Tristana mid?

Heya guys ive been playing some trist mid lately and its actually really good.

- When to use?
First of all pick her if you are comfy with her( know how to play her) 2: if enemy pick a squishy mage: Zoe,Annie,Viktor,fizz etx

- What do i build?
You basically just go with ur standard build. Pd,static, inf edge you know what else

- Why isnt trist mid a troll pick?
Tristana is good in the midlane because of her burst you do alot of dmg early game and mid game ( get fed late game ). And if you get ganked just W away.

- Hopefully you guys could use these tips and tricks and if you doubt this works? Go hop in a game and try it yourself!

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Im new to League any tips or advice for what characters to use? Also any terms I would need to know?

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League of Legends Noob here

I’m new to LoL and I need some tips!

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Jhin Starter item

Hello, can anyone explain me when to drop Doran's Blade and get Doran's Ring on Jhin?

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Need combo ideas

Hi, fresh people, gimme ideas of some funky combos. Leta say mid/jungle or team fight ones!-

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Very general question but how do you climb using only a select few number of champions per lane?

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Can someone give me good item build for aatrox?

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Are you a player in league of legends ph join me please im faker im gonna give you guides

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How to play Swain ????

Any tips ? Help

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Trying To Learn Jungle

I'm one of those players that can play about any role and any champion but for some reason I have problems with jungle. I'm looking for someone to teach from the roots up to help me get better in the jungle.

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Trying to learn adc

I am currently trying to learn the adc role as a second role. But I don't really know what champs to play I am trying to vayne and Kai'sa but having difficulty as they are often picked/banned

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how to climb to high Elo zone? :(


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Hi i have a problem with my camera movement can any one help me 💔🌚.

When i played lol the tutorial the camera movement was great but when i playing rank or normal match the camera movement get’s weird !

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Platinum Shaco OTP streaming now!

Boosting viewers, giving tip on shaco and jungle gameplay, listening to rad music. come chill

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AP shaco top main streaming ans teaching de wey of da troll. come hang out :D song requests enabled

Playing AP Shaco top and jungle today. I'm plat Elo and if anyone would like to duo just message me in my stream :)

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Teach me bitch

I needa learn to play better so i can 1v3 my friends

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New Way to play Ezreal ADC ?

Yo, with the recent rework of Ezreal's Skills anyone out there who can give us (Ezreal users) a quick tip from Builds to Skill combos?
Really have it rough since its rework (although i can still get the S in my every game of Ezreal, i cant really feel that i'm you know carrying the team)
If Riot only adds a way to reduce the Level Mastery of Champions Surely my Level 7 Ezreal might now be a Level 4

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AP Shaco top main streaming and teaching De wey of Shaco

Playing AP Shaco top and jungle today. I'm plat Elo and if anyone would like to duo just message me in my stream :)

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Pyke support is op

Pyke is a really good “support” ( even though he’s a fcking assassin) but anyways riot says is a support, use Pyke in your ranked games if you want to climb

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Jungle route

What's a good yi jungle route?

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I’m trash

I have 3,000 rift games and 5,000 hours played. All that time put in equates to Silver 4. I need help. Are there any micromanagement tips that I could get? At the moment I play all positions but top. Mid is my best position but I play bot and support more. I want to be good at the game. Not challenger, not even plat. But when I started I was silver 2 level or so. I want to be gold. I know it isn’t easy to make it to gold but I want to. Could anyone help me? Even if it’s just a few tips.

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Just started

So I just started playing and I have master yi. I have no clue what I'm doing and need help desperately. Please help me learn

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How to play katarina

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Sweet and Simple Guide: How and Why Split Pushing Will Help You Climb

This guide is going to teach YOU how to properly and safely win games the more tactical and efficient way.

When you split push you are basically creating "Map Pressure", that forces the enemy to respond to your actions because if they don't it allows you to get free objectives, but keep in mind they won't be happy. I'm the beginning you will die, a lot, but hey— that's all apart of learning.

In this guide I will explain the easiest way and okayist builds for split pushing for every role. There is 2 main types of split pushing and different meta builds for getting the job done right way. I've even added a couple of helpful tips that'll make it so you can help inch your team to victory, you're welcome.

How to split efficiently

Ward. Just ward. Buy a sweeper lense, a control ward, pop the lense, walk into the enemy jungle and clear their wards and drop your own. With that vision you can see who's trying to stop you, if it's one person, you can fight. However, if yoy get two or three people trying to stop you that's even better. When you get two or three people running in your lane to stop you, your team can take control of the other side of the map. So use your pings to tell your team where the enemy is, so they can try to grab a dragon, rift herald or even a Baron.

