Looking for duo

Looking for support plat+

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Heyo looky here

Over at mck were looking for new people to help us do tournaments we have 4 but need a 5th we need a support so hmu if you main support must main it. Hmu if interested!!!!!

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LoL so me 🤣🤣

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Hi! I’m a owner of a LoL Competitive team known as Enzo eSports!

Looking for Committed Talent!

Add me on Discord Tito#2630

We will do a little interview then move on to the tryout👌

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Looking for People to create a team.

Hi everybody, I am a main ADC, Diamond 4 Rank.

I am looking for 6 People that wants to improve and join the professional League of Legends world.

What I want to aim at, is playing tournaments, creating a good cooperation to possibly step up into professional league.

I am looking for:
-Toplaner (better if good in shotcalling)
-Support (Require a good shotcalling skill)
-jungle (I want someone with good leadership skill and map awareness as he is gonna be our captain)
-Personal Coach (Requiring a really good knowledge of the game, current meta, picks, etc)
-A jolly player (That can play everylane at a good level)

There are a minimum(and maximum) age and rank requirement tho - this is to avoid certain situations which won't bring anything good - which are:
Minimum age: 16
Maximum age: 25
Minimum Rank: Platinum2
Maximum Rank: Diamond2
Best Rank: Diamond4

It is okay to tilt sometimes, but i would like to avoid toxic people (I am toxic aswell sometimes), I want people focussed on the game, with just the shotcallers to talk during games, no bullshits during trainings as the games we will be doing togheter will be a preparation for tournaments that I personally Aim to win.

Said this, If you meet the requirements feel free to drop me a message or add me on my main: NoAscayne

ps. If you speak at least an understandable English it will be fine, for this reason we require a good mic.

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Morgana + Tristana + Sion = Win?

If you happen to run into a Morgana, Tristana and Sion Team You've lost, Plain And Simple. The reason i'm saying this is because Morgana is op early game causing her to get fed into being op late game, Tristana is a bit weaker but just as strong late game, so they can carry the game on their own, But Sion Added into the mix is too strong, if you have a intentionally feeding tower damage Sion you can win the game with just him and everyone else not hitting the turret. Sions revive ability is that op that in some games with 20+ deaths Sion has done over 17.8k turret damage Alone! If the guardian angel revive is added He's Unstoppable, now put them all together in a squad with Sion going top Morgana going mid, Tristana and Lux going bot with a pantheon jungler, its unstoppable, this squad has changed the game forever, when i came across it i thought ''theres not gonna be any chemistry and a gank will send them mad,'' Wrong, they have perfect chemistry and everything above, if you want to not be hard stuck in diamond- use this, its broken.

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Hey guys it’s ya boy here with the open offering of the LTS.(League Troll Series)
We are a low Elo community(Bronze 4- Gold 1) that offers a chance to feel what a competitive setting feels like, we hold drafts scrimmage matches, shout casters to announce games on,
we are open for Season 3 of the LTS and want more people for our gaming community.
click that like and @everyone saying “I sign up for season 3 draft” we will put you in the pickings for draft, or come with a group of friends and make your own team!
any questions? Feel free to msg me here or in the LTS discord!

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Streaming live in ranked

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Love league of legends

Hemindinger is op OP for me

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Got another

S+ going 1/3

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Salo Nation

Salo Nation is a community/Organization , where gamers and creators come together. Our organization is based off many games and platforms. We're in the works on making esports teams for future tournaments. With Salo Nation you always have someone to help you reach your goals in gaming or etc. We're totally diverse on anything/ anyone. We will try our best to support everyone as much as we can. We will have have future giveaways and we're looking forward to grow as a Nation!!!! We are pretty new at this but we are willing to improve over time. Thank You!

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Recruiting for 5s team! JG/ADC/SUPPORT

Two diamond experienced players recruiting for 5s team! Need jungle adc and support!! Possibly back ups after we fill main spots!! Presumedly looking to reach high tiers and possibly become good enough to participate in tournaments and dominate! Serious and cool people only! No pricks or dicks we coming with good fun and winning energy/mentality and we aspect the same from you! 😎😁! Feel free to ask me any questions and contact me!

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Rank Flex Team

Looking for a Gold Jungler for our Flex Rank Team. If Interested leave your username below.

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Elite Gaming Recruiting for 2019

Now accepting ALL AGE Groups!!!Elite Gaming Organization (eGo) is currently seeking new clan members. We are a Multi Gaming platform clan. We are not that clan that requires you to be on console 24/7 only thing we ask is for you to be active in discord. If you looking for clan were KD is not important we are the clan for you. We dont rely on stats when recruiting as we are very family oriented and don’t tolerate any sort of harassment. So if you want to make good friends and have fun while playing we are the clan to join. But if you do have competative side then ...
Yes! We do have comp teams.
Yes! We do compete in GameBattles. Men & Women players! We have players from every where US/AUS/CAN/MEX/UK/EU
If your interested in joining please feel free to click the link and join and you will receive your discord invite. Please remember ALL CONSOLES ARE WELCOME! Happy Gaming hope to see you soon!

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Duo partner

Looking for duo partner, silver

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Gostaria de ser Challenger

Eu sou apenas um Gold 😢

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Começado uma partida

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Pain won again guys.

Takeshi lost the final again...

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XGK clan recruiting

XGK Recruiting Competitive/non-competitive
(Leaders) Ps4 Xbox one ,Pc Females Males

Co Leaders
Competitive Team Mangers
Social Media Online Team/Mangement

(Consoles players)
(((Be Active)))
Have headset
Must changed Gamer Tag
YouTube Channel is a must with content

Twitch PC Streamers
Console Streamers
Mixer Streamers
Graphic designers
Video Editors

Call of duty
Apex legends
Fortnite Battle Royale
Rainbow 6
Counter strike Global
PlayersUnknown’s BattleGrounds
League of legends
Gears of war
The division

For more info Please Message Me!!!

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XGK Clan



Newest clan Coming Soon

Xbox One

Message me for Details

New Gamer Tag
YouTube channels
Must have Headphones
No clan hoppin

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XGK coming soon

XGK Clan



Newest clan Coming Soon

Xbox One

Message me for Details

New Gamer Tag
YouTube channels
Must have Headphones
No clan hoppin

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HMU for help climbing

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Best non-meta champions S9

Hey guys so i'm just jumping back into LOL after 2 years of not playing, and I'm looking to one-trick a champion. The thing is I don't want to main a champion that is not "op" right now because they'll get nerfed soon. So are there any champions that aren't "op" rn but can be if played right?
Looking for mid or top champs

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Ranked solo duo

Bronze div and silver

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Mobile Leauge

Anybody play?

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LF a duo EUW gold 4⬆️. Mic and positive player im a top, mid, jungle main (people say im good sup)


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LF gold rank jungle for a competitive team for flex and tournaments and the like

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Best Heroes for Jungling in Nexus Blitz?

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