I need someone to help me with some more basics

I played league a long time ago but only a small bit, I still don’t get some of the basic combos cuz I can’t find many recent guides on characters, and I have no idea what items to build for specific characters. If you can help me out DM me 😁

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The Sands of Valor - Chapter 2


Chapter 2: The Curse of Shurima
━━━━ ◦ ❖ ◦━━━━

The dessert Shurima is moving northward.
The sons of Lord Whitehill, the warden of the southern demacian realm make an alarming discovery on a hunting trip.
A dead person is found on the streets of Ironguard, their hometown, but the cause of death is raising a lot of questions.
Was it really the curse of Shurima that killed the person?


Ironguard, southern demacian realm, 234 ACE

Far away from the Battlegrounds of Sempiternity, in the county of Lord Joylon Whitehill, the warden of the southern demacian realm, the three sons of the lord were out hunting.
Just as the noonday sun started shining on their heads exposing them to unbearable heat they decided to seek shelter under one of the trees of a nearby grove.
The moist air under the shade-giving trees was a welcome cooling from the exhausting walk and the moss-grown ground almost invited for a little nap.
As the two older brothers were sitting down to relax their feet the youngest brother secluded himself to sit near a small glade further inside the grove where he was able to read in his book.
Engrossed in his thoughts he neither realized how quickly the time was passing by nor the shouts of his brothers who called him.

"Is that possible?" his second oldest brother spitefully remarked as he finally found him.
"Our old man has finally allowed us to take our youngest brother with us to go hunting -" he tore the book out of his brothers hand. "and all he does is reading?" he sneered.
"Leave me alone, Ramsay!" the little brother uttered aggrieved and tried to snap for his book, which he missed and instead scratched Ramsey‘s wrist.
"Ahhh!“ Ramsay cried racked with pain.
"Stop! The two of you!" The oldest brother, Marcus, intervened.
"Brandon has scratched my wrist!" Ramsay complained.
"Just because he stole my book!" Brandon added.
"There‘s your book, you little nag!" Ramsay replied resentful tossing the book to the ground.
"Enough now! Let‘s get on, we‘ve wasted enough time!" Marcus decided and they started out again.

"It’s useless. I haven‘t seen any wild life at all since we departed!" Brandon carped about after a while.
"Maybe that‘s owed to you clattering about all the time?" Ramsay threw in.
"Oh Shut up!" Brandon replied annoyed. "It‘s what? The eleventh time you‘ve been out hunting this month but for what? We have enough food to feed every person on our landholdings and the winters are so warm these days that we don‘t even need all of the furs. So why are we still going hunting?"
"Because it is fun. And it gives great pleasure..." Ramsay admitted indifferently.
Marcus slowed down a bit to walk side by side with his visibly shocked brother.
"Look..." he put his arm around Brandon’s shoulders. "When our ancestors commenced tilling this land there were numerous incidents where farming people were attacked and even killed by the local wildlife. Our ancestors soon started killing all the predators to ensure the permanent safety of our people. This intervention, however, turned out to cause even more damage since all the animals that normally were natural prey to the predators could now live and propagate without having a natural enemy.
The farming people, that before complained about various predator attacks, then complained about deer tramping down the wheat and hordes of rabbits attacking the vegetable." Marcus calmly explained to his little brother.
"That‘s aweful, how did our ancestors not see this coming?" Brandon wondered.
"Hm, considering the long-term consequences isn‘t exactly a strengh of humanity, I guess. Right now we have to deal with it and do our best to restore the cycle of nature!" Marcus explained while giving his brother a gentle slap on the back.
"We arrived..." Ramsay finally explained after a while.

Ahead of them a giant valley opened, a small river ran down a mountain on the opposite side, birds were singing and all kinds of wild life gathered at a small water source at a distance. The sight was hearthwarming and the three of them couldn‘t help marveling.
But all of a sudden the bush on the side next to them started moving and a giant stag jumped out of it.
"Watch out!" Marcus yelled and pushed Brandon to the ground before jumping to the other side to tear Ramsay to the ground as well.
The stag reared up frightened as it noticed the three brothers before to fled down into the valley.
"What on earth?" Ramsay cursed completely out of breath.
"Is everyone okay?" Marcus wanted to know and the two nodded.
"That‘s strange something must have scared it a lot!“ he noticed.
"I‘ll take a look behind the bush maybe I‘ll find out more!" Ramsay said and began investigating.
"Oh my god!" he suddenly shouted and Marcus and Brandon immediately came to see what he had found.
"Oh god! Brandon, come on don‘t look at it!" he said and covered his brothers eyes who turned away in disgust anyway.
The ground was covered by sand colored in red as a gutted deer with a strange sting still piercing its body lay in the middle.
"The sand...the desert of Shurima has been moving northward for a while now .... covering parts of the continent even up until demacian territory" Marcus mumbled.
"That sting ... what is that animal?" Ramsay uttered disgusted.
"That is a sand stinger! A predator of Shurima, some of them have digged their way under the Great Barrier but usually the don‘t stay outside the desert for long, it almost looks like he was running away from something. But what and why?" Marcus wondered. "We better get the hell out of here! If there are more of them around here its best we won‘t count as their prey! We should report this to father. Let‘s see what he has to say about this!"