Sometimes (especially if you're a top laner like Garen, Jax, Yorick or Nasus) you could be the reason why the enemy's base is open. And when the enemy has an open base there are so many ways you can bait the enemy to respond on one side of the map while you're in their base taking their nexus. You can get your team to fake taking Baron or Elder Drake and while they're fighting, you can be on the enemy nexus, winning.

First type of split pushing: Tower slapping.

This form of split pushing is for the melee champions like tanks and bruisers. If your champion builds a Trinity force or Ice born Gauntlet, the you'll do planty of damage to towers. Items that help you put the beat down on towers is Rageblade and Titanic Hydra (it let's you get a free auto attack reset on tower). Talking about hydras, let's talk about Tiamat as that is a melee champ's best friend for easy wave clear, with the standard tiamat or Ravenous Hydra you can spam the active for easy AOE damage. However, Titanic Hydra is where it's at for split pushing as the active can actually one-shot caster minions.

Second type of split pushing: Minion wave stacking.

If you're playing a champion like a mage of a Marksman before their 2 item power spike, this is a great way to deal good damage to towers while simultaneously denying the enemy gold. What you do is that you last hit the enemy minions when they only have a sliver of health left, don't use any abilities, just last hit and be patient. What this does is that it makes it so your minions spend more time in the lane then under the tower, and you can gather up to 3 minion waves and push it under the enemy tower so they all focus on it. Once this huge stack of minions are under the enemy tower, spam abilities to kill the enemy wave so it doesn't kill your minions. Each minion does between 10-25 a hit, multiply that by 17-19 the tower will fall in minutes.

Best items for split pushing.

I will name an item build that will make it easy for you to shred minions and/or towers.
Top Lane:
-Tanks (Sion, Cho'gath, Ornn ect..): The combination of Sunfire Cape and Abyssal Mask will give you more than enough burn damage to kill minions. Warmogs is great for tanks because when you stack nothing but resistances being able to regen your health back to full is a royal pain for the enemies to deal with (spam cntr4 as they try to kill you). Last but not least, ZZ'rot, to release the beasts.

-Juggernauts (Garen, Nasus, Yorick ect...) If you haven't been sleeping under a rock for the past few patches, you'd know that Trinity force and Sterakk's Gage is essential for most Juggernauts. So for your last item I'd suggest a Titanic Hydra for wave clear or a Dead man's Plate for faster roams.

-Bruisers (Fiora, Jax, Irelia): You already buy Triforce, so I would just opt out for Titanic Hydra for the extra active damage as it basically allows you to one shot the backline minions. Finally get a Guardian angel or a some form of sustain that makes you annoying to deal with like a Blood Thirster for Fiora or a Gunblade/Sterakk's for Jax.

-Mages (Anivia, Lux, Vel'koz ect...): Items like Luden' Echo and Liandry's Torment makes a great impact for quickly killing minions, spam your abilities and shove enough minions under that tower and you'll get tower gold in no time.

AD assassins (Zed, Talon, Jayce): You do know armor pen works on turrets, right? Well now you do.

AP assassins (Fizz, Fizz and Kassasdin, also Fizz):
Lich bane does deal incredible damage to towers, especially if you're Fizz or Kassadin and have a fully stacked Mejia's because that just happens naturally on Fizz or Kassadin.

Bot lane
Marksman (ADCs, you know): Runaan's Hurricane OR, not both, or Statikk Shiv will allow you to shred minion waves, and marksman will always do hit towers hard mid to late game, so just focus on right clicking minions waves, clear them out and go for gates.

Supports (Thresh, Soraka, Fizz... Wait...): If you have Redemption, you have wave clear.

Junglers (idk, Fizz...): If you want to split push, the best item for it is the Eye of the Herald, you'll never guess how you get it, but you totally should.

If you read through this whole guide, feel free to ask questions. I'm always down to sometimes read and ignore comments (jk).

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What kind of champion will you like roit games make what are thay where they are from there attacks

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How to tier up with Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is very ez and powerful adc among other champs. Just one thing you should know is that E skill(make it rain) is very important. Starter item is ring and potion. Runes is 'sorcery - comet - manaflow - (anything you want)' It doesn't matter if you choose other runes you want(Just comet does matter LOL)
Skill build is R - E - Q - W. In lane phase, you should use E carefully. Cuz it has long cooldown and powerful ap dmg, use well. I recommend Using E when the enemy gets close to CS. Q has synergy with E skill. If you hit minions with E, then they are now optimal status for dealing cri Q. Just hit your enemies with cri Q. Too OP
To help your understanding, I put a pic. These minions got dmg after E. So they can be good target for Q.
You may be curious about how to use ult perfectly during team fight. The answer is just finding duo partner who mains Amumu or Malphite XD

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How to Play Thresh.

Come join the team.

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How do you play Taliyah?

Need the runes, mechanics and gameplay :3

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Zed runes

Can someone give me the best zed runes.

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Pyke is support!

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