Poll: Are you planning to play Clash?

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Rick Fox interview "The EVIL SIDE of the Business"

Following everything that's happened with Echo Fox's LCS spot, Rick Fox sits down for an interview with Optic Gaming CEO, H3CZ.
It's hard not to feel for Rick Fox, he really doesn't deserve to be in this situation. It's clear that his passion for esports and the game in general hasn't waned one bit. He's a legend in the industry and I can only hope that he finds another role in the LCS soon.

LV.24 GG 2d

League of Legends ~~ Eeeeeee

Still one of my favorite games. Sorry for the squealing happening. It’s awesome. I’d say that there’s nothing that it can’t fix, but it’s just too awesome to really put any phrase on it.

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Clash is back!

Riot is testing out Clash again, its internal competitive game mode which is designed for competitive 5v5 play at all levels. Riot tried out Clash before, but it had a lot of issues. Hopefully those are all fixed now!
Clash will run from 8/19 to 8/25. You must be level 30 and have an honor level of 2 or greater. You can read all the details here:

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i’ve been playing league again but i still have no idea what i’m doing🤣

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Find Friends


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Cloud9 Plus Ultra!

Let's go C9!

LV.24 GG 6d

300k(ish) Yorick pony just now discovering moot, any fellow shovel brethren here?

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Who would u be with?

Which champions in league would you
Your first love be

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Tiny and cute

I dont know the link... (sorry) :)))

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Heyyy guys, wassup?
I invite you to follow my channel on twitch 💜
Ill really really appreciate that 💜
Im trying to reach 50 followers to be affiliated 💎

thank youuu

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League question #2

Who was the Newest and next champion released when you started playing? For me the Newest was Ivern and next was Camille.

LV.20 I'm a Bot 14d

League of Spongebob 😅

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Who was the champion you got your first Pentakill if it Yas or zed it dosnt count :)

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League of Legends is an amazing game even though I haven’t played it in years. The one thing they get right is the multi player. Other games, when they do multi player either lag too much with the wrong machine or crash when unwanted. They don’t have to go make themselves be a realistic game, it wouldn’t fit the game’s personality. They just have to try and be great in their own way. They’re so underrepresented these days that it’s as if the whole of their community just disappeared off the face of the Earth from a Volcanic Earthquake.

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[meme] Other communities crying over OP characters.

When a community other than League is in an uproar about a new and OP character

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Haven’t seen this one on here yet xD

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LCS Playoff Picture

The LCS Summer Split regular season has just wrapped up! The season went pretty predictably, with all 3 of the top assumed top teams making the playoffs with ease (TL, C9, TSM). Joining them in the playoffs will be CLG, Clutch, and OpTic. Here's how the regular season turned out:
1. Team Liquid (14-4)
2. Cloud9 (13-6)
3. Counter Logic Gaming (12-7)
4. TSM (10-8)
5. Clutch Gaming (9-9)
6. OpTic Gaming (10-10)
7. Golden Guardians (8-11)
8. 100 Thieves (8-11)
9. FlyQuest (5-13)
10. Echo Fox (4-14)
Team Liquid and Cloud9 have each earned a bye and will go straight to the semifinals. The quarterfinal matches will feature TSM v Clutch on August 10 at 2pm PT and CLG v OpTic on August 11 at 12pm PT.

LV.24 GG 18d

What are the best Toplaner/Adc`s for Patch 9.15.

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Wait a fucking min........

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I want to start playing

Can someone explain the basics of this game? I know it gets really competitive.

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What type of pc build should I do to play LoL? I wanna start but as a college student money is tight

LV.5 Lurker 21d

Yasuo is great

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Teemo is the most fun champion change my mind

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Tft vs regular lol

Which mode do you prefer: tft or regular lol? And why?

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I enjoy league but it isn’t fun having teammates who just feed the other team

LV.3 Lurker 21d

This is a game

I have no idea how to play

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Any1 got a league of legends discord I can join shoot me a message If you do imm getting back into it

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