The three brothers rushed home and didn‘t stop before they recognized the familiar towers of Ironguard, their home town.
Ironguard was build on the foot of a huge mountain which was found out to pocess seemingly inexhaustible iron deposits.
It was located close to the Great Barrier,a huge wall impassable to those who live on the other side separating the continent from the old empire of Shurima.
Laying close to the dual city-state of Zaun and Piltover Ironguard has become an important trade post for Demacia growing in wealth and influence ever since.
It‘s two towers loomed high into the air sparkling like dawn stars due to the iron ornaments on its facade. At the foot of the towers there was the Iron Keep, a massive castle sitting enthroned above the entire city, the place of residence of their father.

The Lord Whitehill was already awaiting them at the patio with a big smile on his face.
"My fabulous sons!" he welcomed them. "How was the hunting?"
None of them knew what to reply.
"And Brandon? Did you shoot a deer?" he laughed opening his arms to hug Brandon, but he suddenly ran inside ignoring his father.
"Huh?" he threw a bewildert view at Marcus.
"Father, may I talk to you for a second?" Marcus approached him.
"Sure...." he replied all serious again. "Was there a problem? I should have known that Brandon is still to young for -"
"No it‘s not that!" Marcus explained. "When we reached the hunting grounds we saw something. A deer was pierced with the sting of a sand stinger!"
"A sand stinger? So far up north? That is impossible!" Joylon declared firmly convinced.
"Listen, I was surprised as well, but the sting and the wounds he‘s inflicted to his prey... I‘m absolutely sure that must‘ve been a sand stinger!" Marcus hissed.
"Thanks for acquanting me, but that has to wait for now.
Anyways I want you to get spruced up for tonight‘s feast. A raven from the capital has arrived at noon and I have big news to share with you!" his father said, gave Marcus a quick hug and went inside to look for Brandon.

He found him in his room, absorbed in a book.
"What are you reading, Brandon?" he asked and sat next to him.
"The Heroics of Sir Lucifer, the Gracious." Brandon muttered gloomily.
"A fine Story." his father remarked.
"Quite biased. No wonder since the author was a demacian." Brandon explained. "Father are you mad at me because I don‘t like going hunting like Ramsay and Marcus do?" he suddenly asked.
"No! Not at all!" he immediately cut in.
"See there are strong people and there are wise people and the world as it is couldn‘t exist if there would only be one kind! I‘m actually proud that at least one of my son‘s knows to make use of his head before using his fists!" he laughed. "Come with me. I think the time has came for me to show you something!" Joylon said and took his son by the hand.

They headed down a corridor and entered his father‘s office.
His father took an old-looking key out of a chest and opened a hidden door behind a few shelves.
What was hid behind took Brandon‘s breath away.
As the secret door opened it revealed a library, covered with shelves that reached up until the ceiling.
"Woah!" Brandon uttered in disbelief.
"When the Emperor was killed under mysterious circumstances my ancestors have build this place to secure as much knowledge from old Shurima as possible before either demacians or noxians could destroy it."
Astonished by what he saw Brandon slowly walked through one aisle, the books around him looked like several hundreds of years old.
"Father, is it true that Jarvan I. and Dermaculues, the Horrific have formed an rebellion to wage war again Azir?" Brandon asked.
"Our ancestors have done many mistakes and, indeed, the rebellion against Azir was one of them. The demacians should have foreseen that Noxus, as soon as the emperor died, would try to expand their freshly formed empire. It was the start of the Great War between Noxus and Demacia, which is still, more than 200 years thereafter, not settled." his farher explained. "Anyways I think I‘ve got the perfect reading matter for you!“ he smiled and carefully pulled a book out of one of the shelves.
"The Tales of Shurima?" Brandon read the title.
"Written by Zilean, the grand master of time. A wise man just like you!" he said and patted Brandon‘s head.
"Thank you, father! Thanks so much!" Brandon shouted with glee.
"But don‘t get absorbed in your readings too much! I need you to attend a feast tonight!" his farther urged smiling.

