Looking for Group

Vasstayan Game ID: will tell you in private dms
1/2 Players Needed

Read description before joining (Do not join it but read it)

Hi there, I’m searching for a duo i could play for a long time, I’m generally a support main who is interested in adc’s mains mainly, Aggressive adc’s who take care of their support. I will tell you more info in private, Approach me nicely and i will respond nicely. join the post and i won’t be nice and don’t expect me to me nice then.

Looking for :

1. 18+
2. People who mainly speak english (No polish or whatever)
3. Euw/Eune
4. Full adc main (Plays only adc just like i do i never touch other roles)
5. A person who mains xayah (Not otp but with a personality like hers and mentality)
6. Somebody who wants to build a long term duo of stuff like bromance :p
7. If you like stomping botlane or want to i’m that full type of support, Heal shield protect and ward and peel, I’m mainly playing soraka rakan lulu taric janna that kind of stuff, No ignite no damage builds full support so my adc can have great time :)
8. We can play other games together.
9. No mages/No sivir/No ashe/No ezreal or aphelios.
10. Mainly looking for ranks : Euw - Challenger but lowest i can try to work with is gold. Eune - Challenger mainly but lowest Plat.
11. No E-girls (Even tho i would like to duo with a girl xayah main but i know it won’t work for a long time.
12. Only adc’s like : (Mainly xayah) Vayne,Jhin,Twitch,Jinx,Draven,Varus,Caitlyn,Kalista (i work the best with them)
(My ranks - 3 accounts in Eune - Gold 2 Diamond 1 and grandmaster. Euw - 2 accounts plat 1 and master tier)

Thank you for reading, Thank you to those who messaged me and didn’t join the post, To those who join the post don’t be surprised if i call you idiot at start if you can’t follow simple tasks “Read post and message don’t join” If you join the post i will delete you off it.