Need ADC/SUPPORT for ranked flex 5s!!!

Awesome diamond mid and top partnership looking for ranked flex 5s! We are awesome friendly people looking for a solid adc/support whos also willing to improve as well. Trying to be a real good solid team and aim high in the ranks! Contact me ASAP if interested

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What starting item on engage supports?

I play a lot of Leona/Thresh and I used to take relic shield but I’ve tried coin more lately and I feel like I get the quest finished quicker every time with coin. And the extra mana from the pickups lets me throw more spells for engages. What do you guys think is the best way to run them?

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Riot Games is Finally Making a Mobile League of Legends

League of Legends may be the game with the most mobile ripoffs in existence. Well, Riot Games must’ve finally caught on and realized the demand for a mobile League of Legends game because they’re making a (surprise!) mobile League of Legends game. Riot will be partnering with Tencent to develop the mobile game that is apparently not an exact replica of the PC game. Instead, it will play slightly differently as it is designed to be played on your phone
For the full story click here:
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Im tilted

What is the best way to come back after feeding hard, or just being utterly useless to the team.

Just want opinions on how to get back in the game.

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or i'm the only one :(

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MSI Finals Results

In a truly unprecedented event, for the first time ever, the Finals of an international event was between two Western teams. North America's Team Liquid and Europe's G2 overcame the odds and defeated China's Invictus Gaming and Korea's SKT respectively, earning their spots in history.
Although I anticipated that G2 would win 3-0, I was hoping that Team Liquid would defy my expectations and be the first North American team in history to hoist an international trophy. Unfortunately, my gut was correct and G2 absolutely stomped TL. Not only did they win 3-0, but they did so in the fastest time ever for a best-of-five match.
Obviously I'm a bit disappointed as the hype for an American team in the Finals was at an absolute peak, but this MSI as a whole was genuinely the greatest tournament in League of Legends history. In case you missed it (understandable as it started at like 3am) I highly recommend checking out some of the vods because it really was an incredible tournament.

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Yuumi? Yuu Lost

She seems super cool and helpful but I'm not quite sure she works with *every* team comp.

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Have a great day

Gamers world

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True or no 😂

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Is ping higher than it used to be?

My ping used to be around 62 when I was playing last year. Since I've started back up I've been at a consistent 74. Has anybody else noticed any changes in ping over the past few months? At 74 I'm experiencing a pretty noticable delay and I'm wondering if it's on my end or Riot's.

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Every time

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MSI Semifinals Matchups, Schedule, and Predictions

By securing first place in the Group Stage, Invictus Gaming earned the right to choose their opponent for the Semifinals. In a surprise to no one, IG elected to face Team Liquid. This means that SKT and G2 will face off against each other.
The first match will be between IG and TL and will take place on Friday (5/17) at 3:00 am Pacific Time. Unlike the Group Stage, the semis will be in best-of-5 format meaning that the first team to 3 games will win. As much as I'd love TL to pull this off, I have to go with Invictus Gaming on this one. The defending World Champions IG have been on an absolute tear and truly look like the best in the World. I think TL might be able to take one game off of them, so I'm predicting that IG will win 3-1.
The second match will be between SKT and G2 and will take place on Saturday (5/18) at 12:00 am Pacific Time. This is definitely the match to watch as this is the chance at redemption for SKT, the most successful team in League of Legends history. G2 with their revamped roster has been absolutely incredible to watch and handily defeated SKT in both games of the group stage. It's hard to bet against a Korean team in a best-of-5, especially when that team is SKT, but it seems like G2 simply has their number this year. I think this will be a close series, but I see G2 pulling it out 3-2.

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TF sup is fun

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5 crit items?

They called me a madman

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The main yes

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MSI Group Stage Results!

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!
It wasn't pretty, but Doublelift and Team Liquid finally made it out of groups! It wasn't easy either, they had to defeat one of the top teams in G2 in order to earn their spot and they did it in dominating fashion.
The last day of MSI group stage was INSANE with tons of upsets and unexpected results. G2 shockingly went 0-2 on the day including yet another loss to Phong Vu Buffalo. This ended up costing G2 their second-place seed.
Invictus Gaming looked unstoppable after accumulating an incredible 9-0 record. Their quest for an undefeated group stage came to an abrupt half at the final game of the stage, as IG fell to none other than SKT. Faker and co absolutely dismantled Invictus Gaming and proved that Korea cannot be overlooked.
After a full week of action, here's how the Group Stage ended up:
1. Invictus Gaming (9-1)
2. SKT (7-3)
3. G2 (5-5)
4. Team Liquid (4-6)
5. Flash Wolves (3-7)
6. Phong Vu Buffalo (2-8)
This has been an incredible tournament so far, I can't wait to see what semis has in store for us!

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Youtubers when Yuumi comes out


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Who’s your favorite league champion?

I like jinx :D

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Just played my first game since last year

Looks like I still got it!

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How to carry like a god

Set dark harvest on jhin!
First step build Infinity, Speed shoes and statik.
Second step build whatever you want and carry

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Press d for vbucks 😂😂

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When you have a bad jungler

It disappoints me when your jungler plays so bad they just give up when they get invaded once normally you can just scale late game but people are dumb and just quit as a jax main myself I get sad whenevee this happens

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Shots fired

Ooooooh snap

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Cant wait for Yuumi, wbu?

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MSI Match of the Day: PVB vs. IG (Spoiler-free)

The first day of MSI group stage is in the books and all I can say is WOW! What an incredible first round of matches; it's clear that the gap is much, much, closer than expected. Although Phong Vu Buffalo is Vietnam's hometown team, virtually every analyst considers them to be the weakest team in the group stage. Conversely, China's Invictus Gaming is the reigning World Champion and is largely considered to be the strongest team at tournament. Who could expect that a match between the best and worst teams would end up being the match of the day?
Of course, this is spoiler-free so I'll just say this: it was a bloodbath. One of the most entertaining, action-packed games I have ever seen. Not only that, but the game seemed on a knifes edge at times, a truly incredible game that you definitely don't want to miss. You can watch the full game spoiler-free here:
Or, check out all the highlights here:

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Looking for duo!

Ranked bronze and trying to go rank up!

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Looking for dedicated players!

Anybody wanting to join my team? Im on EUW and just want dedicated and consistant players. However, you must:
Have Discord and a working mic
Be close to level 30 with champs to play Ranked
Have good internet
and i would love it if any of you:
Stream or Record
Have social networks like Twitter

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The best MSI Group Stage EVER starts tomorrow!

Starting at 3AM Pacific tomorrow (5/10) morning, the best teams in the world will face off against each other! This is easily one of the most exciting MSI tournaments in memory with some of the most compelling story lines in League of Legends history.
We have the defending World Champions Invictus Gaming who shocked the world last year when they became the first Chinese team to take home the gold. We have the return of Faker and SKT who completely rebuilt their team after their horribly disappointing performance last year. We have G2 with the insanity that is the double midlaner comp with Perkz and Caps. And, of course, we have our very own North American representative Team Liquid who undoubtedly improved their already dominant roster from last year and is on a mission to prove that they can compete with the world's elite.
If these matches go as expected by looking at the tale of the tape, this could very well be the best MSI ever. Don't miss it!

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New Club!

Hi! Salut! Привет! I have a small club on EuW (league of legends) and I search people. :) We speak 3 languages (FR,RU,EN) and we're like a little familly. We have a discord channel. If you want to join pls pm me or add me : PerfectWaifu. Have a nice day! (〃∀〃)

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