As they left the office Marcus suddenly approached them.
His hair was still wet and he smelled freshly bathed.
"Father, which tie should I wear? The blue one or the white one?" he wondered pressing at first the blue then the white tie against his neck for his father to examine.
"Both suit you. It’s on you to decide." he said indifferently. "And could you please look for Ramsay, I’m sure he’s somewhere evading the festivities."
"I will." Marcus replied, frustrated that neither his father could help him om the tie issue.
He shrugged his shoulder and put the ties in his pocket for now, then he went down to the court yard as he could already see where Ramsay might be hiding himself.
He wasn‘t surprised to find his brother next to the stable, maltreating a dummie with a trainings sword. He watched amused as his brother whacked the poor straw figure.
"I think he‘s dead now!" Marcus joked and Ramsay turned around surprised.
"Oh it‘s just you..." he said taking a relieved breath.
"Father knows that your trying to evade the feast. He‘s send me to make sure you‘ll not." Marcus admonished, which Ramsay replied with a roll of his eyes.
"What‘s wrong?" Marcus wanted to know.
"Nothing it‘s just ... I’ve been wondering. You‘re father‘s oldest son, the heir of Ironguard, Brandon has got his books which makes him happy but what‘s gonna happen to me?" Ramsay wondered gloomily.
"Well, just because I‘m the heir that doesn‘t change anything about our relationship! You can be my accountant if you would like to, we could rule over Ironguard together!" Marcus offered.
"Well, that‘s exactly it! I don‘t want to rule or life a noble life...I want to be a warrior! But father won‘t let me whatsoever!" Ramsay revealed.
"Well if that is what you truely wish for then father will understand, I‘m certain about that. But for now there‘s a feast and if you want your father to grant your wish you really shouldn‘t anger him." Marcus encouraged him but just as they wanted to go in Ramsay suddenly stopped.
"Wait is it starting to rain?" he wondered as something that looked like drizzle started dropping from the sky.
"That looks like sand." Marcus remarked. "Nothing unusual. These days the wind carries a lot of sand of Shurima far up north." he explained and pulled his brother, who remained in astonishment, with him inside.

A few hours later the Great Hall in the Iron Keep was filled with subjects and bannermen from all parts of the county.
The feast was well underway and the one or other warm laugher echoed through the hall.
Nobles from the Great Capital were often shocked by the depravity the southerners brought to light during their feasts but in reality the south was an commited bunch that saw now need in courtesies as they knew loyalty to one another was the only thing that mattered.

On an elevation Lord Whitehill, his wife and his three sons were seated at a table overlooking the whole room.
As the Lord slowly rose giving the musicians a signal to stop playing the whole hall immidiately fell silent and turned their head towards him.
"My dear subjects!" he started. "I‘d like to welcome you in the name of me and my family to the festivities at the Iron Keep.
Today a raven from the Great Capital arrived, which brought the news of the victory of our troops at the Battlegrounds of Sempiternity!"
The silence was broken and cheers and applause resounded from the crowd.
"Furthermore we acquired the news of a new wedding of our king Jarvan III. Lightshield of Demacia, with an invitation sent out to all of us to come to the Great Capital to attend the wedding ceremony!" he finished and everybody rose his glass.
"Let‘s drink a toast to our great -"
Mid sentence Lord Whitehill was interrupted as the entrance to the hall was pushed open with a loud noise.
"Mylord!" a guard stumbled inside the hall carrying a corpse in his hands from outside grains of sand were blown inside the hall.
"I found a dead body in the middle of the street!" the guard groaned grasping for breath.
Lord Whitehill rushed down the steps to take a closer look at the body.
"Where did you find the body?" he asked concerned.
"Down at the market! Must be one of the merchants!" the guard replied coughing wildly as if something was stuck in his throat.
The body seemed unharmed, there was no blood and also no wounds, only the mouth was torn open widely as if the victim was awefully screaming, also there was sand everywhere on the skin and even under the clothes.
"This cannot be possible!" the Lord uttered. "How did he -" he turned to the guard only to see his desperate struggle to catch a breath before he collapsed to the ground as well.
"By the Light of Valor!" the Lord yelled appaled.
Only then he noticed the storm that still blew sand inside the hall.
"The door! Close the door! There‘s a sandstorm outside!" he demanded and two of his subjects immediately jumped up to do as he said.
Suddenly everybody started moving and talking terrifiedly, shocked by the scene they just witnessed.
"Quiet!" Lord Whitehill shouted and the noise silenced.
He kneed down to take a closer look at the two dead bodies on his floor.
"It‘s best we stay inside for the while, at least until the storm has settled!" he announced.
"But what was it that killed the both?" one of his shocked subject desperately wanted to know.
Lord Whitehill stood still before he made a gesture signalizing he had no idea.
"It‘s the curse of Shurima!" a voice suddenly revealed, it was Brandon.
"I‘ve read about it in the book you gave me today!" he added as he saw his fathers bewildered face.

