite)

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Live right now and no clue what I’m doing. HELP!!!

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League Of Legends 5v5 Tournament

Date/Time: April 13th 5pm CST
Event/Game Name: League Of Legends 5v5 in-house
Platform/Console: PC (Personal Computer)
Rules: Standard 5v5 in-house draft pick with bans - no champions are blocked from the tournament. Roles in-Game decided by the teams!
Prize: Custom Role - Lord Of The Rift, which will last until the next League Of Legends Tournament!
INTERESTED IN ATTENDING? Join our Discord Community Today!

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XGK Clan



Newest clan Coming Soon

Xbox One

Message me for Details

New Gamer Tag
YouTube channels
Must have Headphones
No clan hoppin

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A request. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel
what's up everybody and welcome. I am a Youtuber
my channel:
make sure to subscribe to the channel and send me a friend request so I can play with you
make sure to join my discord:
I play Fortnite, League of Legends, Dead space, Cross out, Roblox, war thunder, Tanki X, Star conflict, Unravel, Axiom Verge, Angry birds star wars, plant vs zombie, Need for Speed.
stormkinght0786 is my name
Please subscribe to me.

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