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LoL World 2019 Group Stage Day 6 result

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The Sands of Valor - Part 1


Chapter 1: The Aftermath of War
━━━━ ◦ ❖ ◦━━━━

The murder of the demacian queen, the wife of Jarvan III, by Noxians has sparked another war between the two nations.
Yet despite his grief and consternation Jarvan asks Highcommander Redorian for a meeting as he wants to know about the reason why Noxus has choosen to kill his wife and not him.


Battlegrounds of Sempiternity, noxian/demacian border, 243 ADE

"Congratulations my king, your troops were victorious. The Vengance is yours!" the demacian general announced firmly. King Jarvan, who stood with the back to his generals, just thoughtfully looked through the opening of his tent towards the battleground where today thousands upon thousands of noxian and demacian soldiers left their lives for the wrath of two nations, that are cursed to be archenemies for eternity.

"Victorious...." he mumbled sorrowful.
"Your Grace, this victory means a lot for Demacia!" the general tried to adulate him, but the king suddenly turned around and grabbed his general by the neck.
"Does this look like a victory to you?" he shouted at him while pressing his head through the tent opening where the dead bodies of the battlefield piled up on the muddy ground only a few steps aside their forward camp.
"Leave me alone!" he suddenly demanded pushing his general out of the tent.
"All of you!” he yelled at the remaining minions in the tent and watched as they quickly left.

He took a second to calm himself, then took some of his belongings, a goblet and a demacian standard, out of a chest, before he left the tent and headed out on the battlefield.
The ground he was walking on was flooded with blood and the air smelled like rotten flesh and as he strode past all these corpses he suddenly realized that you couldn’t even tell any of these bodies apart. Before they wore uniforms with the respective colors and blazons of Demacia and Noxus, but now the only color they were wearing was red united under a blazon of death.
He reached his destination as he climbed a hill from where he could see the noxian forward camp on the other side of the battlefield.
He rammed the demacian standard in the ground and waited as he always did.
In the distance, down at the noxian camp he could see a noxian soldier immediately mounting his horse and riding towards him.

"Highcommander Redorian!" he greeted the noxian with a nod as he arrived on top of the hill. The soldier dismounted his horse and put his helmet off.
"King Jarvan III." he greeted back.
The two of them eyed each other for a second. Redorian was a noxian all over, the scars on his left arm reached up to his neck, an ink on his right shoulder indicated his position as Highcommander, the highest rank in the noxian military, he was two heads taller than Jarvan and had arms like trunks. Yet still Redorian was different, as he understood that war claims many victims, a price that neither noxians nor demacian can pay for long. A realization for which he earned Jarvan’s respect.
"I remember the last time we spoke we arranged peace!" Jarvan started.
"So do I!" the Highcommander replied.
"Well, here’s your peace!" Jarvan said with a trembling voice and threw the goblet so it landed at the Highcommander’s feet.

A tear ran down Jarvan’s cheek.
"So it is true after all?" Redorian asked, as he kneed down to take a closer look at the goblet.
"She was killed as she drunk from a goblet poisoned with noxian poison - on the anniversary of our marriage!" Jarvan explained.
"Noxian poison?" Redorian appeared shocked. "That can be true! Noxians would never commit such devious deed, when they kill they do so in open combat!"
"The facts speak for themselves but I do not even try assign guilt to you, Redorian, however the truth is that my generals have different views." Jarvan sighed desperately. "Behind my back they have already tripled the price on your head!"
A spiteful grin left Redorian‘s face.
"Just look at us!" Jarvan continued. "Two maniacs, who are supposed to be archenemies talking calmly while our sons and daughters dead bodies surround us! I am sick of this!"

Redorian nodded in agreement.
"My grandfather used to tell me stories of the old times when Runeterra was still united under the empire of Shurima. Emperor Azir might have been a megalomaniac but he knew how to provide for peace in his realm!"
"Sounds like a fool‘s story if you look at it from today‘s perspective." Jarvan added and the two couldn‘t help releasing a chuckle.
"Apparently demacians and noxians were able to stand next to each other at the emperors banquet without feeling the urge to chop of each others head! And Emperor Azir staged tournaments in arenas huge enough to fit whole cities in, where participants from Demacia, Noxus, Ionia and even Freljord participated to earn the favor of the Emperor!"

Redorian told indulged in his fantasies.
"I sometimes wonder what the emperor would say if he saw us right here. Fighting and killing each other." Jarvan suddenly expressed.
"We are just two mortals dealing with decisions that have been made long before our times, you can change the past and so you can‘t change the present." Redorian explained.
"Indeed, you should mean me, as a king of a nation, I could make a difference, but in reality there are mothers, fathers, wifes and children on the streets of Demacia holding their killed sons, fathers and grandfathers in their hands crying for bloodrevenge to the ones that killed them. It‘s a situation that even a king can not control." Jarvan remarked. "Forgive me this personal question but do you have any children?" Jarvan asked.
"Yes, two sons. Darius and Draven, aged 10 and 12!"
"Darius, isn‘t it the name of the noxian war hero, who killed one of my ancestors in one of the countless battles of the past?"
As a reponse Redorian just smiled.

"And you?" he wondered.
"I have a son, Jarvan IV. who‘s hopefully doing things better than I do one day." Jarvan answered.
"War will always stay the same. And so do the reasons for killing each other." Redorian uttered thoughtfully. "Actually...Why not start making thing better right here! I‘ll take the mug with me, our allies in Zhaun will be able to track where the poison is coming from and I‘ll personally deal with the one who‘s behind it!“ Redorian offered.
"And what do you want in return?" Jarvan uttered surprised.
"Nothing. See it as a compensation for the damage our people caused!"
Jarvan nodded.
"Farewell, my friend!" he said and turned around. "Ah, and one thing! I‘m getting married again, to the sirene Leona!"
"The daughter of Solaris? A powerful ally." Redorian admitted.
"I want you to know that this is not an alliance to forge another war with Noxus, but a necessary step to restore the faith of my people in the demacian crown! The people are afraid and the trust in myself as a protector of the demacian realm has disappeared with the passing of my wife, so this is the only possible step towards a more stable future!"
Redorian just nodded and mounted his horse.
"Farewell Jarvan!“ he bid goodbye and rode off.

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When your team loses at Worlds


LV.23 Warrior 9h

I'm so disappointed in C9

I know that Cloud9 had a tough group considering they had two of the top teams in G2 and Griffin, but I really expected C9 to perform better. This isn't about them not making it out of groups as much as it is their performance in general. Their drafts were bad or questionable at best, their jungle subs didn't work out, and the teamwork seemed to fall off in the mid to late game every single time.
I feel like this Worlds has shown that Cloud9 has some significant weaknesses that weren't exposed in the LCS. Hopefully they can work on their issues vs HKA and improve for next year.

LV.24 GG 9h

G2 & Griffin advanced to the Quarter-Final.

Griffin takes HKA down in Match 2 today.
Now already confirmed that G2 and Griffin will go to the Quarter-Final. What a fast.

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GG <3

Awe, for 9 of my recent honors 🥺☺

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G2 Esports qualified to the Quarter-Final

G2 defeated HKA and made 4W in the Group Stage.
They already made it to the Quarter-Final of LoL World 2019.

verified LV.23 Trick or Treat! 11h

[LoL World 2019] Group A Preview

As you see this poll, the result of Group B was easy to predict.
But now it's going harder in Group A.
G2 Esports - 3W
The strongest team in the world, the dominator.
It looks like there will be no question for G2 that they will go to the Quarter-Final. G2 is not like SKT T1 or IG. G2 makes so many mistakes in the game and it almost looks like they're not playing seriously. But in the end, they win. When someone makes mistakes, other laners are making the game instead. SKT T1 or IG could catch G2's mistakes and defeat them, but in Group A, I bet no one can stop them.
Griffin - 2W 1L
Griffin was assumed that they will advance to the next round easily, but now we cannot say that for sure anymore.
The performance that they've shown in the Group Stage was not the same level as LCK. Griffin was destroyed by G2 and had a hard time to defeat Cloud9, even HKA. The Top lane is always becoming Griffin's weak point but Mid laner is always solving the problem and it worked until Round 1.
They also have some troubles between their previous head-coach and current representative. They are 2W 1L now, but if those issues out of the game affect the players, they might face the worse situation.
Cloud9 - 1W 2L
C9 was always the last hope of NA in LoL Worlds, but this time they don't look like the last hope.
They had an even match against all the other teams in Group A, include HKA. Against G2 and Griffin, they led the game in the early-game but made some critical mistakes and lose. Against HKA, HKA led the game but they made mistakes and C9 made dramatic come back.
Honestly, C9's performance was so bad in that 3 games. Especially ADC Sneaky was the worst. Sneaky picked up Heimerdinger, Cassiopeia, Sona but none of them was impactful or effective in the game. What he did in the game was just keep dying for nothing.
I wonder why Reapered keeps ordering Sneaky to play non-ADC champions if he's so bad like that. Will it be changed in today's match? And can they made come back once again and become the last hope of NA?
Hong Kong Attitude (HKA) - 3L
Well, I have not much to say about this team.
Sometimes HKA leads in the early-game. But that's all. They don't do anything when they're leading and gives free dragon, free turret, free jungle, and free baron.
They showed how passive team they are against C9. Tristana of M1ssion grown so well and if he kept dealt some damage, they could win the game, no question. But he was just picnicking around the baron pit and died. If they just played like Lwx of FPX, rush into the enemies with no thinking, they could still win.
Can they change their passive playstyle? I doubt, but nothing is always sure.

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LoL World 2019 Group Stage Day 5 result

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FPX & Splyce advance to the Quarter-Final

FPX and Splyce made 4W 2L in LoL World 2019 Group Stage.
Both teams advance to the Quarter-Final.
J Team and GAM esports were eliminated.
The Tie-breaker match with FPX and Splyce remains. The winner will be the 1st place to go.

verified LV.23 Trick or Treat! 1d

Splyce goes to the quarter-final of LoL Worlds 2019

Splyce made dramatic come back against GAM esports, finished their Group Stage with 4W 2L.
Round 1 was so bad for them but they were changed after the feedback. 3 wins in a row today and they made to the quarter-final.

verified LV.23 Trick or Treat! 1d

GAM esports eliminated from World 2019

In LoL World 2019, GAM esports lose against FPX and J Team, recorded 1W 4L now.
Since GAM esports lose the match with J Team, their elimination is confirmed. GAM esports is the first team who eliminate from the tournament.

verified LV.23 Trick or Treat! 1d

[LoL World 2019] Group B Preview

LoL World 2019 Group Stage is now on a halfway.
Today, Group B will finish their schedule and the survivors will be revealed.
FPX, J Team, Splyce, and GAM esports. Who will survive from this group?
FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) - 2W 1L
FPX easily defeated Splyce and GAM esports, but they lose the match against J Team which is very unexpected. But even in that game, they kept leading the game for a long until Lwx threw the game. Since they have Doinb, there’s no worry for Mid lane. If Lwx doesn’t make the same mistakes what he did against J Team, they could make 3W this time.
J Team - 2W 1L
Did anyone expect that J Team will make 2 wins against FPX and Splyce? They’re showing much more than we expected. FoFo, the Mid laner is a playmaker in this team. Against FPX and Splyce, FoFo made everything for his team and assassinate opponent’s champions so many times. ADC Lilv is also playing so nice. If Mid and ADC keep their performance like Round 1, LMS can finally make the quarter-final of LoL World.
Splyce - 1W 2L
Splyce loses against FPX and J Team. The match with FPX, Humanoid showed the worst performance and they lose the game what they were able to win enough. Against J Team, the game was worse, it was just one-sided. The one good thing for them is, ADC Kobbe is always showing his best and has enough potential. But if Humanoid keep plays like Round 1, they’ll have so hard time to get the ticket for the quarter-final.
GAM esports - 1W 2L
Offense, offense, and offense. This is what I can describe in this team. This hyper-aggressive playstyle works for J Team but it was not that easy. Against FPX and Splyce, they were just no match for them. Both teams showed how to shatter this aggressive team. FPX showed fight back with more power, Splyce showed never fight back until GAM esports starve to death. They showed that one-way play style is so easy to crush but seems like GAM esports don’t have other weapons. It’s sad but I have to say that GAM esports need more experience for the next LoL World.

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Enter this week's Caption Contest!

Hey League of Legends fans! This week's Caption Contest is focused on League of Legends (sort of?) and we think you should enter! You can win up to 500 Moot Coins just for submitting a quick and clever caption. Good luck!
Enter the Caption Contest here:

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Riot’s League of Legends 10th Anniversary Celebration was LIT!!

League of Legends is ten years old, HOORAY! The video game powerhouse celebrated in a fashion in which only they could pull off – a massive birthday bash livestream! In the livestream, Riot revealed a handful of super exciting projects they have been working on including a new LoL Champion, a LoL Hero shooter, a new fighting game, a LoL themed anime, and much more! Check out the link below for more on the League of Legends birthday bash livestream!

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League of Legends Mobile coming next year!

In their 10 year anniversary stream, Riot announced that League of Legends will be coming to mobile (and console) in 2020! This is huge news and something that people have been wanting forever. Check out the trailer!

LV.24 GG 2d

Standings after Week 1 of Worlds

So far G2 and SKT look like a level above the rest of the competition. What are some of your main takeaways from week 1?

LV.24 GG 3d

LoL World 2019 Group Stage Day 4 result

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LoL World 2019 Day 4 Best & Worst

I was tried to pick up one of the matches today for 'Today's best match' but I gave up. All games today were so one-sided. Only Game 5, Cloud9 vs Griffin was the even match but I cannot call this match as 'Best match' because there were so many mistakes especially from the C9 side. I hope none of the other days will be like today. It was so hard to watch :(
Faker, unkillable demon king showed his class today. He was in everywhere where Clutch Gaming is. And anywhere he goes, he kills. This never dies legend plays like a circus with Akali. None of Clutch Gaming players can handle Faker. What more explanation needed for this living legend? I recommend you to see his play.
G2 esports vs Hong Kong Attitude - G2 Win
Yes, LMS again. All the worst matches are coming from LMS and VCS. Before 20 minutes, G2 almost threw the game and HKA led it with 8-3. Actually the game wasn't that so tilted yet but anyway there was no question that HKA could lead the game. But HKA looked they're scared of G2 and didn't try to do something first. It always happens from LMS and VCS games. G2 kept offense to the enemy's base and only what HKA did is just defending their foe. Not only HKA but also all LMS & VCS teams should learn that they cannot win only with defense.
Licorice - Cloud9
He was grown so well with Fiora and able to crush Gangplank of Sword easily. But he was caught in Griffin's trap several times and gave up to do split push. But what can Fiora do in the team fight? He kept dying and dying for nothing, gave so many chanced to Griffin. If only he did what he must do, C9 would win the game but he failed.

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Cloud9 and Griffin lock in CRAZY bot lane matchup

Cloud9 just locked in Sona + Tahm Kench bot vs Griffin's Garen + Yuumi bot. Can't wait to see how this goes!

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Today's Hot Match 4 - Fnatic vs RNG

Fnatic vs RNG - 15th Oct. 06:00 AM PST
Fnatic has won against Clutch Gaming in the last match, but I think they are not satisfied with their performance in that game. So many mistakes were made, the game was not 'Fnatic was better' but more like 'Clutch was worse'.
Fnatic still picking up Garen-Yuumi but probably it won't work so well as they expected against RNG. They have the strongest ADC-SPT in the world, have enough power to shatter the Garen-Yuumi combination.
If they prepared another card for the Bottom lane, this is the time to use that.
RNG's condition looks better than Fnatic.
In the opening day, RNG just dominated Clutch Gaming. Against SKT T1, as a result, even though they lose but they nearly win the game.
Uzi-Ming showed how strong the Bottom lane they are. One more good news for them is, Fnatic's ADC 'Rekkles' is getting extra weak against Uzi. Rekkles recorded 5 Lose against Uzi (Include LoL World 2017, 1W 8L).
Since 'Langx', the new face Top laner is doing pretty well, seems like RNG has more advantage than Fnatic.

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????? I really need a duo

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LoL World 2019 Day 3 Best & Worst

G2 esports vs Cloud9 - G2 Win
This match was so exciting, and also chaotic. The game was so fast, each team makes several mistakes, they fought Top and Mid and Bottom. C9 successfully spoiled G2's Top & Jungle but G2 leads Mid and Bottom. The game was very even before Caps starts murdering C9 champions. Once G2 got tempo from C9, there was no hesitation. G2 bulldozed C9's territory and they never stopped. 39 kills in 24 minutes. It shows how this game was fast and chaotic.
Caps (G2 esports)
Do you need any explanation about this player? While other players making mistakes Caps did not make just one single mistake. With Zoe, he dealt a bunch of damage to C9. Caps removed Cassiopeia of Sneaky from the game and solved every problem for G2.
Griffin vs Hong Kong Attitude - Griffin Win
What's wrong with LMS? HKA did exactly the same as AHQ esports yesterday. HKA got 3 kills from the start of the game but they didn't do anything. Free ganked, free dragons, free ganked again, hesitating and hesitating. What are they looking for in this game? I cannot imagine that they could lose the game with 3 kills start.
Humanoid (Splyce)
Splyce could win this match but Tristana of Humanoid spoiled it. Since Veigar of Kobbe grown so well, if only he added some damage then Splyce would win. But Humanoid was no match for Doinb. More than 100 CS gap compare to opponent Mid laner, keep ganked, died for nothing, no damage from Tristana. In the next game, he should think one more time before he moves.

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LoL World 2019 Group Stage Day 3 result

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Rookie Needs A Teacher!

I’m so fresh to LOL but I wanna be better at top lane I currently play ziggs rn but I can definitely procure others if needed

Thank you for your assitance

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Today's Hot Match 3 - IG vs Damwon Gaming

IG vs Damwon Gaming - 14th Oct. 06:00 AM PST
IG keeps winning this Group Stage and Damwon made 1W1L now.
IG the defending champion is still defending their title well.
'TheShy' & 'Rookie' duo is still the strongest Top-Mid laners in the world. They won very smoothly against Team Liquid in the last match, successfully revenged for MSI 2019.
'Jackeylove' made some mistakes against HKA, but he showed his best against Team Liquid.
Damwon Gaming got an easy win against HKA in the last match.
Top laner 'Nuguri' keeps using Kleptomancy & Cull, now it became his iconic rune and item. He made some critical mistakes against Team Liquid but also proved that how it strong in the late-game against HKA.
Damwon is a very similar team to IG. Has extremely strong Top-Mid and plays really aggressive, enjoys team fights.
In an interview with Korean Media, 'TheShy' said "I don't think Nuguri's build is good enough. Will he does the same to me? Well... it will not work I think."
On the other hand, 'Nuguri' also said in an interview, "My build is good for the golds and utility. Oh, did 'TheShy' say that I will not choose Kleptomancy tomorrow? Well, I think I will. So see you soon."
This is not only a matter about the match but also the pride of each Top laner. Who will be the one who laughs?

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[Match Review] How Jankos smashed Griffin

Last night, G2 esports dominated Griffin. Especially Jankos ruled the game until the end.
Let's check how Jankos made it so perfectly.
Griffin has Renekton, Taliyah, Nautilus who has CC and extra powerful in the early game. Also in the Mid, Irelia is stronger than Orianna. They wanted to control Elise's jungling to make the game comfortable.
They decided to invade G2's jungle to force Elise to go to the Bottom first and control the Top-Mid lane as they want.
But Jankos put a ward in the bush near Raptor camp before he falls back. And Caps bothered Tarzan rather than takes CS. Because of this movement, Raptors went back to the camp and regenerate its HP. Meanwhile, Wunder made 2nd minions wave line near his turret but not too close.
While Wunder holds the minions, he was thinking of Tarzan's location and checked Krug camp. At this moment, Tarzan made a smite mistake and Wunder takes a Krug. It caused so critical damage to Tarzan's leveling.
At the same time, Jankos made a perfect decision. When Junglers divide their area like this, usually they go to the enemy's Red after they take 3 camps in their Blue side. But instead of takes Griffin's Red, Jankos went to the Mid and protect Orianna from Irelia's assault.
Jankos reached Lv 3 with Mid lane minion's EXP even he did not visit Griffin's jungle.
Irelia of Chovy should farm the ranged minions with Q and keep press Orianna but Jankos was already reached Lv 3 and kept roaming near their mid lane. Tarzan was taking Scuttler but he is only Lv 2 and it takes so long to kill Scuttler without Taliyah's W.
Chovy cannot expect and back up from Tarzan now so he cannot play aggressive as he wants.
03:33, Irelia has 5 stacked passive and Taliyah can go to the Mid so Chovy was about to assault Orianna again but Elise of Jankos appeared first. Jankos force Chovy to go back to the base and Griffin's plan was ruined again.
Since Jankos intentionally showed himself in the Mid and went to the Bottom. Now Tarzan should choose.
1) Recall and go to the Bottom for a counter gank - But he will lose his tempo
2) Look for the Mid - It's so hard to initiate to Orianna since the minion wave is closer to G2's turret and if Elise appears and counter it, that will be an unrecoverable damage
So Tarzan made a third choice, the Top. But they had only a few minions to dive into the turret.
At the same time, Jankos strikes his cocoon to Nautilus and forced him to use Flash.
Renekton of Sword tried to prepare for the gank with Raged W, but Ornn of Wunder escaped with his W. Tarzan's first attempt to the Top went to nothing.
Griffin desperately attacks the Top turret but Tarzan made a so critical mistake. He used Taliyah's skill shot to Ornn but it strikes the melee minion. So sword should push the next wave to the turret and reset the minion wave or he will be denied forever and cannot press Ornn anymore.
The Top lane was totally ruined.
Tarzan went back to the jungle and now Sword is exposed to G2.
Of course, Jankos will never miss this big chance.
First blood.
Jankos, controlled all Top, Mid, Bottom lane and overwhelmed Tarzan, Griffin.
All happenings above happened only in 5 minutes.
Jankos showed why G2 is the strongest team in the world and why himself is the best Jungler in the world.

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